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  1. Singer 211U X567B

    Is it still under the table?
  2. Pfaff 145

    Thank you Uwe.
  3. Pfaff 145

    Hi, I am looking for a top shaft for a Pfaff 145 partnr 91-010-002-05 Anybody? regards fbmini
  4. Here some picture of the Original oilpan of my 211U567B and some more. Hope this helps.
  5. Singer211U567B

    So here I am again. I moved house (again ) and just before doing that I finished the repair on the 20U. The lever is installed and works (thank you again Constabulary) and both machines returned from the German specialist. He was quite amazed on the fix I managed on the 20U. Both machines running fine but for the 211 I need some more replacement parts to make it perfect. They are the bottom plates left and right of the pressure foot. One (partno:240004) is still usable but the right one (looking from the sewing direction) is badly misthreated in the past. Partno:240003 (Constabulary?). I would like to replace them both as it is quit a bit of work to remake them, although I will if necessary.
  6. Singer211U567B

    Thank you, at least I can try and will a template if it is to hard to operate and can make a longer one. Let me know how to proceed.
  7. Singer211U567B

    Hi, I am totally new to this and have a 20U (a gift from a friend) and a 211U567B that I bought on ebay . I bought it as during moving house the movers DROPPED the 20U and as a result it the bottom broke! I took it to a specialist who was very pesimistic and called it a wright off!!!! So after buying the 211 I am now repairing the 20U with "braces" and then back to the specialist (very nice guy) to to set the timing again. On the 211 I found the manual for the 566 and the separate pages for the 567. Now I have a complete set after inserting the 567 pages into the 566 manual as indicated on the 567 pages. Anybody a spare "Presser Bar Lifter" for the 567 partnr 508309? I am running servomotors instead of the Original clutch motors (China made, very nice)