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  1. Advice.

    In Great Yarmouth maybe 10-20 years ago (memory makes time hard to be precise) there was a painting shop for the tourists where they could pay to have a oil painting made just for themselves The process was quick and quite different from what most people would consider a artist to do, what happened was there was about 8 artists all working in their own area of expertise The first would define the painting by a sketch, the second a expert in sky would paint the sky, next expert would fill in the sea, next the land next the chocolate box house and so on Each was a expert painter of a very small detail and could work very quickly turning out to a time limit The end results whilst not acceptable to hang in a major gallery, were actually very good and pleasing pictures Not sure what its got to do with this post but thought i would mention it
  2. One thing I admire about the Australians, is the CAN DO attitude, I guess it has been made by having such a large country with few people you are not afraid to turn your hand to any skills.
  3. Steel rule bender manual

    There is a Harry Rogers video on making a dye using a bender if it helps just found the link but it shows the wrong video when inserted here, but just look up Harry Rogers plus "Making Steel Rule Clicker Dies For Leather Wallets"
  4. Dull Weaver Master Tools Round Knife

    Sharpy's are your best friend in sharpening blades, you can see exactly where you are taking off the steel
  5. Sewing Cordura with 206rb

    This is a good guide to thread and relevant needle size Sorry, welcome to the forum
  6. Storing leather in small space

    A full size Admiralty navy chart table would be a nice way to store them flat if you have any ship breakers near you, most have a good number of sturdy drawers
  7. Here is a earlier post on a 467 fa 373 that may help you
  8. Needle Question for my Consew machine

    This will answer your thread size
  9. I notice my wife's domestic Janome machine can use a twin needle adaptor, but only has a single bobbin This intrigues me, so can someone explain how the single bobbin works with two needle, thinking about it how does any zig zag bobbin work as the needle is never in the same position
  10. Just interested in what the difference is between these two leather types of blade
  11. Starting out tools required

    You canot go far wrong making a visit to the Tandy store or looking at their UK site, they are not the best tools (if there is such a thing) but of reasonable quality and price, once you get experienced you may feel the need to update some of the tools to top end tools as your experience tells you where you need to improve. is a good supplier but basically a crap web site Artesian leather is a good and frendly place and very helpful wide selection of tools Ian Anderson and Nigel Armitage both have plenty of youtube help guides and Nigel has a £3.00 per month big subscription site that will teach you at present about 50 lessons at Quite a few UK members on this forum for more info
  12. How do you make a leather strop?

    Man you have far more information than i will ever have on the subject, I just take a piece of veg tan leather, stick the flesh side to a piece of flat wood, Rub Jewelers rouge over the top surface and strop, does me.
  13. Portable compound feed machines? used to sell them i see they still have spares, maybe worth a phone call
  14. Need adhesive to hold leather patches on hats..

    A old Singer Patcher is built for the job or even the new chinese tin copies at about £150 on EBAY
  15. VB Tools worth their price?

    Agreed Harry I think Nigel Armitage has fantastic reviews of tools, in that he seems totally honest with the selected tools and not influenced by the name of the maker or price, but the usage of the tool