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  1. Hi brmax

    Do you live close to Leavenworth ks. 



    1. brmax


      Hows it going there! over here central Missouri, just a bit east of ya I guess.

    2. gt2ride


      Hi brmax

      Been doing a lot of work in our park.  We have 10 ac in the back yard for privet use.

      Still buying sewing machines .  just got a patcher  29-4. 

      like to work on them


  2. Singer 29-4 repair

    I will try some thin leather tomorrow . I paid $70.00 for it . That leaves a lot to play with. I have several other machines but this is the only cylinder . gt
  3. Singer 29-4 repair

    Thanks Mike I am sewing a total of 8oz leather
  4. Singer 29-4 repair

    What number would you call good for the stitch count? I just bought one at an auction . I am getting 8 per inch gt
  5. 52W22 Singer

    thank you evo just what I needed gt
  6. 52W22 Singer

    Bought a 52w22 singer post twine needle with top roller for 125.00. It was actual in a horse barn had surface rust and crud Got is running and does a nice switch. I am using #46 thread. Would like to know what needle it uses and any thing you can tell me about. it. gt
  7. Consew 733R-2

    Hi Bmw I seen the machine also . ck leatherworkers also . no info. Sure would like to see the machine if you get it. no motor no table no manual. can"t test lots of questions where do you live. I live in Leavenworth gt
  8. sark9 I like your reducer. did you mill the big pulley from flat stock? If so what thickness did you use. would love to see a measured drawing. I have more lathes then I do sewing machines. I have seven sewing machines. Love to hear from you gt
  9. Going To Look At An Adler 30-10

    Hi Matt This is Gary D. When I looked at the machine it was missing the hook and bobbin case. I did buy there Durkopp 204-370 when I was there. The machines came from the DB. If you still have your saw mill I dug up an oak burrel that I would like to get sawed up. gary
  10. Thanks Uwe That is just what I needed. The man I bought the machine got it along with 16 other sewing machines form the prison here in Leavenworth. there is a 30-10 adler but the bobbin and hook is gone. Would that be hard to find and cost a bunch? cant say enough good things about you gt
  11. hi uwe bought a adler 204-370 today. they delivered it for 800. got it sewing good. not sure if I have it threaded right. and do not know how to take the bobbing out. could you post a pic of the threading and a little hint to taking the bobbing out .The instruction say to pry some place with a screw driver. not sure where to pry. thanks for any help
  12. Looking At A Consew 756R

    That is the machine I do not know what he is after. I would think if he wanted to sell the machine he would be calling every day. no calls no anything. gt
  13. Looking At A Consew 756R

    I think this is a scam . He does not answer a direct question and he calls me bud . Not my real name So far he has not given me a address. We will write this one off thank for the reply gt
  14. Looking At A Consew 756R

    I do not know how to take a pic form craigslist and post the sewing machine is a new type white paint and looks new will work on the pic gt
  15. I am looking at a consew 756r for $1000.00. this sounds cheep. I want to sew a stack 3/4 thick. what do you think of this machine? gt2ride