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  1. 5oz W/C body, interior 3oz. Fiebings Tan cut 50/50 airbrushed on the inside outside saddle tan antique. .8 Tiger Thread at 8 spi (roughly).
  2. Long Wallet

    ^^^ What he said.^^^
  3. Long Wallet This is what I was saying. I just decide what look I want for each project.
  4. Long Wallet

    It depends on personal choice. Some use say 8 or 9 stitches per inch. Lay your chisel on a ruler and see how many points fit in a inch. Gives a rough estimate of SPI. I am out of time so I don’t have access to my tools to take pics to illustrate what I am talking about. Different SPI will give the same project that is exactly the same a completely different look.
  5. Crossdraw holster

    Steel liners are used in quick draw rigs. Invented by the guy Matt Dillion kills in the opening credits of Gunsmoke. If I remember right.
  6. When to use and when not to use adhesive?

    Yes. I prefer glue as easier to stitch and get better edges.
  7. Edge paint

    Yep that cheap little roller tool from Tandy works very well.
  8. I’d go with the edge flex. Not good luck with Edge Kote. Flaked off for me on stuff used in the pocket and my first few holsters.
  9. Edge flex is Fenice. Look at the back of the bottle.
  10. I don’t have a pattern but Bruce Cheney has some videos on making them on YouTube
  11. Am I the only one?

    That's how I ended up with a righty and lefty G43 holsters made. Lol since they both sold no biggie and got lucky.
  12. Scored a smoking deal on some tools and stuff

    I'd say so. Congrats.
  13. Pocket Protectors

    Well 3 more ordered
  14. These are my bread and butter Etsy items. They let me buy leather and tools so I can make other things. I have sold over a hundred of these and I don't really know why. Lol I have never seen anyone that uses a pocket protector. But they allow me to keep doing this hobby so I will keep making them.
  15. Pocket Protectors

    Thanks everyone.
  16. 4 prong barb this time at about 6spi with black Tiger Thread.
  17. 1911 Holster

    So Jason, could I send a pic of that and have them make me one cheaper than you? I couldn't resist. Lol. Beautiful as always sir.
  18. I have a Tandy Craftool Pro chisel. The number ends with 57. The one I have that ends in 55 is closer to 10. And thank you i was worried it was to "plain" with just the barb wire and steer but seemed to come out ok.
  19. Thanks. That barb wire stamp can be fiddly to line up. I have another one on the go
  20. bench grinder for burnishing This is the one I have. And a cocobolo burnisher off Etsy for $50.
  21. bench grinder for burnishing

    I'd go with a small tabletop drill press. Most have adjustable speed and can use for other things too. It what I use for burnishing and sanding.
  22. Stitches in t-slots

    Tandy does online orders.
  23. Shadow mark when using basketweave stamp

    If you are talking about the yellow one. I find it to light for me. I use a 2lbs maul.
  24. very dry and hard veg tan 2.4mm thick

    Don't put on the rough out. It will soak in way to fast. Put on a light coat let it soak in and level. An old t shirt works go apply it. Go light you can add more but can't take it out. To much will make the leather soggy. It will darken it a bit but anything you add to leather even wwater will darken it. After you add the oil let it sit for 24hrs before you do anything else.