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  1. i use a molded holster for my pistol so not sure how your design would work as far as retention if its not molded you would want a snug fit. i have seen ads for concealed carry holsters that look like a large cellphone case on your belt. ive always wondered about that fit as well.
  2. interesting design. how is the interior fitted for specific gun?
  3. i never saw this thread before...too funny. i have learned...edgers with pointy ends are bloodthirsty little beasts and will bite you every time you take your eyes off of them during use. also when mixing leather dye its always the exact color you wanted...when its on your hands. dogs LOVE braided leather and are SO VERY VERY helpful while you are braiding, the longer your strings the better. once had to pull 6 feet of lace out of my dogs mouth she was sucking it down like spaghetti
  4. i have never made that type of leather project but to me the use of vinyl underneath would present a problem if the seat does get wet and need to dry out because the vinyl material would keep any moisture from escaping. If your top layer is heavy enough i would think that could lead to an issue with mold or leather not drying at all because of the lack of downward drainage...i dunno just a thought.
  5. well i dont tend to make leashes out of will get a bit stiff if it gets wet and is not conditioned well. my preference for leashes is 9-11 oz latigo or a nice bridle leather in similar weight although you can go one weight lower for smaller dogs. it looks to me like the slits for your braids are a bit makes it look loose and untidy. also there is no need to stitch if your braid is snugged up a bit....i did occasionally use a rivet on the end if the customer asked or it was an exceptionally heavy leash to be used for schutzhund or similar as sometimes the heavy leather needs to wear in before it sits nicely in the braid. perhaps others can comment on the stitching as i am no pro there. i believe if you search on this forum you will find a link to a tutorial on how to do those split braids that explains it well... good luck :-)
  6. Dog collar construction advice?

    i suggest using a bridle leather under and then use your vegtan tooling leather over the top this will give you a non stretch base. if you want a soft layer next to dog then sandwich bridle between layers, doesnt have to be real heavy. also as suggested teach dog not to pull. i disagree with the need for treats to train this however. I can typically teach a dog not to pull in just a few minutes with just a choke chain, or sometimes just a flat collar just depends on the hardness of the dog. prong collars have to be used a specific way and are not for the novice user.
  7. Do you consider yourself an artist?

    I am a braider...i consider myself an artist. to me if you work in a factory making leathergoods same thing over and over you are just a leatherworker but if you make one piece at a time and strive to improve with every project you do, maybe looking to create something original you are an artist.
  8. Sling/Cuff combo

    nope not marlin...however henry makes that gun and it is so sweet!
  9. copyright infringement?

    it is fear of punishment that keeps most people honest. but i believe it is unethical to create something like a braided item and know that you are copying things you learned from someone else and then tell the rest of the world if you copy me i will sue you. the number of people in the world with integrity seems to be shrinking quickly. very sad tracy
  10. found a few examples of freds saddles online but no info on the maker...just realized i found this exact saddle on craigslist lol
  11. Flat Plait, Slotted Plait, Indian Chief...

    that is most commonly called split braiding google that and you will find what you are looking for. this braid is used to attach saddle strings and i found multiple tutorials online. good luck
  12. just a bit about prong collars...they are not intended to be used as a single collar they are a correction device but when properly applied to the dog. prong collars are meant to be used high up on the dogs neck with a buckle collar below them. two leashes should be used a short leash on the prong for the correction and your regular leash on the flat collar for general use. this method keeps handler from accidentally inflicting pain on the dog if the dog misbehaves. control should be kept with the flat collar while the short corrections are made with the prong collar. not all trainers or handlers are proficient enough with the correct use of these collars. i do not recommend anyone to use one on their first problem dog without some guidance from an experienced handler or trainer.
  13. 4-strand round braid bracelet

    you can roll little things like bracelets with just your hand on a hard surface...then pull it to stretch the braid tight. as to the braid back im not sure if there is anything online. i learned from a bruce grant book on braiding. if i can get something braided i will try to post a tutorial on how i do my back braids.
  14. ABOK

    those lil round key fob knots are called monkey fist knots used by sailors on the end of a line to give it weight for throwing. they were sometimes done around a small lead ball to add weight if the line had to be thrown long distances. very easy to do...tutorials can be found online just google monkey fist knot.
  15. 4-strand round braid bracelet

    for my 4 strand bracelets i do a loop and braid the ends back into the braid so that the loop is also a 4 strand instead of the single stand loop you have there. also you need to roll and stretch your braid before you do final finishing because of the braid stretching and tightening down as you describe. roll braid well and then pull on it to get it stretched then do your size measurement and this will ensure a longer lasting fit. also all leather stretches..even kangaroo with has the highest tensile strength will stretch as it ages and wears.