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  1. Yep it's all to track our habits and wants and needs to sell us more. Sometime my wife and I think our phones and TV are spying on us. We will talk about something and Bam! there it is on our "home" page of something. But that's the way things are now. Nobody has anything anymore. I go to Home Depot to get something and they're all like oh we don't have it in store. We can order it for you. Well I can also order it but I wanted it now! And people complain about small shops closing. Same thing they will order it for you too.
  2. Many places on line. Google Ring's, mold guns, training guns.
  3. Top is oxblood bottom 2 are Mahagony. Definitely practice and experiment.
  4. Nigel Armitage has slickers made for him too. 2 different styles round grooves and flat grooves. His are also bigger than the standard ones. I think a bigger one would be more comfortable in the hand also. From what I can tell there is no wrong slicker if it works for Good idea to make the grooves the size you use most. That's the problem with most "one size fits most" they end up not. So done babbling now.... They look good to me and I would buy one if I came across
  5. Oxblood ends up pink for me. I would look at Mahagony to get closer to the color you're looking for. Get the Fiebings pro dyes 4.oz bottle $5. And run some tests and practice. IMO
  6. Can't help with a pattern but a good place to start is to find a gun of roughly the same dimension. Then look at JLS for a pattern for THAT gun. Then use his tutorial on how to make holsters. Update. With my quick checking on line you can use a G19 holster pattern. Have to "tweek" the stitch line. But that's where I'd start.
  7. Nice memories every time you use the wallet.
  8. Blue goes nicely with saddle tan..........
  9. My Al Stohlman how to make holsters book calls it a skirt holster. It's just a strap or "belt" sewn or riveted on. On the Eldorado rig I made it uses this style. I know even the "western" style 1911 holsters use the same proccess.
  10. There are plenty of long wallet patterns available on Etsy and online. Look at some YouTube videos a lot off free or cheap downloadable patterns.
  11. Nice simple clean looking case. Color looks nice and rich.
  12. Saddle horn phone holder for a iPhone 7 plus with an Otter box case. The horn hole (don't know what else to call it) got a little off center somehow. W/C 7/8 oz drum dyed skirting in Chestnut. 1mm Tiger at about 6 spi.
  13. I usually glue before/sew. On this I riveted then sewed. I hand sew don't have a machine.
  14. Any bags I've made it would be impossible to dye afterwords. I would dye and finish first. Only finishing done after sewing is edges. IMHO YMMV. I don't do a lot of bags. But I prefer a contesting stitch color.
  15. Nope it's natural veg tan. The phone camera kinda washed out the color.
  16. I tried out an experiment. I used the card pocket from 1 wallet pattern and a phone sleeve pattern I made up when first started with leather. Put the card pocket on each side changed the stitch to a side load for the phone instead of from the top. Left natural with just some carnuba cream on it. Blue Tiger .8 at about 8spi. Spent about 30 seconds burnishing the edges as didn't want them glass smooth. Also pic is with a phone and the leather is about 4 shades darker in person.
  17. G26 and G27 are EXACT same size externally. All Glock 9mm,.40,and .357 Sig are same width. Difference is in barrel and grip length. Also the .45 and 10mm Flicks are the same size. JLS has patterns for a lot of Flicks on his web site. I use the same holster for my G27 and my G19 in some cases.
  18. I'm subscribed to your YouTube.
  19. Found this at a "antique" market here in the Springs. It was labeled as a "vintage scraper/chopper" "Very sharp!". Since it was only $22 i got it. Its unmarked and not Slight crack in the handle but it's tight. Guess I will have to learn how to sharpen it and use one now.
  20. My brother asked me to make a bag for his wife for when there out riding the bike. It's 3oz Fiebings black with red Tiger .8 at about 8sp. I hate gussets cuz getting the length right still an issue for me. So I make long then trim. So sewing the handle on was the last step. Not very easy to access that way. Had to have the wife hold the bag along with the stitching
  21. Used a JLS G19 pattern as a base and upsized it. Hermann Oak 7/8 Fiebings black with 1mm White Tiger. Showed a pic to a guy at work with a G21 and he bought it.
  22. I second this. Jeff also is good at advise and answers to questions. He is direct and to the point so don't take
  23. I like that black and red. Did a front pocket wallet for my brother in it. Also his G43 pattern works good for a starting point for a LC9!
  24. There is a a comment in your patterns section post of a guy willing to scan and email you a pattern. Might wanna check your notification settings. Ta. Matt.
  25. Lookin good!