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  1. So.. How do you get images like this?

    In the UK and I guess elsewhere you can get "WOW" paper that is primary used for printing onto T Shirts and the like basically you draw your logo using Corel draw or similar then print onto special WOW paper then heat press onto the garment with no weeding (removing bits not wanted. you can see the process here on a video
  2. “Raised” Effect/Beveling

    Could it be a very thick piece of leather and the bevelling is scalloped out to give a valley look, much like on wood they use a router or chisel
  3. Greek Key Stitching Pattern

    Full details of the 3D printing of the stamp and usage would probably be of great interest to many Good luck and maybe do a new belt to match
  4. Concealed Carry Purse

    A inside thigh holster looks very sexy on some films i have seen, though may not look so sexy if very overweight
  5. Greek Key Stitching Pattern

    A hat band will be to light leather to be able to cut, as it would just distort Maybe a clever use of stamps would work as they only need the design pattern and not a copy of how it was done previously, I would suggest a stamp made by 3D printing to the size you require, I did see something on YouTube about someone doing this, and although the plastic stamps don't last as long as metal ones, they should last long enough to complete this product and a few more and be minimal cost if you know someone with a 3D printer
  6. Thickest leather

    When a new sailor joined the home fleet in Scapa Flow a remote anchorage in the Orkneys, on first run ashore he asked his mate why the rush up the hill towards some sheep His mate answered "You don't want to get the ugly one do you"
  7. very dry and hard veg tan 2.4mm thick

    Ok many thanks for some very helpful answers. I am now ready to go after i get my neatsfoot tomorrow Chris
  8. very dry and hard veg tan 2.4mm thick

    I understand it leaves the leather stain's, which grows darker with every coating Do you have to apply to the skin (flesh) side or can you apply to the rough inside to avoid this staining showing Last hopefully question, how thick do you apply it, and rub in or leave with surface oil Many thanks to all who have replied Chris (now realising why cheap was not a good investment unless this works, but only brought to train on.)
  9. very dry and hard veg tan 2.4mm thick

    Thanks Kiwican Does NFO smell after applying
  10. I have some cheap very dry shoulder of 2.4mm veg tan, should i apply some neats foot oil to it before using and if I do can i still oil dye it afterwards Please excuse my ignorance but still a newbe to leatherwork
  11. Size of Awl for pricking or chisel stitching

    Thanks to both of you for your input I did look at the first company but the delivery time and prices put me off, in the end I went for Vergez Blanchard stitching awl's Hope I did not make the same mistake a second time, the original ones when looked at closely just had a sharp short point of about 4 mm in length which i think just pushes it into the leather as a large lump rather than the long slow in growth of this awl which should make it gut through rather than punch its way Should have known better at my age but thought i had gotten away with a great buy, we never learn you get what you pay for Sorry about the bold I can't get it to switch off
  12. Size of Awl for pricking or chisel stitching

    Have tried to diamond awl through 2x2-2.5mm veg tan with my awls and no luck, they were chaps ones and obviously rather blunt I also assume cheap steel and will not hold a edge Looking for recommendations from UK people on any good stitching awls they have brought and recommend, sorry but shipping from USA is to expensive
  13. I have three Awl's with width of Awl in 3mm, 4mm, 5-6mm width diamond shape and all about just under a inch in length The 4mm looks about write stitching 8 stitch per inch roughly, but question what others use or suggest
  14. Doctor Bag Restoration

    I don't think its a Doctors Gladstone, as I think they were compartmalised inside, to hold bottles and other goods separate, so just a magnificent old Gladstone traveling bag, Carpet bags were the same design, but used cheaper thick woven material rather than leather