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  1. Defensive Line Leathers

    Pattern Search for Shooting Bag

    I apparently have not made myself clear in asking the question. It wasn't for an 8+4 box case. Either an 8 or a 4 box case. The one pictured is an 8 box with a front accessory bag. They also make a 4 box similar to that, but half the depth. They can be made like that plus 2 side bags for more accessories. No, no one makes a 12 box case,. The max is 8 boxes, which in itself, is kinda heavy. I'll check out the Stohlman reference. Thanks.
  2. Defensive Line Leathers

    "V" groove sharpening

    Update on this....I took advice from all who contributed concerning the "V" groover. After sharpening as I described in the above message, I started wetting the leather (just like casing it) and then took smaller amounts of material on each pass. I didn't adjust the depth each time, but angled back to start and tilted forward on every pass. Works very well. Really helped out since I just grooved 10 shot shell pouches that needed 6 grooves each. Thanks again for the help. Hopefully I can help someone in the future also. Tim
  3. Defensive Line Leathers

    Pattern Search for Shooting Bag

    Have recently started doing more trap shooting accessories and made my own patterns for pouches, muzzle tabs, etc. Looking for a pattern for a 8 box and a 4 box Trap Shooting bag. Anyone have anything like this? Similar to the attached picture (Shamrock Leathers) Appreciate the help. Tim
  4. Defensive Line Leathers

    "V" groove sharpening

    Thanks for the reply guys. I figured out about the burr on the inside.This is what I did. Had a stone that I use to polish the angle on a sear durung trigger work, and lightly stoned the outside. Then I stoned the inside with the stone that is exactly at 90 degrees. Took enough off to sharpen and then stropped it a bit. I admit I was trying to take too much at one time, so I'll try your advice on taking a little at a time. I'll also wet the leather to see if that helps. Side note: I am not a new member. I have been a member here for a few years and have had posts listed. What happened to my old info? No big deal, just curious. Thanks again for the help. Tim
  5. Defensive Line Leathers

    "V" groove sharpening

    I use a "V" groove tool sometimes and have run into an issue with dulling. I tried to sharpen my old one and messed up the angle, so I purchased another. Worked great on 2 projects and then got extremely dull. I am grooving the unfinished side of the leather, so I am sure that makes a difference. Does the interior of the blade dull to the point that it just digs into the leather and not glide through it as expected? I did strop the exterior carefully following the angle, and it still digs. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks,