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  1. Nice! I love that blue thread, it really pops.
  2. If you get something like this you can easily change letters as needed.
  3. I use my shop press to apply my logo to my items. I've been thinking hard about getting one of these: It would work great on a variety of leathers I expect.
  4. Great looking site! I just sent an email regarding my forgotten login info. Cheers, Andy
  5. I did one similar to this. Instead of painting in the white just leave the stripes natural and use a diluted dye for the red. Right now your colors are too bright and saturated to give the illusion of something worn out and yellowed. Plus, give your edges a more ragged look. I also made some depressions with a modeling tool so the antiquing would have places to settle in and give a bit of a mottled appearance.
  6. Looks great Karina! I like the all-natural look. I had done the same over Christmas for a few gifts except I dyed them. I do like the veg tan bottom for the extra personalization as well. Awesome gifts! P.S. Disregard the wonky stitching. I pulled it out and restitched before I wrapped it up. Haha!
  7. Good eye, JLS. My bobbin tension was off, I have since pulled those threads and restitched this one. Thanks!
  8. A variation on the tray I made a while back. These things are fun to make and are a great, quick gift. Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. Here you go! Just slots cut out on opposing sides. Fold up and snap. Nice Peter! I'm going to do some with a tooled veg tan "patch" sewn into the bottom. This way I can customize them a little more.
  10. That looks really nice Avian! I love the stitching, nice contrast. I had thought about putting a piece of veg tan into the bottom as well since I can't stamp the leather I used. Is the veg tan stitched down too then? Thanks for sharing!
  11. That looks really cool! I like the lining, I may have lined mine but I like the suede-y finish this leather has to it. Good job!
  12. Hey all, Thought I'd share a really easy thing to make if you only have an 8 inch square piece left and have no clue what to make with it: A valet tray! Fun and easy to make if you need a stocking stuffer idea this Christmas. It's just a square piece that I cut slots into at two opposing sides. Added snaps into the corners so it can be flat for travel and packing in a suitcase. The leather here is about 8-9oz. Thinner than that it might not hold shape as well but experiment away. I'd love to see what you guys come up with. Have fun! Andy
  13. WOW! I am at a loss for words at the nerve of that manager. That is absolutely ridiculous. I would share your story with Tandy.