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    Braiding with roohide, rawhide, latigo and horsehair.

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    Braiding and Horse Hair Hitching
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    Braiding, Saddlemaking, Hitching
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  1. happy birthday...Turtlepaint..

  2. New Saddle

  3. New Saddle

    www.tenisch-silver.com more pages with pictures of this saddle silver are coming soon.
  4. New Saddle

  5. Bosal hanger

    From the album work 09

    Roohide bosal hanger, 2 tone pineappleknot with herringbone interwave

    © © leatherworker.net

  6. work 09

    Some projects braided in 2009. Roohide and horsehair
  7. key fob

    From the album work 09

    Roo hide, spanish ring braid, with arizona turquoise

    © © leatherworker.net

  8. Braided Horse Hair

    From the album work 09

    braided throat latch, horse hair, natural mane hair tassels

    © © leatherworker.net

  9. braclet

    From the album work 09

    round leather, roohide pineapple knot

    © © leatherworker.net

  10. B8.JPG

    Bosalhanger, roohide
  11. B8.JPG

    From the album work 09

    © © leatherworker.net

  12. New Saddle

    Hello Andy, I can just agree to the others, and - I can really do it, because I see the saddle in real and can ride it now every day!! Just great like the other one you made for me. I am so sorry for not having the saddle stings ready for this pictures, but I will share that later with you and the others. A huge compliment, Bea
  13. saddle for short legged female rider

    Dear Steve, thank you for your answer. Do you have a webpage? Kind regards, Bea
  14. saddle for short legged female rider

    Dear Keith, thanks a lot, more comments in my mail I send you. Kind regards, Bea
  15. saddle for short legged female rider

    Dear Bob, thank you a lot for the info and the picture. Now I get an idea, how you mean it and what is different from the saddle I referred to. I appreciate your information, thanks a lot. Kind regards, Bea