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  1. Rockford, IL area Apprenticeship?

    Hello there! I'm from the Rockford, IL area and I'm looking for someone to teach me what they know about leatherworking. I worked in a wholesale, clicker-no-brainer shop, a costume shop, and am beginning to tool and carve for the first time this year, but I still have the "student" mentality that having a teacher is sometimes better than working alone. I've made garments, collars, and carved small pieces for costumes, so the leather I've worked on has had a wide range of uses. I have a free-arm boot-leather sewing machine, and other random personal tools accumulated over the years. Being that I've worked in shops where my personal tools weren't needed, I'm lacking in some things and would take recommendations for the work I would be learning to do. If you or anyone you know could use a hand in the Rockford area, please let me know. And, to be honest, I just moved here and don't have very many contacts, so meeting new people would be nice. Rane