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  1. No trade secret Mr. Humbug, I’m a novice myself .... I have plenty of guns and friends with them also, not to mention kids(5boys). I’ve been experimenting with dyes. After tooling/stamping, I block dye what ever lighter color and then block the edges(I have a fancy air brush system my boss gave me a few Christmas’s ago but been a chicken to use them) with a darker color. I neats foot oil after and after at least a day, I then seal with tan-kote, antique with whatever crosses my drunken mind by then(buy all available shades) and then seal with 50/50 resolene/water . I use Fiebings spirit dyes and paste antique . I’ve learned from hours of scoping this wonderful site so again, no trade secret. And the New Mexico theme is a pride of where I’m from. I use whatever matting tool to make a hot mess !!
  2. Just the gun. Also might make it a tad shorter and stock Mr. Rhon and attempt to lace it up .
  3. Hey, I’m a Chopper Jockey...... might not be comfortable but as long as it looks good ,lol. Actually, when I first got it, I immediately fell for it. I have skinny long hands and it feels good, even better when drawing and shooting it. By the way a great shooter.
  4. Made this lil guy for my 3.75” New Vaquero Birdshead in .357 mag. out of a bad piece of 8-9oz shouder(had a bunch of scars and even a small scrape) and lined it with 1.5-2 oz suede pig. This was just a practice pattern and I like the results. Maybe next one I’ll make it with a full skirt.
  5. Thanks, I live in a mountain village in the Sierra Blanca. We have the southernmost ski area in the U.S. . I actually manage a ski shop but this season has been abnormally dry
  6. I’ve noticed tha a few times, still learning to use my CB3500. Been looking for info on weather I need a holster needle plate and if it might help prevent that and can’t find much on it..... Appreciate your comments .
  7. A friend asked if I could make a drop holster with a leg tie for his wife and my big mouth was “sure” !! When he brought me the gun, I didn’t know what to say but........ anyways this is what I came up with and they loved it, now she wants a belt to go with it !! S&W 2” bbl, 7-8 HO lined with 1.5-2 oz glazed pig skin and our mandatory Zia Symbol (proud to be New Mexican).
  8. Gorgeous work Mister, love every thing about it !! I’ve been wanting to learn carving more, especially Sheridan Style. Just ordered Mr. Bob Park’s book insight of more info.
  9. Very nice, I’ve been thinking of making something similar for a M16 bayonette my Daddy gave me.
  10. Range Holster

    Gracias OLDNSLOW !! Live in the mountains, Lotta of outdoor activities here ..... Haven’t been to Juarez in years(got too bad for a while). Books and YouTube is how I’m learning !! Wish I had more time on my hands but work n kids have most of it .... Cheers !!!
  11. Range Holster

    Alpha2, the holster is a snug fit, the hammer thong is just for peace of mind and cosmetic I guess..... I carry a Ruger New Vaquero and haven’t had much stretching problem in a bout a year of use. Thanks for the props to the rest of the fellers. Oh, and by the way alpha2, I’ve been working with leather for shy of three years in a very limited time, I haven’t made an unlined holster as of yet.... even my first atrocity of holster was lined !
  12. Range Holster

    It's a Craftool D444
  13. Very nice work, I like stitching those toe plugs and they are a little challenging at times
  14. Haven’t been around here much, but finally had a chance to make a holster for a friend for Christmas. Just a simple pattern to carry at the range for a .357 Rossi. 6-7 oz lined with 1.5-2 oz tooling pig.
  15. Dobro Strap with Native American Bead Work

    That sure is a beautiful piece Mr. Chief !!