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  1. Very cool Ray! The shop space you built looks amazing! I have mine setup in a corner of the garage where I share it with the wife's car and the kid's bikes. Haha! I do have windows though which is nice but I really envy all the ROOM you have. Cheers!
  2. I use dyes. I have also used a non-traditional method for color by way of Sharpie pens. Excellent control and a ton of colors out there. Check out my Instagram feed @blackthornleather for images.
  3. I follow that artist on Instagram, he's from Russia and I don't know his name (I can't read the language. Haha!) ALWAYS really cool work on there. My guess is dyes expertly painted on, sealed very well with a resist, and antiqued. That's my method anyway.
  4. that's a nice one!
  5. $600 is a steal! I think I could get by with the less $$ one for now but would probably grow out of it quick. Have you sent in the blades for sharpening at all? If so, is the turnaround fairly quick?
  6. Thanks all for the insight! I'm leaning towards the more expensive one at the moment. I understand it's less expensive buying through Weaver with a wholesale account.
  7. Hey all, I'm considering buying a Weaver EZ Strap edger. Either the one that trims all four corners at once or the far less expensive machine that does two at a time. Has anyone had experience with either and possibly recommend which one I should get? The four blade model is quite expensive compared to the two. I don't know if the extra cost is justified. Thanks for any input!
  8. That came out awesome! Are you going to dye/antique it or leave as is?
  9. Excellent mod! I think I found the spring on Amazon: Thanks for sharing this. I already order the clamp.
  10. Nice! I love that blue thread, it really pops.
  11. If you get something like this you can easily change letters as needed.
  12. I use my shop press to apply my logo to my items. I've been thinking hard about getting one of these: It would work great on a variety of leathers I expect.
  13. Great looking site! I just sent an email regarding my forgotten login info. Cheers, Andy