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  1. Man, that's one big chunk of leather ! I really love how it came out. One of my all time favorite classic !!
  2. Beautiful, love the bead work !!!
  3. my first Wallet

    Ooooooh, I love the ostrich and overall design ..... awesome !!!!
  4. Sweet rig Mister and very nice tooling. Those 111's are good mo-sheens (I own a 11W153 and a CB3500) but you're gonna go ape crazy when you start on the Cowboy; the way it just goes through thick leather is amazing !!
  5. Very nice Mister, the tooling and colour sure came out VEG !!!
  6. Card wallet/ money clip

    Made this two pocket card/id wallet for an old friend. Found the image from a 1958 gamefowl magazine.
  7. Cold Steel Nanchez fancy old sheath project

    Wow, beautiful design, I can't stop admiring it !!! Love everything about it, I've been trying to learn and focus on holsters and sheaths. I purchased Mr. Paul Long videos and a couple from the Late Chuck Burrows, very informative. My next sheath, I'm gonna try a Mexican Loop for a knife I made.
  8. Decorative wall plate

    Nice !!!
  9. Wallet for a cowboy

    As a Raiders fan, I can say..... very very nice the overall design is very well executed. funny thing is my best buddy asked me for a cowboys wallet a few days ago, so thanks for the inspiration !!!
  10. Custom Knife sheath for customer.

    Man I love it and awesome design, brought memories from when I lived in the beautiful Last Frontier !!
  11. Black Rose SAA holster

    That sho is purdy, it's an instant classic !! I have a few of WG pattern packs and haven't made but the "Flames of Hell" holster. I was trying to show off at our local CAS , sadly it died off(ironically i live in Lincoln Co,NM home of Billy the Kid).
  12. Very nicely made, bet it's heavy all loaded up.
  13. Wow, that is a beauty !! I love the colour combo and the grips are awesome !!
  14. Except for the Uncle Henry,the other two are chinese made knives plus I had trouble reducing the pics to post. Thanks !!