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  1. Is a serger what I need?

    Thanks all for the replies! I'm going to have to process through this info. Whiz - you are lucky to live close to Bob's! When I was there buying my 341 my husband was with me and he's the kind of guy who wants to walk in, buy, and head home. However, my eyes were like a kid in a candy shop. I would have loved to have spent the day looking over all the different machines in that room! kgg - I will consider the binding as an option and I very much appreciate your insight into working with this material.
  2. Is a serger what I need?

    Hey guys! I'm developing a new horse accessory that requires me to put a professional edge on Cordura alone, as well as a few layers of Cordura plus 100% wool on a fabric backing. (Which btw, if anyone knows a good supplier for this I would appreciate it if you could pass me the info!). Although I have a Juki 441, a Cowboy 341, and a Singer 31-15, I've never done any sewing where you need a finished edge. Let alone a finished edge through thicker material. I know it's not strictly leather, but I've always been able to trust the knowledge on this forum! What do you suggest I need? What is the difference between a serger and an overlock machine? Are they the same? And, if this is what I need, would I be able to get away with an older heavy home machine or should I look for an older industrial. I'm not looking to invest much until I know how much of this I'm going to do. Here's a pic of the wool fleece I'm working with and one of a similar item with the edges I'm looking for. Thanks much!!!
  3. Dressage Bridle Lining

    Just curious what leather is used for the white padding/lining on English dressage bridles?
  4. Temporarily disable Efka EPS?

    This is the first industrial machine I have had that has this. Every other I've had has been clutch as I've just gotten back in to this and the cheap servos weren't an option back then. So, as some have eluded, it seems foreign to me and I actually feel like I have less control. LOL. I have my home machine set to stop needle down (but perfect stitch placement isn't necessary there) so I set this the same but I really feel like I have to really think about things when I am turning or coming to a corner. I just thought if it was an option to disable I could see if it felt better to me without. I don't need automation of any type so although I know this is a quality motor/controller, I'm just wondering if I wouldn't feel better with a decent servo coupled with a speed reducer.
  5. Temporarily disable Efka EPS?

    Uwe - forgot to mention control box is AB60A. Thanks Eric....do you think it is impossible to use this without the EPS?
  6. Hey all. I've been toying with the idea of trying my Ferdco Pro 2000 with Efka 1600 Vario DC without the EPS. Is it as simple as temporarily unplugging the sensor from the controller or will I have to do some crazy re-calibrating if I want to plug it back in? :-) ~Thanks!
  7. Thanks billybopp! Greatly appreciated!
  8. My son has asked me to make something for him and he wants colors but vintage looking, worn. I told him to find me an example of the look he wants and he sent me this photo he found. I have never done colors like this. Always oil based stains in browns. Is this look done with stain or acrylics? And what steps do I take to get the worn look? Thanks for the help....I'm stepping of into a new dimension!
  9. 31-15 Vs Newer For Roller Foot Machine?

    Ahhh...good thoughts Wiz. I like slow and steady. I'll check on that. Thank you!
  10. I had a plan to go look at a 31-15 this weekend. I wanted to clean it up and put a roller foot on it for super light work and mostly decorative stitching with 46 and 69. Tonight though, I got a lead on someone with 4 newer, non walking foot, machines for a very good price. One Tacsew DDL-8500 and one similar model Juki. I know a 31-15 is the time honored roller foot machine but can I put a roller foot on these and would it be the smarter choice since they are in good working shape? Thanks!
  11. Used Ferdco Pro 2000/juki Vs New Cobra Class 4

    Hey all! Just thought I would give you an update. I did purchase the Ferdco/Juki. I LOVE IT! It sews perfectly, one owner, is in super condition, and came with the original manual! I had plans to try to talk the price down a bit further but once I got there I just couldn't. The girl selling it looked to be about 20-23 years old and met me at her elderly grandma's house where she was storing it. The grandma told me the girl's mother had died a couple years ago and then a year later her father passed away as well. She told me her father had been a holster maker and made a lot of holsters for the local policemen. She was an only child and had had the task of going through and selling all of her parent's estate by herself. Every day I feel blessed to have a wonderful familly and have my own successful business...so I just gave her the original price for all three pieces as a package. I got a Heritage Foot Press with a couple sets of dies, a Weaver Edge Finisher, and the Juki all for $2400. As I was going to buy the other two pieces from her anyway I figured I am into the Juki for around $1900. I only wish I would have seen her ad earlier and could have bought the whole shop before it was pieced out! Anyway, once again, I appreciate everyone's help! I'm one happy girl right now!
  12. Used Ferdco Pro 2000/juki Vs New Cobra Class 4

    I'm not afraid of a used machine. I've had several already. An Adler flatbed, a Singer flatbed, a Tippmann Boss, an American Straight Needle, and a Sewmo "The Stud" cylinder arm as well as about 15 home type/embroidery machines for regular fabric sewing. I've just never spent enough to get myself the right heavy machine. I tend to think differently than most. I have a hard time buying something new and sterile....I'd prefer to find a great deal on something someone else has loved and then work it over and make it mine. There are those out there who absolutely should buy new and probably couldn't make it without the customer service (my brother in law being one of those....LOL...poor guy)
  13. Used Ferdco Pro 2000/juki Vs New Cobra Class 4

    Thanks Johanna....for a minute there I thought both threads had been deleted. I've been mostly a lurker for the last 7 years...mainly relying on search for my info. It figures that the one time I post I get into the middle of something. :-)
  14. Used Ferdco Pro 2000/juki Vs New Cobra Class 4

    I just got on to check it and thought I'd lost my mind for a minute because it wasn't there. I belong to another (completely different skill) trade forum and used to be really active on there. However, because of sponsorship/ad revenue, we were not allowed to review or talk in a negative manner about sponsors...some of which were trade schools you would be giving a great deal of your hard earned money and time to. It's put a lot of people off enough to switch to using Facebook groups instead because they can talk freely. Sad to see but it is happening.
  15. Used Ferdco Pro 2000/juki Vs New Cobra Class 4

    Thanks so much guys! You have given me some things to think about. I am buying a couple of extra pieces of equipment from this person so I am going to check it out in person next weekend.