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  1. Paint Dye or Paste?

    Just wanted to pass along our latest Blog post that might be useful for someone. There are lots of ways to customize your leather with color! Some of the most popular ways to do it are painting, dyeing, and antique pasting. Of course, we’ve talked about paint, dye, and other coloring methods on the blog before but they’re not quite like this. Here, we’re bringing together just about every stitch of information on dyes, paints, stains and pastes that we have on the web!
  2. Wholesale sourcing

    Thanks for the plug Tuga! We do have lots of hardware, most of it is listed on our site, but there may be some that is not on there. We also have a print catalog as well as a digital copy. Scroll down this page ( just a little bit and you will see the catalog you can flip through or request a hard copy. Here are some links on our site when doing a quick search. We do provide wholesale pricing here is a link to what it takes to get that. ( clip
  3. Swivel Knives for beginners

    Good on you Black Dogg!!
  4. Need to know where to buy leather where I live

    We aren't really close to CA, but we ship world wide. Check out our website below and we also have a email news letter that goes out that displays some new things going on and deals. Newly added we have weekly flash sales, we send out a separate news letter to show those off. Also, you can check out the banners at the top of the site for us and others that help support this website.
  5. Hand sewing tip for people with arthritis

    Here is a little rubber disc that we have used with great success when hand stitching.
  6. Looking for a round knife

    Here is what we have. It is a US Made Osborne.
  7. Shell Cordovan

    We got the new Grade 1's in and have them indivdually listed on our site. So, the piece you are looking at is the piece you will get! The thickness weight is 3-5 oz on all the Grade 1 pieces.
  8. Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show...

    We will be there! Be on the look out for Rusty!
  9. Splitting Shell Cordovan

    Here is a write up that we did on the process of Shell.
  10. Our Weekly Deal

    This is the last day for this weekly sale. Tomorrow will start the new weekly Flash Sale, I will let you know about that when it comes out! -- $15.00 each for a piece that will measure 9-11 sq ft -- $1.25 per sq ft, order what you would like and we will cut it for you.
  11. The fun bits.

    It is actually from the state flag itself. Here is a little background info from Wikipedia. The three stars represent the three Grand Divisions of the state, East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. The blue circle around the stars represents the unity of the "Grand Divisions" of the state.
  12. Shell Cordovan

    It appears that the weights aren't listed. However, I just went and gauged them and they have a range of 3-5 oz. If there is one in particular you want I can get that one gauged for you.
  13. Shell Cordovan

    SLC's been scouring the world for a selection of Shell Cordovan , and we’ve assembled what we think is a supreme smorgasbord. The selection we are currently offering are the samples we’ve gathered from our epic search for the best shell cordovan in the world. The pieces come from a variety of tanneries and in a range of grades—2, 3, and 4. We’ve classified these grades based on blemish amount and placement, such as marks, brands, or scars. We’ve found a tannery in Turkey that we believe offers a supreme experience of shell cordovan. Although we do not have the inventory right now to include grade 1’s in the sample batch, they’ll be coming in a regularly supplied line soon. cordovan
  14. Type of Stamp?

    Here is a couple stamps we carry that would get close to that texture with repeated strikes. This one is not the same type but makes a nice field stamp like your picture.

    Here at Springfield Leather Company we have started a new weekly sales offer! There is 19 items in this weeks sale. Oil Tan for $2.99 sq ft C Grade Double Should Veg Tan $4.99 sq ft Just to name a couple, have a look at the rest!