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  1. Would anyone care to post some detailed pics of a cobra sling? I'm looking to make a couple of these for some rifles I have but haven't seen a design I like. I plan on making a padded sling. I've been looking locally for some slings as well but still haven't found what I like. I appreciate the help!
  2. I will have to take a look at the potion you guys mentioned. I have a couple things I'm working on and ready to start edging but was waiting to hear your guys' thoughts before using the Gum again.
  3. Thanks fellas. That's what I needed to know.
  4. I've been trying to clean up my edge burnishing a bit. I can get a decent edge using just water but when I want a really clean edge I use gum tragacanth. I'm sure there are ways to do it with just water and I'm going to keep practicing but in the mean time I've got a couple questions regarding using gum. I can get a nice clean edge but when it comes to dyeing it seems the dye doesn't want to stick very well. I use an airbrush to dye and usually do several coats. The dye still doesn't seem to adhere very well over the gum. Would it be possible to run some mineral spirits over the top of the gum to remove some of it or would that just allow my edge to get "fuzzy"? Any ideas you gents might have to help my dye hold a little better would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Template?

    Just found your site. That's going to be a great help! Thanks for the link. I'm sure that will help me improve. Looking forward to working on one for my Kimber.
  6. So on another post I started some of the members are talking about a template. I only build holster and such for myself and a couple close friends from time to time. I would like to obtain more consistant results and better quality. I know this comes with more practice and patience. Currently I do not make any templates. I just start forming leather around the particular firearm I'm working on. What/how do you guys do to make your templates? Do you cut the shape of the holster out and then form? I just recently obtained a Kimber from their custom shop and this deserves a nice one to call home! Thanks again for the help gents.
  7. Thanks gents. I do have a groover with a guide on it. I use this easily when the stitch groove is close to the edge. My issue is when the stitch are not close to an edge. As in a holster where the stitching is not close to edge, where it outlines the firearm itself. I also have a set of wing dividers. I never thought of that but it should work. I want to make sure my grooves line up front to back. The dividers should help me do this. Any other ideas? Hopefully I'm explaining this well enough.
  8. Looking for a little guidance here if you would please. How do you place your stitching groove lines when you cannot run along the edge of a piece? For instance right along a firearm or magazine. I do have a freehand groovier but I'm not coming up with nice clean lines. Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. 5 of a kind

    Nice looking knives! Do you do any work with bone and damascus type blades?
  10. Second belt

    Makes sense. thanks for the help sir!!
  11. Second belt

    Thanks for the tips Darryl. I don't have the keep attached. I know that I should but I didn't leave enough room between the snaps. It keeps unsnapping itself when I put it between the two. I'll leave a little more room next time. I don't I didn't think to bevel the stamping. Do you suggest running a border and then stamping right on the edge of that? You say I should then bevel the border before stamping? Thanks again for the tips!
  12. I tried to make a couple of belts this week. I've that a heavier belt is better for concealed carry so I thought I'd try my hand at one. I think it came out fairly decent. This is actually the second one that I made. The first is just like this but without any stamping and just oiled. After using one of these types of belts I'd don't think I'll go back to a "normal" belt. If you guys see any changes that I should make I'd like to hear them. Thanks!
  13. Nice how to shorts. I picked up a few things. Here's a couple other questions now that I think of it. The belt I am making is made with a 8 oz. and a 4 oz. liner. If I want to stamp the belt when is the best time? I'm thinking I should go ahead and cement the two straps together before stamping. This way it would help with stretch and keep both sides the same. Does that sound like a good way to do it? Thanks for the measurement hidepounder! The way I understand it I should groove a slot for my stitching and them make another groove for a border. If it matters at all the belt I'm making is 1 1/2" wide. I'm thinking I'd like to run the second border line very lightly. Just enough so that I have a straight edge to follow for my border tooling. After that I think I'd like to run the new triangle type basket weave tool I got on the inside of that. Does all this sound like a decent plan to you guys?
  14. I've recently made a heavier belt to carry my gun on and want to make another one. The first one I made came out good and I've been using every day since completion. I'd like to make another one of these that is just a little more fancier. I am wondering what is the best way to put some stamping on the belt. I'm throwing around the idea of a new border tool I just bought or a new basket weave tool. Here is my question. After I run my stitching groover around the outside for my stitches, how close should the stamping be to the stitching? I have a tool that will put another border (swivel knife goes into it) around the belt. I would like to use this tool so that I can get a uniform shape around the outside of the pattern. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Love the holster. What did you use to get the color?