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  1. See comment before yours.
  2. If I strapped all my diabetic supplies on my waist I'd need suspenders and a belt! A cigar case would work for my insulin pens though.........hmmmmm
  3. Got a lot going on there Alex. Lol I read it a couple times and got it worked out but can't help you.
  4. Nigel Armitage has a video I believe how to stitch a belt keeper. Worth a peek into believe.
  5. Full spools are $32. .06 a meter. Once you use it you will make drying lines from your Tandy
  6. Looks good. Thinking outside the box as they
  7. That's each move only $500;on random trips to Denver. Only thing not in our house IKEA is living room furniture. Lol
  8. Every time we move it's a $1000 trip to IKEA.
  9. Nstarleather has horween scrap at $6 a lbs in the leather and lace for sale section. Looks like big pieces.
  10. 70 all week here the 30's this weekend. We have red flag up for fire too.
  11. Vegan leather.hehe
  12. You cut a slit in a strap and pull it through itself.
  13. 7 yrs ago I delivered Genuine Naugahyde to a plant in southern Wisconsin weekly. They made HD seats. There must still be some around somewhere.
  14. I don't know if this is to heavy or not.And I'm sure many other distributors carry the same style.
  15. You can use a hair dryer to liquefy the Aussie. Then buff off the excess. You will get dye transfer when doing it. Just keep buffing till you don't. If your arms not sore not buffing enough.
  16. The lumpy look is probably texture on Chome tan leather. A lot of chrome tan has a texture in it to hide imperfections in the leather. I don't see any burnished edges they appear all rolled/turned to me. As to making it. I got nowt. Good luck.
  17. Also carnauba cream and leather balm with atom wax are good conditioner and finish. There are a few guys that swear by Dr. Jacksons hide rejuvenater all available at Tandy.
  18. Yep when I was a O/O of a semi you learned to hate the thing you spent over 100k for. Get off the road time to fix stuff,change tI respect, change oil, brakes. And on and on and on. Now I drive for a company and let them worry about all that stuff. I just drive the truck.
  19. I find it easier to put a light coat on and see how fast it soaks in. I always let it sit for a day but if it soaks in as I'm putting it on will go a little heavier.
  20. It matters top or bottom depending on whether your stitching left handed or right handed. Have to do it the EXACT same way every time or stitches go Ian Atkinson (Leodis Leather) and Nigil Admiridge both have great stitching videos.
  21. I'd say look in the show off section and see what catches your eye that you want to try. If already made art piece do another. Stamping and carving are an art in themselves. When they are done well and look Same with dye. The leather you have is perfect for stamping and carving. What to stamp or carve would be only something for you to decide. Thats all I got.
  22. Leather will alwaye lighten when flexed. Whats happening is where it flexed you are steering the dye. Only way for it not to happen is to dye with it flexed. Like fully make and form a holster then dip dye. Does that make sense? Any dye will dry leather out a bit and the more spirit in it to thin it will make it worse. I put neetsfoot on after dye is dry. let it sit 24 hrs then finish. I have also used Aussie to condition and finish. First things first though is to buff with a dry cloth until your arm falls off or no dye picks up on the cloth. Then use a DAMP not wet sponge and swipe across to get any remaining pigment. Pigment is a solid that is absorbed in to the leather via the spirit in the dye. Don't put neetsfoot on the flesh side and don't use much. I have a 4 oz bottle just finished and it was bought in September. Used on probably 20 items or more. Can alway add more but can't take it out. It can make leather soggy if over used.
  23. 6oz turned inside out. Woof! The must have been a workout! And it looks good to me. Way better than my first bag. It was a 3 piece. 2 panels and a gusset. Looked easy it weren't.
  24. Yep. Just selling to cover the cost. More or