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  1. I agree with Mutt.
  2. It looks good. And it's gonna get mud,rain,dirt, and of course bugs on it. If you made it to pretty wouldnt be that way long. And bike are opposed to be cool not pretty.
  3. Looks good. Did you make it flesh side out? Edges looks a bit rough but it's a bike so....... lol
  4. There are mathematical equations for figuring out thread length. But I've found 4 times the thread length works. On thin stuf like wallets I do like 3.5 X length.
  5. It's called a get back. They are generally clipped to the brake handle around here. There are a lot of clubs around
  6. How is your new process working? Does the dye darken more? Ik damp leather absorbs more dye it seems. Looks like one of dem dare Bulgarian stamps.
  7. I like the idea of having a few pieces clicked out. I hate throwing any of my scrap cutoffs Just can't justify a clicker.
  8. Lady at work wanted a quiver for husbands birthday. This pattern is one I got on etsy. They called it a Weaver Style. The mouth piece is not as light as it looks in the pics.
  9. Yep she loves hitting stuff with a
  10. My 10 yr old made these for her grandparents. She did everything but set the copper rivets. Makes me so nervous when she is cutting stuff out that she is gonna lop off a She also made a backpack for Barbie.
  11. I know a lot of the toolers and stamped use the magnifier headsets with built in lights.
  12. No expert but. If you rough the leather tip well to give it a tooth and get good 360 degree coverage on belt and inside the tip with Barge or the like contact cement I don't think it will come off. Have to work fast when putting it on though. That's the only thing I can think of other than putting holes in it and then What? Can't really rivet or sew. Shrug. Kinda stumped myself. Ta. Matt.
  13. Are the snaps from Buckle Guy any better than Tandy? I got some tri glides that were good quality. I hand set snaps and the Tandy ones are not working out for me. Had a couple fail on my own stuff and don't want to send any out. Or where do people recommend getting quality snaps. I use 20 and 24 mostly.
  14. Looks good. Stitching a curved zipper is a
  15. I'm making a left and right G43 holster and mag carriers this
  17. W/C 7/8 Chestnut skirting. JLS pattern.
  18. Ya it was a good price. $25 woulda got a G17 too but it was $10 a piece for shipping.
  19. Lighting? Lol
  20. I got the #3 out of UK. The same sizes uses dif numbers depending on the country.
  21. My favorite movie. I own it on DVD. That's looks pretty cool.
  22. I agree with Mutt.
  23. Go around a get loyalty cards from stores.
  24. Either use a resize app or what I do with my phone is. Text the pic to myself in anotherbapp like fb messenger and save pic again. It makes it small enough to post then. Or if on a computer look in the computer help section there are some posts how to resize them.