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  1. Dobro Strap with Native American Bead Work

    That sure is a beautiful piece Mr. Chief !!
  2. scout carry

    That's a pretty cool design !!
  3. My First Gun Belt- All Advice Welcome

    Emmo, I,ve hand sewn a few belts, 10-11 0z lined with 1.5-2 Oz oink oink with eithe artificial senew or 1mm waxed linen. it's not bad at all took me about 3hs everytime . I just acquired a Singer 111W153 which seems good for belt, just have to make table for it. Good luck Buddy !!!
  4. Outstanding work Rohn, I really love seeing your Holsters.
  5. Beeswax

    i experimented with Sno-Seal on a couple holsters and very satisfied with it (been using it for years on my boots) !! The finish is nice and slick after a few days,not waxy or sticky at all and water proof.
  6. Beautiful !! I think from all the semi autos, the 1911 has the perfect platform for a western style holster and you sure executed it
  7. Latest holster

    Very nice !! I really like that shade of brown. What finish did you use ?
  8. Made a wastepaper basket lid

    Outstanding work Mister !! It sure would look beautiful as a bar stool
  9. Beautiful ! Awesome idea on the declaw.
  10. Man, very awesome holster and sure love that color !!
  11. First attempts at carving

    Not bad at all for your first carvings. once you get more practice and confident, you'll learn to feel the leather quality and the better quality the leather, the better it carves and stamps.
  12. Love your work Mister. I love your website and your intro video !! Im just learning this art/trade and you have always been an inspiration as well as Mr. Hard Luck Design. Funny how posts around here get 200 + views and not one comment.......
  13. holster

    Classic design, thats one of my favorite borders. I love ie !! alpha2 , WARNING : That barbwire stamp is tricky to align but sure looks awesome !!!