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  1. Tiger ver Far East threads

    I understand that Tiger thread is probably the original 0.5 to 1mm Polyester sewing thread, but it comes at a price; and only vast size rolls, so sold in smaller sizes by flat cardboard wraps There are now plenty of seemingly other makes far cheaper, available from the far East; and I wonder how they stand up to Tiger in strength; and in the sunshine for long life It's easy to say Tiger is good as I always have used it, but have people used the Far Eastern threads and found them lacking in anything, apart from number of colours available at this time Price does not always mean a higher quality, over a lower price, sometimes just more profit for the maker
  2. Connolly leather is the traditional leather for high quality cars and aircraft like Concorde
  3. 3D printed mold guns

    OK found out the 331K6 and for smaller items the K4 are the leather machines so 5 is no good, but still needs reducing from 2200 rev
  4. 3D printed mold guns

    Dikman I notice you have a Singer 331 K$, I was looking at this machine actually the K5 but wondered how you reduced the speed to a leather working level, otherwise it looks a handy machine
  5. How much do you want for the lot let shipping be sorted latter with buyer sorting it out
  6. Thread size matters!?

    It will be important that it is UV protected thread regardless of Hand or Machine to give it a long life
  7. Beginner leather buying?

    You can buy offcuts of different Veg tan leather is small sizes on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc which is a cheap way of starting to practice The leather you require is called Vegetable Tan and a good size would be around 3mm to start with (7-9 once)
  8. 3D printed mold guns

    No problem it was just a option to put forward, We don't have your problem over hear as nobody allowed to have handguns, so nobody makes holsters
  9. I do like this paper idea, so simple but so so effective
  10. 3D printed mold guns

    I think the resin material is far cheaper than 3D printer making and presumably if you make a holster then the customer has the gun, the gun could be covered in film bag and vacuumed into tight fit prior to mold so no silicon touches the gun at any time and only takes about 30-60 min Once you have the mold you can sell copies to all to get the cost back, maybe even making more money on this than making the holster
  11. 3D printed mold guns

    Model makers often use the actual item to make silicon molds of items they want to replicate and then use the molds to make the exact copy in a hard medium
  12. How do i get part stamps sharp at edges

    I thought leatherwork was expensive yesterday and now you tell me I need about 4 of a few stamps and i don't even have a angle grinder! or even a sewing machine Do all you guys have fully comprehensive insurance on your tool boxes or just very rich
  13. How do i get part stamps sharp at edges

    Is that for real?
  14. Stitch length maxes out too early

    Wow, what a great reply to a post Great work Uwe
  15. If we use a say oval shape to have a design say basketweave inside, how do we get nice sharp edges to the stamp design when only using a part of the stamp, i.e. angled stamp so it goes right up to the border line When I try it with a tilted stamp the end result is a sharp design at one end and fading all the way to where it's lifted