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  1. Probably these were just some pieces I had that were buckle size. Wanna so an inlay holster with the plates part too.
  2. Just messing around this weekend. Couple of ostrich leg buckles made with some scrap.
  3. 2/3 oz leather throughout. Tried the ecoflo waterstain dye. Light brown. Like the color not sure about how it "feels". Top coated with Leather Balm W/ atom wax. Tried the waterstain because the Feibings seem to make leather this light stiff and shrink. For me anyways.
  4. What adhesive to use...

    If go with Barge Cement.
  5. belt rules?

    This helped me. The pic is odd the post is for dress belts.
  6. Dye loss

    I do a 50/50 mix off beeswax and parifin wax. Some also add neetsfoot oil. I don't want mine that soft. Just melt the waxes together and pour in a muffin papers and make yourself little pods. Ta. Matt.
  7. Dye loss

    Beeswax burnished on the edge will help.
  8. Leather show 2017

    Prescott and Sheridan are the big ones. They are in the spring every year. Check out The leathercrafters and Saddlers Journal they put on Prescott and Sheridan.
  9. Purse for my mom

    I'm no tooler but your mom's gonna love it. That pretty awesome work.
  10. I feel your pain. I know what you mean every video shows them slathering resist on and "working it into the cuts and stamping". I also haven't been able to get antiquing to work for me.
  11. Starting braid

    So I'm not the only one that the diagrams are confusing then? Lol I got Bruce Grants books but the diagrams make as much sense to me as a wiring schematic. Which is none.
  12. Best of various types of finished edges

    The edge you like will determine its beauty. Gum Trag,water,or just saddle soap will give you a nice smooth edge. Although you have to dye the edge before you use gum trag. Many videos and different applications on Youtube.
  13. Yep just oil your gun good and use it. You don't need a vacume press to get good retention. JLS has a pattern for j frames I think. His patterns work well.
  14. Best of various types of finished edges

    The pic appears to be either Edge Kote or a Edge paint. Since its veg tan why not just burnish then dye? All you need then is some water and canvas or a smooth stick. Anything smooth as far as that goes. I use pens,wood dowels,and even old blue jeans.
  15. First Holster

    Sam Browne stud is what your looking for.
  16. First wallet

    Good first go. Use a fork to mark your stitch line if using the single or awl. Maybe sand and burnish the edges a bit. He. Matt.
  17. IWB Holster G26,G27,G33

    A IWB holster made with some smaller pieces of W/C skirting had left from other projects. 7/8 oz. I think the mouth reinforcement panel could be of a lighter weight.
  18. IWB Holster G26,G27,G33

    As they say on Reddit. Wow such
  19. I hand stitch. I am always leery of oil because I'm scared of stuff getting
  20. I think this is the one Oldnslow was talking about.
  21. Adler 30-7 w. Flat Bed Attachment - Worldwide Shipping

    That is cool as heck. I know nothing about sewing machines but still love to watch them work for some reason.
  22. I will lay it on the edge of my stone and use canvas on the thin stuff.
  23. More leather questions

    Those are probably best answerd by what looks best to you. Traditional English saddlery is at 10 spi.
  24. Help with Tandy archery pattern pack 1909

    Never made the pack. But my suggestion would be to use a strap or belt and just hold in place and see what works for you. Also look in the other specialties section. Lots of archery stuff on there.
  25. Greetings from Norway

    There is an entire subsection on tack towards the bottom of the forum. A lot of people should be able to help you there. I just thought it snowed in Norway is why my forebearers settled in Wisconsin and named the town Scandinavia. Lol