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  1. How to keep my ruler from sliding?

    I just found this one. Looks promising. Wish they had it in a square as well...
  2. How to keep my ruler from sliding?

    I'll try this. I use Barge Cement. I'm sure it works similarly. Thanks!
  3. Leather on the Hoof

    Funny, there are deer everywhere on the island I live on. One Island over I've never seen one. No hunters here and a ton over there. Strange. BTW. How is deer hide to work with?
  4. Very interesting. Now I have to try this...
  5. I try to be very gentle while scoring the leather on my first pass so that the ruler doesn't slide. Then I cut through on my second pass. I want to put something on the back of my ruler to keep it from sliding. Cork? Doesn't seem that I can find any thin enough. Something like this? Cotton Friction Tape I'm worried that it will leave marks on the leather. What do you use? Do you use anything?
  6. Mjolnir

    That thing is AWESOME! I'd be sorely tempted to carry it wherever I go, and bash anyone that gets out of line.
  7. Alligator wallet

    They both look very nice. I've been thinking of getting some gator print to use for some projects. Real gator is WAY too rich for my blood. One suggestion would be to put the stitching a little closer to the edge. They look great though, and I'm sure they'll be much appreciated by whoever gets them.
  8. Very first project!

    Looks really good for a first project. I don't do any tooling, so I'm no help there. but it looks really good to my eye. I'm new to leather working as well. Such a fun craft! What leather did you use? Keep it up, you'll be a pro in no time!
  9. My leather shop, and my work...

    I can't see the first five pictures. But, you have a beautiful work area. I've found that really good lighting has helped me as much as anything. Cheers!
  10. Toad Leather watch strap

    Looks really good! How is frog leather to work with? I saw a really cool blue snakeskin strap with neon green toad keepers that looked pretty slick. Trying to figure out making straps for my PAM at the moment. Got it down except for the keepers. Keepers are tricky for me to keep a proper stitching line on. Do you make a lots of watch straps? Anyways, great work! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Show your Shop

    Looks like a great area to get some work done! I've got a garage that I would love to use. But too much salt water in the air. Everything would rust in a month. I like your fold down table with the storage inside. Is it pretty solid feeling?
  12. First time showing my work. Be Gentle

    Thanks Gary! Good to know. And thank you for the kind words everyone. You notice I didn't show the back of the strap?
  13. First time showing my work. Be Gentle

    Thanks man!
  14. First time showing my work. Be Gentle

    Sorry, I should have listed that. It's goat leather on top and bottom, with veg tan tooling leather in the middle. Maine Thread Co. .03" waxed polycord.