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  1. Sources for thread and nice belt leather

    We have quite a few well as something we really think is going to be exciting, but we can say anything about it yet. blank
  2. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    This was what I was just about to post. Either a piece of string or lace with jewelers rouge on it. Pull it back through the red side.
  3. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    This is what we do here as well. We take and lock the strips in a board so they stand on their edge and don't move. Plus easy storage.
  4. A tour of SLC!

    We try and work as much as possible as we can with you. If you call in the phone order girls will put in the notes what you might be looking for. Also, some times we have been known to take a picture of what we are planning to send you and see what you think (just ask if they can help with that). Then if you get it and it's not up to par, we will send you out a return label. Hopefully this eases your mind a little, but I do understand the worry.
  5. SLC's Gift to you!

    The times I have used it I have edge coated it. Another guy here that works with it said he finds using some tanner's bond on the edge and pack it in....then sand it smooth then edge coat.
  6. A tour of SLC!

    Alright here is the YouTube link.
  7. A tour of SLC!

    Shouldn't be any problem. I will post it here when I get it added.
  8. leather knot question

    Page 47 talks about Twist-Loop Reins.
  9. Waxed Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag

    It is all good, I just want you to know how I felt too and then I don't blame you to get your monies worth. I went and checked and it looks like they only charge $15 in the cart for short order and not $30 which the price sheet states. That is where the convenience of being able to buy a half yard from us comes in. Don't feel bad at all for doing what you need to do. We really appreciate that you checked us out in your decision making process.
  10. Waxed Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag

    While we are more expensive that Fair Field. Make sure you are looking at the #8...which is what we carry. Their price is $18.61/yrd ours is $36/yrd. Also, for orders under 50 yards Fair Field charges $30 for handling. Honestly we just carry it out of convenience, for some. To be honest with you...our supplier is the same supplier as you are using. I can say I personally don't blame you for spending your money wisely. I don't think any other leather supplier even carries it.
  11. Black Friday deals

    That is correct! Here is the link.
  12. Leather Scrap/Remnant Chicago

    Just wanted to drop the link to our scraps and remnants.
  13. **BLACK FRIDAY**

    If you seen our Black Friday Sales...then here you are! Good news...they will actually run to the end of the month!
  14. Let me know if there is anything I can help with here. Looks like JLS got you the link.
  15. Website Critique

    You can still get the same results in Express. All I am doing is selecting an area and replacing the color. If she needs any help accomplishing it, just PM me and we will figure out how to make it happen. Maybe I am thinking elements and not express.