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  1. DIY Filler for Edges?

    Right on. I've had a few times I could have used some leather spackle as well. Hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck in your endeavors! Cheers
  2. DIY Filler for Edges?

    I would think that using tape instead of contact cement is your main problem. Why not use glue? Or am I missing something?
  3. Latest Project

    Wow! That is a gorgeous bag you got going on there! Love the dye job. Really pops.
  4. Hello

    Welcome to the forum. Your tooling looks great! Must have been very cool growing up around so much creativity. Hope you enjoy your stay here, and keep posting more pictures of your work. Cheers!
  5. Valet tray

    Excellent work. Tooling looks great. I don't think I ever saw or heard of a valet tray before getting into leatherworking. They seem to be popular though. I may have to make one someday.... Cheers!
  6. Graduation Present

    Very nice work! I'm sure he will appreciate it. I live right near Parris Island and see Marines everywhere I go. Good to know those guys are around if the world goes to shit... What kind of knife is that? Looks nice.
  7. Book Trunk

    I am really late to this post but.... WOW! Incredible work! Thank you for sharing! Cheers
  8. New Tool from Recycled Sofa and file handle hardware

    Love this idea. I know I have a few of those wheels somewhere around here... And the hunt begins! Thanks @harryhorse !!!
  9. Knipschield knives?

    Yeah, I kinda figured that it was going to be a long wait. I didn't even ask. He told me he'd put me down for one. That was good enough for me. I'll wait as long as it takes...
  10. Knipschield knives?

    I put my name down for a pull knife back in January. Not sure how long his wait list is atm. Now I kinda wanna get a French head knife as well...
  11. Acoustic Guitar Jackets

    Very cool! That is his guitar? Looks amazing. Why is "Buddy Holly" on it? I'm sure there is a story behind that. Thanks for sharing!
  12. How to keep my ruler from sliding?

    I just found this one. Looks promising. Wish they had it in a square as well...
  13. How to keep my ruler from sliding?

    I'll try this. I use Barge Cement. I'm sure it works similarly. Thanks!
  14. Leather on the Hoof

    Funny, there are deer everywhere on the island I live on. One Island over I've never seen one. No hunters here and a ton over there. Strange. BTW. How is deer hide to work with?