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  1. I recommend to experiment and see what works for you and your design. Good luck!
  2. Thank you sir! I sure neede this. Talk about needing a lot of oomph
  3. I have had pretty good results with delrin using my 40 watt laser. It takes a little trial an error, but it will yield a crisp excellent stamp. If your software fore the laser has a stamp mode, that is what you would want to use Lexan, bring a polycarbonate, will crack under the stress of the press. Good luck
  4. Thanks! What a blessing to have people here with so much knowledge and to be willing to help Love this forum
  5. Hello everyone. Long time lurker and first time posting. I had wanted to by a head knife and sort of jumped the gun on this one on eBay. The writting on the blade does not look like any other CS Osborne that I have seen. I'm thinking maybe a fake. Any input will be greatly appreciated.