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  1. This machine is in working condition. cleaned it up and oiled it. Does need new belt. Needs a new owner. Pickup in Southern California. take at look at the photos. Looking 2 get $650.
  2. Should possibly be acquiring a Poli Type One Emile James New York Base , any idea 2 as what these are worth? thank you for your time. Best Regards.
  3. if you don't mind me asking could you give me an idea on what you ended up getting for your fathers machine? want 2 know what a good price would be 2 get one for. thank you. Best Regards.
  4. Does anyone know of a spot where i can get a bulk order of Burlap cut in the greater los angeles area? Appreciate any spots in advance.
  5. As description says i would like a reputable dealer/repair man to clean the inside of my machine . a mobile service suggested. In the Los Angeles area. Thank yall in advance.
  6. If still available I would like a copy of the 206RB Manual , No -1,-2. Just 206RB . Thank you
  7. that was help. i am actually looking for the part number to the clutch release button , if anybody has that , that would be superb !
  8. Manual for my specific machine is not posted , thank you!
  9. This link does not work , thank you anyways
  10. Would really love if someone could drop a link or post pictures of their Consew 206RB Parts Manual and Service Manual. Thank you so much in advance. Here is a picture of my machine. Picked up today for $570. Plan on Shyning.