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  1. Yet another question

    Last week i made a verry simple bag (a projectbag for my wife) and wanted some folded leather around it (to keep them open) i dohave some hemmers but they were nof big enough i did try to fold the leather with a steam iron and that did work out verry well in this case the leather was nof verry thick, i did use steam but did not make the leather complete wett and after it had the right form a waited about 15 minutes and than use sewed it (without glue) i donot know if this works with al kinds of leather but in this case it worked (i am not verry experienced with leatherwork)
  2. Check the timing of your machine (if you never did that: take a look on other posts and watch what happens in your machine....)
  3. Mounting servo on top of table

    Quick meaning that it was temporarily (but nothing is as permanent as temporarily
  4. Mounting servo on top of table

    If you mount it that way you will be able to turn your machine backwards (which is good) but you have to change the rotation direction of the servomotor (just for the record, i am sure you already know) i did the same for one of my flatbeds. here is the quick device i made for the footpedal:
  5. Mounting servo on top of table

    Do you mean this photo? (i saved it because i was working on a "transporteble industrial")
  6. List of Members sewing machines

    Orderd new decals here last year https://www.singerdecals.com/
  7. Hello Arz, did you see this discussion last days: i have the same machine myself and normaly run v92 because of the small bobbins Think 138 will do did you see the specifications on the leaflett ? http://sew24.blogspot.com/p/downloads.html
  8. In the aviation manuals they explain some adjustments on the 111w155 http://navyaviation.tpub.com/10330/css/Timing-The-111-W-155-Machine-10330_53-53.htm
  9. New (to me) adler 220

    Thank you! i also found an servicemanual since the last post about this machine on this forum the adler website did put some more manuals on their dowload page Its too big to upload but here is the link https://www.duerkopp-adler.com/export/sites/duerkoppadler/commons/download/public/220/S_220.pdf
  10. New (to me) adler 220

    Its is almost the same as the singer 144w, so yes its dsigned more for canvas than leather but its strong, has triple feed and takes needles 200 so it will do till i find something else
  11. New (to me) adler 220

    Wen you push the left pedal the machine goes in reverse and wen you push it further it takes the other pedal also so you can sew in reverse with only pushing one pedal
  12. Last weekend went camping in germany with my oldest son and brought home an (new to me) adler 220 (was watching it for months so it ended as an bargain) its working but i can't wait to clean and service it etc.... all my machines are in good working order and i use them (sometimes) but i am afraid i ended up to be also an vintage industrial sewingmachine adict (the good news is that i donot need to store them at home i know its not an heavy leather stitcher but want to use it also for leather so i think i will change the needle system it now is 7x23 but there are no leather needles for it (as far as i am aware) needle system 328 is just 0,8 mm shorter so i think that would not be a probelm (i changed my adler 166 the other way from 328 to 7x23)
  13. Juki DNU-241H stitch problem

    Just my impression: see the photo of the tensionunit It looks like the tread is not between the two plates where the spring is but behind them. i do not know this machine but to me it looks like it should be between them? but its early in the morning here and i might be totally wrong...(if others say its threaded ok ignore this)
  14. DIY nickel plating

    I am working on an sewing machine were all the nickel corroded away from the neelde plate etc. i would like to nickel plate it again i can buy a set to do it myself: https://www.frost.co.uk/brilliant-nickel-plating-modules.html are there members who did nickel plate parts? difficult? Results? They also sell a set for "cold blackening" i orderd that anyway to try on some other parts https://www.frost.co.uk/frost-metal-blacking-solutions.html regards, michiel
  15. Adler 166 for sale