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  1. Local Leather Workers

    About a year ago we had a couple of meetings at the Leather store off of Mobud, but it looks like that group disbanded. Too bad, it had some great potential to get something going strong here. Drop me a line if still interested in meeting. Dave
  2. Merry Cristmas To All

    All I can say is "WOW"! and Merry Christmas to you all!
  3. very nice clean look to it. good job!
  4. That's a great design. I really like the interlocking section at the bottom.
  5. Would you believe I was trying out a new leather tool to add that blury effect? Actually, these are pictures from the new owner (I forgot to take any pictures of it when it was done).
  6. Church Art Show

    Just a couple of peices I did for an art show at my church. I had a great time doing both of them, and learned how to better practice what the passage they came from is teaching!
  7. It's been a little while since I've posted anything, but here's my most recent project done for a friend of mine. He hunts bears using a bow and arrow....... I figured the Game Warden will need something to go on if his first (and only) shot misses! Anyone know if bears will eat leather products? Please let me know what you think. Dave
  8. Mushroomed Straight Chisel

    I'm not sure this is really realted, but I've had three tools bend on me as I'm using them. Right up front, I've had it happen using the poly as well as the rawhide mallets, and I am casing the leather. I've had a stopper, a cam, and a beveler all do it (all Tandy products). The store was great about swapping out the first one, but I've had the other two happen over t past week....not so sure they are going to be so happy about it this time. Not sure if it's something I'm doing or bad batch of tools. Any one else ever have something like this happen? ideas?
  9. Great work, I love the colors. How long did it take to make that and where did you get the pattern? Dave
  10. Barb Wire Bird

    The bird looks good, but the work on the wire look great (that really does read odd, but I think you know what I mean). Nice attention to detail on the wire.
  11. Youth Project from Tandy

    May not be a project the youth group members could do during the time at camp...but I ran our Cub Scout archery range at day camp this week and make an arm guard as a prize for the "Top Shot" at camp this week. It went over real well, and I had about 10 parents asking about how it was done and how they could learn to do it. In addition to directing them to this site, I also gave them directions to the local Tandy store. Getting the youth involved means there has to be adults (at least in the chronological sense) ready and available to teach them. So I encourage each of you more experienced crafters to contact your local scout groups and volunteer as a merit badge counselor (or whatever the Girl Scouts equalivalent is) for leatherworking....it's really a lot of fun to share the knowledge and watch them as they learn. Dave
  12. Motorhead backpatch finally done

    I like the look the rag treatment gave to the background work. Very creative look!
  13. Chess Table

    All I can say is WOW! What a great idea followed up with wonderful execution, something to be very proud of.