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  1. Just make sure to soak in acetone or brake cleaner for a bit to remove any oil residue from it, have fun !! I also love experimenting with this sort of thing
  2. Well, for what it's worth, here's my experience ....I've used both Fiebing's pro oil dye and USMC black on different types of leather and I prefer the USMC black, amidst other fine folks recommendations. I do reduce it with alcohol and oil after some buffing. I have a wallet I've carrying for the last four years with no rub off at all ! I also believe the quality of leather has a lot to do with dye absorption and something not many bring up is black resolene diluted 50/50 with water, I'm true believer in it. There's also a post somewhere in this site about "vinagroon"(making and neutralizing) I've also used it successfully, but it has more of a metallic greyish black finish which I like a lot too !! Good luck !!!
  3. Ancient Greek Armor

    What an amazing piece of art, you sure deserve a few drinks !!
  4. Cowboy holster

    Very nice, bet he's going to love it !!
  5. A tour of SLC!

    My favorite is, "deer in the headlights look" lol Great video and what an operation they have. That's who I do business with and always happy with my orders, thanks for sharing !!
  6. Santa Belt

    Awesome, we don't want Santa loosing his britches !!
  7. Very nice work, I like the design. Hope the belt is just upside down on the pic.
  8. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    Nice, we're big time fans of green chile. In fact, I,m fixing to make some thanksgiving green chile turkey tamales for my boys n I !! Happy Holidays !!
  9. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    Your work is very nice Yin, hope you have better luck next time. I've always been invited to craft fairs by friends and I have been bashful about it(I have a full time job also which prevents me to make much stuff). I finally got convinced and on Dec 1 I'm going to participate at a high school art fest/ fund raiser. I ordered a paypal card swiper and hope it helps some. Now I have to get off my butt and make some card wallets misc. items :).
  10. Man, that's one big chunk of leather ! I really love how it came out. One of my all time favorite classic !!
  11. Beautiful, love the bead work !!!
  12. my first Wallet

    Ooooooh, I love the ostrich and overall design ..... awesome !!!!
  13. Sweet rig Mister and very nice tooling. Those 111's are good mo-sheens (I own a 11W153 and a CB3500) but you're gonna go ape crazy when you start on the Cowboy; the way it just goes through thick leather is amazing !!
  14. Very nice Mister, the tooling and colour sure came out VEG !!!