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  1. Tandy line 20 line 24 snaps

    The size refers to the cap size of the snap head. Most commonly ~12mm and 15mm respectably. Another way to search is ligne (line) which is an older measuring term by the French. It is typically used in watchmaking and button making most notably. If you look for that term you should find a bunch of charts to show the measuring.
  2. Hello from Macomb Michigan

    Welcome back!
  3. Greeting from the Midwest

    Welcome John! Looking forward to hearing more of all your adventures! I could use a pilot from time to time!
  4. SLC's Gift to you!

    No tricks or traps...just a savings!
  5. We really love being a part of this community here and wanted to pass a little something on to you. On your next order, either online or call in...just put in the code leatherworker2018. I'm sure it is long over due, but we wanted to show our appreciation! Some Items however are excluded from this discount of 10% off.
  6. Sewing Machines, Tariffs and SLC

    This is partly correct. The prices are still being updated on our website. But the price that is on there now is the lowered price...until we run out of the machines we have at those prices.
  7. So I know we have had a lot of talk here lately about sewing machines and what that means with the new tariffs that are happening. We are seeing that it is going to increase the cost for us to get them by 25%. Now, some good news...we hate the tariffs in this area just as much as you may. So, what we did to show that we want to help leather world we serve, is to buy a stock of machines before the tariffs raised the prices. We have a limited quantity of these machines that can be bought at the sale price. Also, we have a company we work with called Quickspark and they have offered no payments on machines until 2019.
  8. A tour of SLC!

    Anyone wish they could take a tour here, but are located to far away?? Here you are!
  9. SLC Shark "pieces"

    The phones don't turn on until after 9:30 am central on Wednesday. We have a company meeting that morning. The pieces will all come with a piece that is big enough to make a wallet out of. The pieces I have at my desk are showing 5-7 oz.
  10. SLC Shark "pieces"

    What would you like to know?
  11. Tandy Outlet /exotics

    Here is the link to our Ostrich Remnants: We also have some Shart Remnants: Or a pack of Exotics with a Stingray included:
  12. SLC.. why have thou opened this can of worms

    Sorry, I might not have been clear. I can see buying options as: 1. Full Setup (Cutting Device plus Clamp {if we even will offer the clamp}) 2. Cutting Device 3. Clamp (if we even offer this)
  13. Passport Wallet

    This is very appealing to the eye and he will put it to good use!
  14. SLC.. why have thou opened this can of worms

    It is a razor blade, so changing it out is very simple. Once we figure out if we can get them produced accurately and affordably, then I will have more information to share. However, I can't help but think we will sell it as full set up, just cutter, and just frame.
  15. Cutting straight lines!

    We are currently in research to make these available. No ETA on this project, but just want to let you know this is in the works.