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  1. Tags, Barcodes, and SKU's

    Yup typo. retail tag
  2. Has anyone created a retail yeah for their products? Something with a barcode and SKU#? We have a product goung into a retail store and want to make an impression that stands out from the other products. Is this something we can make in house?
  3. Financing equipment.

    So just to close this topic. We decided that a line of credit was the best option for us. This way we have it if at any time we need some extra cash. We can pay it off as fast or as slow as we need.
  4. Financing equipment.

    That's a really good idea. Our business doesn't currently have the credit history to get a 0% credit card, and we are trying really hard to keep the business and our personal finances separate. We're talking with our bank it looks like that's the option to go, CPA suggested that as well. We did get one other option, a private investor has come forward and offered to match or beat the bank's rate.
  5. Financing equipment.

    Well, that's us for sure. Great advice in this thread, thanks all.
  6. Financing equipment.

    I'm thinking along those same lines. We just aren't big enough for the write off to matter. I'd love to pay cash, it just builds so slowly. The machine will help with that. I spent 48 hours in the saddle of the stitching horse making our last pair of chaps. It really, really ate into the profit margin. With two more pair on order it, in theory, should pay off quickly. That is if I can get over the learning curve quick enough. Thanks for the advice all. I appreciate it. Leather is easy, the business is hard.
  7. We are looking to purchase a sewing machine ($3000) in the very near future. The company we are buying from offers financing through a lease-to-own (LTO) company. The finance company is telling me that the LTO option is better for tax purposes. However the interest amount is a set amount regardless of how quickly we pay off the loan. Would there be a benifit to the LTO option or should we seek traditional financing through our bank with the option to pay the note off quicker? Some numbers for example. LTO- 4 years. $89/ month. Total payback amount $4272 Interest total $1322 (these amounts must be paid regardless of how quickly the note is paid off) Traditional loan- 4 years @ 11% interest rate. $76.24/ month. $3659.73 total loan amount. $709.73 interest @ full term. No penalty for early payoff.
  8. Belt Buckle Protection

    I've been tooling and painting belt buckles. I finish and seal them with bees wax. I've never realized that I rub my buckles against so much stuff but after time the paint begins to wear off. Is there something I can apply to increase abrasion resistance? I was thinking about polyurethane or something similar.