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    I have a few sewing machines most walkinf foot machines I am having trouble with my Pfaff 145
  1. I do not have a degree in education ! so i did not feel comfortable trying to educate him LOL
  2. If this helps any when clicked on College sewing web site to look at the part . I discovered if you click on the photo of the part it enlarges .
  3. I was looking at C/l fri night and a man had just posted a light weight Singer sewing table for 30.00 . The add said sewing machine but the three photos only showed an empty table and motor with no machine . When i contacted him to inquire about the sewing machine he said it was under the table . Thinking he was unaware the photos he had posted did not have the machine i said i could not see it . As it turns out he thought the motor was the sewing machine . I offered him 20.00 since there was no sewing machine and he excepted . The motor was my only interest its a Family brand 550 watt brush type servo motor like brand new with extra brushes in the table drawer . Now for the observation i just got thru installing a Consew 1000 with speed reducer on my Phaff 145 and i really like with one exception . Turning the hand wheel you have to over come the magnetic impulses of the motor . And working backwards thru the reduction pulleys makes the impulses very noticeable . This new to me brush type turn smoothly with no impulses I am looking forward to installing it and seeing how it compares with regards to power
  4. Mother of Reinvention

    Necessity is the mother of invention !!
  5. SInger 29-4 Grease vs Oil?

    I would say it is always good to look for better ways to do things . I looked up triflow and it appears to be a good product but with an added cost . When you consider the age of some of the machines still in service and still going strong . With some being in production setting with just oil . It seem to me just good sewing machine oil has proven to have served the sewing industry well . Consider routine oiling as the most important factor ! Lets never forget any oil is better than no oil ..
  6. Servo motors -- UGH!

    You can back the brake off or at least you can on all my clutch motors .
  7. Singer 29-4 belt slipping

    I can under stand your concerns but my thoughts would wrap the paper around a pencil or around a dowel and just scuff the groove . I believe i would prefer that over something sticky on the belt .
  8. Singer 29-4 belt slipping

    Could take a little course sand paper and scuff up the groove on the pulley ?
  9. Go with the servo motor you will never regret it . And adding the speed reducer makes things even better !!!!!!!!
  10. I have been reluctant to post this because I thought the solution would come to me . After last weeks tune up it sews good . The only thing that i am not happy with is it has to much presser on the feet . My machine has the adjusting screw coming down through the back foot bar . I have had it apart there is a flat coil spring on the outside and a spring on the inside with a rod that the adjustment screw engages compressing the inter spring . The outside spring is dominant and the thumb screw seems to have no effect on reducing presser . Should I be able to bring the presser to almost nothing or is what ever the outside coil spring produces the minimum ? Thanks for any incite on the issue Donny
  11. Pfaff 145 help

    In the parts list part number 91-140-259-05 is the part that makes you feed dog move up and down . This is done by part number 11-108-225-15 / the whole assemble in box 91-010-126-92 . Loosing screws 11-108-225-15will allow you to change how high the dog comes up when stitches . I tried to download the parts list but its to big . I can email it to you if you can not find it . The parts are in section 3 page 22
  12. Seiko SK-6 followed me home

    That is a good looking machine ! I see that you are in SWVA I have a place in Nickelsville Are you any where near there ?
  13. Yes he had small bottles of all kind of screws . The only thing left i need to do is replace the feed dog it is showing a lot of ware . I will call Henderson after the New Year . I will pass this on the most frustrating noise turned out to be a very simple fix . The shaft under the bed that goes from one end of the machine to the other that operates the feed dog was lose on the hand wheel end of the machine . If it was the engine in a car it sounded like a bad rod bearing . As it turns out that shaft is supported on each end with a tapered pin / shaft All i had to do is loosen one set screw tap the shaft in to take up the ware . The long shat has female taper on each end and the pins are male .
  14. No more banging or knocking .Replaced all the bad screws it sure looks better . Took it to a retired mechanic he had the screws and the skill it was a great afternoon working on in his shop on this rainy day .
  15. I moved the needle bar and it does not hit the foot any more and sews fine . But after sewing for a few min. the front foot has slipped again and is contacting ahead of the needle again . The only thing I can figure because the screws are so bad I am not getting them tight enough .I am thinking of silver soldering pieces on top of them for a allen wrench