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  1. Simply amazing. Nuff said.
  2. Or. Dye the back or the flap part not the pocket part to keep stiffness down. Also can dye a piece THEN cut out pattern.And it looks good to me. Keep on keepin on. Matt
  3. Cool thanks. Do you have any pics of work done like this?
  4. Do you dye before,after, or all?
  5. I got one from him it's pretty nice. Just got a basic one with my name but works good.
  6. He makes stamps, makers marks and the like too.
  7. I have used Sharpits. They do work,they do have different sizes too. Ive only used black or brown before dying. Still need a steady hand.
  8. I like that cam lock. That's only downside to mine. There is a thread somewhere on here about a spring and cam lock on amazon to upgrade the Tandy one.
  9. I adapted mine. Easier on tailbone and sturdier.
  10. A lot of them are oiled and sun tanned to get that color. But the dye color is Saddle Tan. A lot of practice and trial and error are involved in getting dye right. It's a art not a science that people struggle with.
  11. I've yet to do it myself. I just have read of it and seen it offerd. I don't see why it wouldn't work fine. But that's just my opinion.
  12. I contacted ALD about if they had any 2/3 or 3/4 drum dyed. They said they would send some samples. Got them but they are all 15 oz samples. Looks like nice stuff though. You know how it goes with samples though send the best they
  13. Cool looking. Solid work.
  14. It seems a bit. Well. Huge. And dont they need 2 pockets?
  15. Most upholstry and leather garments are made from chrome tan.
  16. Sting ray. Not sure which species probably need tin snips to cut it if it's real and embossed cow. Lol Expensive too.
  17. It's saddle skirting. Most places have it even Tandy. It's 13 to 15 oz.
  18. I THINK. Jeff has one on his cutesy site as he calls it. Etsy.
  19. Congratulations!
  20. Friend collects belt buckles so I figured I'd make him one. Used a Tandy set for a pattern since I don't lace. $5 total investment. I can't seem to get antique products to look good so I colored his name then dyed with a 5 to 1 Fiebings Tan. Was a fun quick project.
  21. Looks awesome. And it's a lot of stamping. I would love to do a belt like that but still a bit ascared of messing it up. I actually like hand stitching them. Probably just have to go head and try it. Whatshould the worst that can happen right? Lol
  22. Other than wanting it cut down to get a hold of weapon. It's awesome. Looks like a tool case or phone case. Shouldn't draw attention.
  23. Scratch line as opposed to groove. Dividers or clamp a straight edge to scratch the stitch line. It's what I do but I'm fairly new to leather.
  24. They seem like they should be simple but the multiple layers always make the edges difficult for me to get a clean edge. Yours looks good to me. I made a black long wallet with that saying on