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  1. Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    I had both Cataracts done about 12 months between them. the simplest test is to close one eye and see it the vision is blurry, then the same with the other eye, car lights at night appear to have star's and halo around them. The operation takes about 20 min and video's on youtube if you want to see the procedure Varifocal lens take a week or two to get used to as you need to lift or lower your head to adjust the focus part of what you are looking at, but comes naturally after a while and saves having two pairs of different glasses
  2. Tandy reduced goods on site

    Just had a look online at the UK site and it might just be me but it looks like a lot of items have been removed since i last looked
  3. Help! I'm reaching the end of my tether!

    Maybe a video of the action would help with maybe the bobbin cover mover out of the way so people can observe the pickup action Might have been a shop window machine to get that colour
  4. 1 bifold wallet

    Looks great for a first try, well done, if you can see your own faults, thats 3/4 of the battle to perfection , unfortunately i have heard but never got to that situation, where you can see faults but other cannot.
  5. Woe 40 machines, That must be a record
  6. Zipper

    I guess it depends where you live as you don't show your Country
  7. Barry King dot so-what

    If you market two items straight off the same production line, and call one "X" and the other "X Plus" at a higher value, many will pay extra for the plus version as they see perceived value in the name plus, its all about building up a brand value We all appreciate a top end sports car like a Ferrari but has anyone ever seen one with 100,000 miles on the clock, I doubt it , yet all other standard cars these days are good for many more miles than that with just a service every year or two. yet one costs £100,000 plus the other about £25,000. Experts will buy a knife knowing its made of the best steel for knives at a high price, whilst others just buy because of a name regardless of the real quality of the steel, or you can pay a fortune for a old bottle of wine, yet it's corked when you do open it, and valueless Perceived value is a tricky thing experts in marketing try very hard to attach to a brand, which may or may not go along with quality
  8. To buy or not to buy...

    I have just followed this path, so here is my experience so far of first three weeks After consideration and reading all the reports on 3D printers It was narrowed down to the Ender 3 which at present seems to be the biggest seller since launch and only £160. It comes as a kit form that took me two hours to put together, you only need to screw in about 20 screws and all the major parts are already done in the factory, clear instructions on both a leaflet and better instructions on a micro SD card included in the pack Next is learning to design in 3D, of which my first port of call was a free program called Tinkercad, Simple to learn about 20 min and use and your up and running, after that Im wanted to do something more ambitious so looked around and the most powerful software that's free and used by industry is Fusion 360, after about 5 days I finally got my head around it after buying a book "Fusion 360 for makers" about £16 and written for 3D printer users at beginner level with lots of good examples To date made a few stamps etc and still learning but that's life and not bad for about 3 weeks from start to finish. Stamps I make are for use with Arbor press £40 rather than hammering and aim is to make Basket weave in both single and multi joined together so maybe a large stamp of 5x5 cm or larger but time will tell if it works out, that's the fun it takes time but keeps the little grey cells working and from say £10 to £30 a Kg of filament about 330 metres the cost if very cheap as a stamp probably costs less than £0.25, I have also made some 3mm thick templates of card holder again at little cost a few pence and the machine just runs on its own , so plenty of time to do other work whilst it's running and power consumption is low at only 24 volt Lots of Ender 3 help on a number of Facebook forums ( had to break my self imposed stop on using facebook but only use it for this purpose) and tons of information on Youtube on both Ender 3 and Fusion 360 especially "Fusion 360 on Youtube by Lars Christensen, just remember its a professional program and takes a learning curve of more than a few hours) Lots of free .stl files to get started at Good luck Chris
  9. Please advise for wood sided leather bag

    If there was enough room to be able to turn inside out when finished, you could hide the tacks buy tacking the good side of the leather to the edge of the wood and then turning bag the right side out, that way the tacks on the wood edge are covered over by the leather Only problem I see is the depth of the wood would need to be shorter than the length of the bag to be able to turn inside out
  10. Leather handbag "Bible"

    Harry You could try and contact either the writer or his heirs to ask permission to make it available in PDF, might be a nice earner for you I think for books the copyright is 70 years after their death Seems a shame to not make the information available to the public at reasonable prices
  11. Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    Bi or Vari focus take time to get used to but many myself included find them better than carrying two pairs of glasses I am surprised it took you so long to get tested A large magnifier can be very useful but you still need the glasses Good luck with whatever you choose
  12. Bloody hell, is there nothing you can do that is not perfect, your embarrassing my feeble efforts in every field
  13. Just a 'lil coaster practice

    A Gentleman who knows Real Whisky, Please also try "Highland Park" from Kirkwall in the Orkneys
  14. Please advise for wood sided leather bag

    For both lightness and strength then maybe consider plywood and face it with some nice veneer I do remember seeing a wooden sided bag on either here or youtube a few months ago, but not much use i guess without a link