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  1. Old Fortuna Skiving Machine

    Machine is sold.
  2. Old Fortuna Skiving Machine

    Hi there. Thanks to the folks who helped me with when I posted a couple of years ago about getting my machine up and running. Alas, I never put the time and resources in to it so I am selling. I am parting with my old Fortuna Skiving Machine. It runs, but would probably need someone who knew what they were doing to get it up and working properly. I had a sewing machine repair person come by and service it. At the time, he said it needed new belting. I bought leather belting for it but never bothered to get him to come back, because I wanted to find someone who serviced skiving machines in particular. Anyway, it does not have an aspirator, but it is in good condition from what I can tell and includes a couple of extra presser feet. I am not an expert on this machine as I only really used one when I was in school and there was a tech on hand in the labs in case anything went awry. I had aspirations of having it up and running and making all sorts of things, but alas they have remained aspirations. My loss is your gain! I got a few PM's on top of replies to my old post in regards to suggestions on pricing. I have landed on asking $750 obo AS IS, local pick up only (I'm in New York City) and payment cash, Venmo or PayPal ONLY. Here is the link to the folder with pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByX2cUowucQxWG1mbWd1dnZYSkE?usp=sharing. Please only serious buyers.
  3. I truly appreciate the advice on this forum. Alas, I think I might sell it. Any thoughts on a fair price? It runs, would come with table and motor, needs to be serviced (per this thread), and would be local pick up only. I'm considering listing on the forum here as well as on eBay. I would have loved to make it work, but I just got a very EXPENSIVE puppy who takes all my time energy and resources
  4. Thanks TinkerTailor! Anyone: Thoughts about whether it is better for a novice to just sell it? I'm on the fence for sure.
  5. Hello all, I need some advice. I bought a old Fortuna Skiving machine over a year ago which I haven't really used. I'm a newbie, who learned how to skive leather in school, but I never really learned maintenance of the machine, or repairs. When I bought it I asked around the fabric district in NYC for repairers who could service the machine. A gentleman that normally works on Sewing Machines came in and tried to service the machine for me. The machine can run, but is inconsistent in the thickness it shaves off and often "eats up" the leather. It was at the time missing one of the belts on the inside of the machine. I have postponed calling him again, as I would prefer someone who is more familiar with skiving machines to come back. I am wondering considering that I am a casual user/newbie anyone's thoughts on - 1) if they know of any good skiving machine servicers in the NYC area, and 2) perhaps it's better for me to try to sell the machine on eBay or this forum considering that I sew leather somewhat infrequently? I say this, because from what I read on these forums, part replacement on old Fortuna machines sound costly! I have attached a couple of photos of the machine. Thank you!