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  1. Rusticleathershop Having traveled the world and especially West Africa , I think i can understand what your stating about the customers, if you cannot see a way out then maybe repair could be a area you could investigate be it Chrome leather garments of Veg tan boots and shoes. Many vehicles need leather repairs including seats, gear change floor covers and gear stick ends. What i am suggesting is look for other markets where you use your skills instead of just producing something that only brings in small change and maybe make small leather belt pouches in any spare time using wet leather molding, people always want small bags/ purses
  2. Often its all about perceived values. is a Hermes wallet or b,five times the price Fred Bloggs can make and sell at. the answer is they are over a time and with great marketing' seen by the rich and famous as worth the money; and advertised on each piece to enable all friends to know what make they have brought Is the skills of the leather worker at Hermes any better than say Nigel Armitage on this forum, its probably a close call but perceived the Hermes is better by some So maybe you need to advertise your skills; and move your products up market, maybe not to the top end market but maybe the middle range where people have some money to spend on goods.Stamp your goods with your logo, attach a leaflet with your history and why they should buy from you and finaly pay attention to presentation like neat stitching, no scratches, consistent dye and so on Regarding sewing machines, Hand stitching can be as good or better and many secondhand machines produce good work, everyone would like the top of the range items but often only need the basic version. Totally hand made can be a major selling point
  3. Semper Fi My Marine

    You often don't see it yourself but from the outside its amazing how a few weeks in training can change a group of individuals into a team who all want to look out for the weakest member and help them along Maybe a dose of National Service would be good for all teenagers these days who seem totally lost
  4. What size of sales are you expecting from this person, if its just the odd one or two and he is expanding his business, then are you expecting to much from him Retailers often try new products and get a bit carried away with expected sales numbers or only have a couple of suppliers so are desperate to get more in to widen their scope of products, they have time to talk and may even bend over backwards to get you onboard Then the next supplier and so on comes along and business grows, not enough time in the day even working well into the night. end result no time for the guy with only a few sales, but more time for company who 's sales pay his wages Could be totally wrong Hope you solve it and get great sales
  5. Just brought a singer 29k

    Shoepatcher Just been looking up 3D printing of metal objects and it looks like they can make up the parts required in either Stainless steel or normal steel which may well be the quickest and cheapest way to go with a few made at the same time I would guess your parts could be scanned into a cad package to produce the data required
  6. Just brought a singer 29k

    Shoepatcher When you get them made, please put me down for a set, fantastic you have a virgin set , so copies will be made from original measurements rather than half worn out ones Guess you mean parts, 82067, 82104, 82069, 82108, 82106, 82071. Failing that can you convert to any of the other versions if it breaks
  7. Resolene and antique look

    One thing i have found is that whilst filling in the background of a embossed belt from Tandy, a drop of dye fell onto the edge of the belt which stares at me every time i looked. In the end i covered it with watercolour paint. Thinking of this happening again , i tried some watercolour Latex over some leather, dyed a bit and then rubbed off the Latex. It leaves the leather as it was with no problems, Latex from artist shops is cheap and seems a good safe Guard painted over area's of risk
  8. Just brought a singer 29k

    Many thanks for the information, can you supply the numbers of the bits you mention so i can look this side of the pond
  9. Resolene and antique look

    Rather than buy another sealer, I am wondering if I can use Resolene which i have as the resist before using antique and then again after, or do you recommend another resist for better results
  10. Just found this free source of free singer 29k manuals which looks like it includes all versions of the 29k plus other singer models
  11. Found a Puritan on Craigslist

    Lotus cars glue the Aluminum together to make the chassis, perhaps with the Pilgrim you could sew together some cars
  12. Sewing Machines

    It's always nicer if a company uses the site to help others before they just use it to sell there wares
  13. awl for saddelstitch

    Start with a EBay special for about £20 which has most items you need to start, polish the blades with jewelers rouge and you have a cheap start, then as you grow with experience replace with better tools when you can afford them, More expensive tools say knifes will hold there edge better and longer, and some tools look fantastic, but you need the skills first to appreciate the difference
  14. We have many options to waterproof leather these days from rain and the like How was it done in the old days for things like shoe's boots saddle bags etc and how effective were they
  15. So far so good.

    I would guess that back in those days with a big demand on quick make items, they also used anything at hand to make up for lack of the right supplies , that would make yours look more authentic I like western films but hate the clean cut clothing they are always shown in, with never a washing line in site and no cowboys ironing there clothes whilst on a cattle drive