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  1. I recommend to experiment and see what works for you and your design. Good luck!
  2. Thank you sir! I sure neede this. Talk about needing a lot of oomph
  3. I have had pretty good results with delrin using my 40 watt laser. It takes a little trial an error, but it will yield a crisp excellent stamp. If your software fore the laser has a stamp mode, that is what you would want to use Lexan, bring a polycarbonate, will crack under the stress of the press. Good luck
  4. Fake CS Osborne head knife?

    Thanks! What a blessing to have people here with so much knowledge and to be willing to help Love this forum
  5. Fake CS Osborne head knife?

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker and first time posting. I had wanted to by a head knife and sort of jumped the gun on this one on eBay. The writting on the blade does not look like any other CS Osborne that I have seen. I'm thinking maybe a fake. Any input will be greatly appreciated.