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  1. 6/32 machine screw are what I use when doing holsters. You can get them at Home Depot and the like.
  2. Wickett and Craig. They are in PA. Give them a call.
  3. It was my first time there. It's pretty awesome. Got a lot of tips and tricks from people working with leather longer than I've been alive. Congrats again it was a nice looking holster.
  4. If you don't seal it it will discolor and stain. Coasters are to protect tables and other surfaces. You won't make it water proof but water resistant.
  5. Nice holster. I didnt see you at the ceremony last night.
  6. W/C is awsome to work with too. They will split tooling and skirting down for nothing. There traditional harness is GORGEOUS. Spent a lot of time talking to Kylie from W/C this weekend at the Sheridan show.
  7. About an hour out of Sherdian WY. Going to the show for the weekend. Hoping to talk to and meet people. Couldn't get off work earlier in the week so can't make any classes this maybe next Anybody got suggestions of stuff to specifically check out?
  8. Did ya figure your price out yet? Lol
  9. And I have magnets on the side for needles. I do hate the thread snagging the wingnut.
  10. Dwight on this site has a recipe for a mix. All you need is a slow cooker. The tiny dip size one from a charity shop be good enough.
  11. Corks work too. Thats what i did.
  12. Lookin good!
  13. A customer bought a owb pancake style with caiman accent/reinforcement panel. He wants me to now make another one for a different gun using what's left of the Caiman and ostrich leg. Not only do I think it will look weird but don't know how to get a good joined edge.............. business card for scale. Ta. Matt.
  14. Ya I don't think so either. So he bought a mag carrier with a piece of camain on it to match.
  15. Looks like a good start. It's hard to get a good stitch when soft leather isn't glued. What are you using to make your stitching holes and lines? Better than my first few projects.
  16. Could we get a large flat rate box full? That's like the $19.
  17. The El Dorado pattern Pac has it included. Didn't you make one already minus the money belt? Will Ghormley pattern is one I used. Didn't make the money belt part. It just says a Premium sueded split side in sand color on mine.
  18. I was thing same thing. Tandy has a similar thread.
  19. Not having taken mine apart can't say definitely. It looks when I zoom in on the pic that there are no threads on the knife body?
  20. Are you using different blades than before?
  21. Non-cited. He is talking about stuff like elephant. Some leathers need to have paperwork to prove it was harvested legally. Thats my take on it.
  22. Lookin good as always Chief. Watched another vid of you making straps again cuz I have a guy who wants a 66" long one. So I'm debating on getting the BRL template. Ta. Matt.
  23. I agree with Mutt.
  24. It looks good. And it's gonna get mud,rain,dirt, and of course bugs on it. If you made it to pretty wouldnt be that way long. And bike are opposed to be cool not pretty.
  25. Looks good. Did you make it flesh side out? Edges looks a bit rough but it's a bike so....... lol