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  1. 6" Splitter for sale - American - LS440 Model A

    Yes I still have the splitter.
  2. Mary Rose flask

    Nice flask! Would you mind providing some details on the aquarium paint? I seal my tankards and mugs with beeswax but am always looking for alternatives.
  3. Rope Can cover

    Love the painted feathers!
  4. What to do with 8-9 oz Belly's

    I bought several of them at Tandy's Black Friday sale when they were $10 and made a bunch of whisky tumblers with them. They made great Christmas gifts.
  5. Creaser for sale

    Hi folks, I have a JD Randal & Co creaser for sale. It is very clean and works great. $650 It can be picked up in the Plant City, Florida area or the buyer can pay for shipping.
  6. Hi folks, I have a 6" American splitter for sale. It's in great working condition. $750 It can be picked up in the Plant City, Florida area or the buyer can pay for shipping.
  7. Landis Model 25 for sale

    Hi folks, I have a Landis Model 25 for sale. It's been repainted at some time in it's life, but it's a very clean machine overall. $750. It can be picked up in the Plant City, Florida area or the buyer can pay for shipping.
  8. I like that.... could we see a few more pictures of it without the contents?
  9. Shabang! Leatherworks is what I decided to call my leather 'business'. I considered many alternate names that tied in some other areas of interest; guitars or computers. I'm a computer engineer in my day job and shabang had just enough geek potential to win the day. What's a shabang? Well, if you're writing a script (small program) on a unix computer system, the first line will contain the 'shabang'. It is a couple of characters (#!) that essentially tells the operating system how to interpret the script... which shell to run it in. The logo incorporates both the # and the !.... S#abang! My handle, maxdaddy, is simply because I have a son named Max, and well, I'm his daddy. :-)
  10. Sorry, but no, I eBayed them.
  11. What purpose do the tabs serve?
  12. Dan, That's a wide variety of projects, and they're all nice! Please tell us more about the epoxy plates and how you made them.
  13. Rustic drinkin' horn

    I like that! What did you seal the inside of the horn with?
  14. Fischer Workshops Designer Tire Bag

    Chris, That's a very creative idea and the execution really shows off your techniques. Beautiful! The length of time that you spent on the planning sure paid off. Thanks for sharing the back-story on the inspiration and the other details.
  15. If you still want this, I think I have that pattern in the shop stored in a bin.