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  1. Cowboy 3200 foot needed

    Make a mark on anything you want to move so you know where you started maybe a sharpie or scratch, saves hours of geting lost and screwing up everything rather than just one thing
  2. Wallet Templates

    Help to learn comes in many shapes and ways, we all seek perfection before we are ready
  3. Question about pricing

    The cost of the leather and thread is the minor cost, labour is the most expensive part and when you work out a selling price and then calculate that price divided by your total hours you will find your pay per hour is crap and its just a love job
  4. The £299 sailrite clone seen under a number of other names has a semi walking foot arangement and has a stated 1.6mm x 2 layer proven veg tan limit when i asked Ferco or something like that who makes the clones I think that is the ones R8R is talking about
  5. Advice on cutting a side up

    Strange things people boast about, is that past the Watford gap by any chance
  6. Wallet Templates

    Comprehensive design and notes plus video so well worth the money
  7. Canvas and Leather Sewing Machine

    Just a note If you buy from a dealer you will get a hell of a lot of free advice available over a number of years and also spare parts availability, but it means buying either new or their own second hand stock If its your first use as you say then a modern servo motor on it would make life easier to start with rather than a clutch motor
  8. Thanks, it just seemed odd, I assumed that all had a keyway
  9. I am confused, is it not the key that takes all the power transfer rather than the allen keys that just hold the wheel into place, so id if in alignment with the motor have little work to do
  10. There was a long time before 1938 for germany to buy equipment from abroad and it would serve no purpose to throw away usefull equipment just because you were at war Its nice to see original German film, very little seems to have been made public, but i do remember seeing a film about the bismark in the late 50's whilst on a exchange in germany and it was not the later british film If you google the Scarnhorst you will see it did not have a very good record with lots of storm damage that caused refit after refit but did sink a few british ships and a aircraft carrier, never thought that storm damage would effect a battleship
  11. Never had a use for snaps and quick rivets, just wondering what exactly line 20 or line 24 snaps means and is there a size chart somwhere giving guidence to what size you should use
  12. Techsew2700 breaking thread

    My chart nshows size 22 for 138 thread
  13. Singer Patcher on German Battleship Scharnhorst at 5.44
  14. Leather BS (aka nashville hustle)

    FRom what I have seen there is loads of cheap Far East goods at silly money, but no way would i call them crap as they are very well made by mass production with low cost workers I know I could never buy the leather for the money they charge but people are quite happy to buy them knowing they will only last 12-24 months and then need a new replacement, but then most of us by cheap underwear or socks, polo shirts, t-shirts knowing they will never last more than 12 months if that, they will also buy any cheap item, which is cheap only by comparing it against other home made items made by higher wage costs Many home made items are more expensive because the makers dont export but just deal with the home market making their total market relitivly small so they cannot afford to invest into the most modern production methods In England we were always brought up that british was best and in many cases it was true, but nowdays you cannot buy a british made aircraft and sheffield steel is now a tiny industry compared to what it was, andonly a tiny number of ships are made in Britain, I guess its the same in most first world countries
  15. The leather was and is made for purpose, if you were to make leather seats for say a bus, tractor or other well used seat you would use a different leather than say a Rolls Royce where the person wants a luxury seat with fairly modest use The early days of motoring cars were made like horse drawn coaches and made to l;ast as long as possible and take in all sorts of weather, today most cars only hva esay on average a 10 year life and will never see weather outside of the car Like most things you get what you are willing to pay for your selected money, and it's not just the leather but also the condition of the leather in visual terms