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  1. Elephant edges

    Thank you
  2. Hey all, i recently acquired 5sq ft of elephant that I'm going to use as trim for a duffle bag. The bulk of the bag is going to be black bridle and the elephant will go on the handle. Front flap, and sides. I know how to burnish the bridle, but I'm wondering about the elephant. Any thoughts on the best way to finish the edges, especially where the two species meet?
  3. Wet form Moose Skull

    Hey folks! I have an interesting question. A good friend and coworker of mine has asked if it is possible to wrap a Moose Skull in leather so it can be mounted on a wood plaque and hung on a wall. Yeah, a Moose Skull. I'm thinking of a thin veg tanned hide to wet form on it, but beyond that I'm at a loss. I've seen some folks talked about wet forming to a Skull using a vacuum. Anyone ever done something like this before. The Skull is about 4' wide at its widest point.. Thanks all! Rich
  4. Sew divider in leather box?

    What about using some firm paper board or cardboard? You could glue and stitch the leather to the board and have it removable.
  5. Thank you. That top finish was very different from other leathers I've worked with. It also affected the flesh side by not letting it absorb the glue.
  6. Here is a one off messenger bag a coworker requested. It's pink top finished leather (almost a plastic coating) and lined in black suede. The accent and strap is 9oz black Horween Chromexcel with ridgeprint. The edges are finished with glossy black edge paint from Buckleguy. It is all hand saddle stitched with Maine Thread. It's the third messenger bag I've done so please feel free to make suggestions on improvements. Thanks
  7. New guy

    I'm not. I'm near Brattleboro, the opposite corner of the state. I do get to Burlington a few times a year. Are you near there?
  8. New guy

    Welcome! I too am in Vermont and a self taught. This is a great place to read and learn from others. I have improved my skill quite a bit from the knowledge of others here. Rich
  9. Top grain uses

    I typically use full grain, but I have used top grain. The top grain won't patina like full grain, but it still is durable and good leather. I have a customer who wants a messenger bag out of bright pink top grain. I've done some work on it and it seems to work just as well.
  10. Molded iPhone Snap Case

    Thanks folks. I'm going to try Wet forming, but if it doesn't work I have a plastic case on order
  11. Molded iPhone Snap Case

    Hey Folks. I just got a new phone and want to make myself a new leather case for it. I've had sleeve cases and the like, but I'm really looking for a simple snap on case that is made of leather. I've seen them all over the Internet, but not sure how to do it. Here is an example: https://www.incase.com/shop/iphone-cases/incase-leather-snap-case-for-iphone-5/ Thoughts on how to make one of these?
  12. Herman Oak or W&C English bridle re post from supplier

    Check out Seidel tanning. They are in Milwaukee and use USA hides. They specialize in custom work too. I've only ordered their overruns but it is beautiful stuff.
  13. Edge Finshing Nubuck

    I ended up rubbing with glycerine soap, followed by canvas. That made the fibers sit so I could dye the edges. Once dyed, I rubbed beeswax/neatsfoot oil mix on them and took an edge slicker to it. They are certainly not amazing edges, but now it has a finished look to it.
  14. Edge Finshing Nubuck

    Thanks Michael. That's what I thought, but I figured I would check.
  15. Edge Finshing Nubuck

    I have some amazing 4oz waxed and plated Nubuck that I'm planning on making into a variety of items large and small. As a start I made a sunglasses case last night. I'm wondering how to finish the edges on this. I started sanding the edges and they did not clean up well. Should I treat it like normal veg tan leather? I typically sand, glycerine soap, buff, dye, neatsfoot/beeswax, burnish to get a good edge. Will that work?