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  1. Your abilities are a beautiful art for sure. You still have it in there and it is easily seen. Your knowledge of the leather world is something we hope we don't lose here! Keep up your fight!
  2. Passport Cover / Field Notes

    I actually went and made a Field Note yesterday. I used a different pen holder and card slots a bit different.
  3. Attention! Congratulations Caitlin

    Thanks for sharing, this is a really awesome story! CONGRATS!!
  4. From Start to Finish

    The suggestion I would have is to make your grooves and stitch marks, then dye the piece. But before that you want to tool or stamp. When you tool or stamp the piece you might even put clear packing tape on the back of it so your piece doesn't stretch and warp too much. After stamp then dye then glue.
  5. How to draw floral designs

    This is a really great point. Crafting helpers will only get you so far. Getting the style down is the key to making your own designs. It is possible to take the elements within the helpers and make your own design and then once you feel more skilled you can take it from there. One way to look at it is: Learn Leather will help teach you and build your confidence to get you to making your own designs, while the helpers will get you comfortable with the style and shapes.
  6. Personally I haven't used the suede dye. What I can say is that using the leather dye on suede. It does work, but it does take more of it because the suede will eat it up. Also, it will turn it a bit darker than what you are thinking. Maybe someone else here will have some help. As soon as I find Rusty or Kevin I will ask their experience with it.
  7. Milled Veg Tan?

    All the Kidskin I have felt has that extra little stretch to it. I think you made a great choice! I really liked that skin when I was taking the pictures of it. I made a minimalist wallet out of some kidskin, just because there was some scrap on my desk, I really think it is going to hold up very good! I just checked the review button and it works. There may be something on the back end of our site, that we have to "approve" them. :et me go see if I can get your review posted!! Love seeing those up there....good or bad...we are always trying to find was to better serve.
  8. This just might do the trick.
  9. How to draw floral designs

    We also have carving aids. We are in the process of developing more.
  10. Holographic Saffiano / Printed Foiled Calf Skin

    I didn't find any here. We have some Saffiano style, but nothing that is that color.
  11. Holographic Saffiano / Printed Foiled Calf Skin

    I'm looking into here. I will show you some of what we have, however it is not the same hand as what you are using.
  12. Milled Veg Tan?

    Is this the leather you were thinking of at first?
  13. SLC.. why have thou opened this can of worms

    I like to give him a little crap every now and then. So it all works out. The backs are super velvety...I have some at my desk so I can rub it to calm down. This the link for them. If you need it split we will do that for free on call in orders this week as well.
  14. SLC.. why have thou opened this can of worms

    As a matter of fact we are cutting them in to more of a piece that people like to buy. As the caption on the video suggests, we are cutting into Bends for $99 each (Wholesale). I was taking pictures of this yesterday for the website and I can tell you this stuff is really smooth! The video is just repeating, but I can see he needs to be a little more careful after making the cut and stacking them back up. I will pass the word on.
  15. Leathercrafting helped save my life

    What an awesome story of grace and faith! Fine what drives you and fight for it. You have also raised a great son to move back in and help out, it shows how much you mean to him!