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  1. Techsew 1460 update

    Techsew emailes me with instruction on how to adjust the feet height.Got them a bit more balanced.
  2. Techsew 1460 update

    I emailed them the vid this morning like they requested bur haven't heard anythinf back..thank you for the help brother.
  3. Techsew 1460 update

    To update everyone techsew graciously sent me a speed reducer with belts free of charge. Now I am trying to figure out why my middle pressure foot doesn't walk properly.Here's a vid explaining what I mean
  4. Techsew 1460

    lol that's a long lunch break!
  5. Techsew 1460

    For sure..very frustrating..I emailed them the vid.We will see what happens If its a known issue ,why not engineer it better?
  6. Techsew 1460

    Here's a vid I made showing what I'm talking about.
  7. Techsew 1460

    I have not thought about that.Remove the feet?you mean the pressure feet?I fixed them sticking. I got my speed reducer in today so I will remove the belt and do some test and see what happens brother.Busy day today My son turns 14!
  8. Techsew 1460

    Tthanks for the instruction manual.As far as the motor starting at the 300rpm realm for you that's cool.Do me at 300rpm(not sewing anything ) I can hear the motor reving up however the belt doesn't move..Like I said the needle doesn't move untill maybe 600 Rpms(guessing since the sticker is on wrong) ..At anything lower then that you can hear the motor but nothing happens. Thanks
  9. Techsew 1460

    I am about to go through this check list and check all these things brother. You know what I just noticed..I think the put the rpm sticker on wrong..I never looked under here with a flashlight untill now...The speed Bob is in the first speed setting on 660 but I never noticed that to the left of it says 350 Rpms..maybe they put the sticker on all jacked up. Question.If my theory on the sticker is true then the motor is fine.So what I thought was 900+Rpms might be more like in the 600s..however in this low speed setting if I am sewing 4oz veg tan with a diamond point needle should the needle get stuck?At this speed with this leather and needle,after a few stitches the needle just gets stuck.
  10. Techsew 1460

    Thank you for the advice brother.I fooled around with the pressure feet alignment,so far so good!
  11. Techsew 1460

    Thank you brother.Ill have to take a look at this! No sir,I dont have the proper equipment
  12. Techsew 1460

    Well I did call them about the motor.I was told it may just need more juice to operate...lame answers if you were to ask me.
  13. Techsew 1460

    It does look slightly mis aligned .It seems to have a small gap around the inside foot..I can fit thread in between the two.Maybe when it lifts up tho its rubbing and I canr see it. I will tighten up the foot pressure and let you know how it goes.
  14. Techsew 1460

    Hello every one.I am new to industrail sewing machines.I purchased a techsew1460 due to it being on sale.So far I'm kinda happy with the purchase.I need help understanding it a bit more. So I swapped the stock pressure feet out for smooth one.Now to pressure feet seem to stick in the up position a bit more.Then when I go to hand crack it,they slam down. ---I also messed with the presure feet tension,to find the sweet spot for wallets. -------Do you think my pressure foot tension is to lose so they feet Are sticking? ---Could it be needing to be oiled? Also could use some help balancing the tension.. I have the top thread looking decent(to me) however the bottom thread I still see knots.From my understanding that means the top tension is to lose right? Open to all and welcome all advice So far there is a few things about techsew I'm not happy with.The servo motor loest rpm setting is 660rpms..However the motor doesn't work untill about 900+Rpms..that is not while sewing ,that is just trying to operate the motor. The instruction manual just sucks,it out right sucks. There is no maintenance instructions.For a novice like me it leave a lot of unanswered questions. Thank you all.
  15. dopp kit 1

    Thats amazing..I need to find me a pattern and give it a go