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  1. Sheridan tote bag

    WOW Ryan, WOW as usual!
  2. How to Dilute Pro Dye with water (use Borax)

    Agree 100%. Neatsfoot oil (or olive oil if you want to darken the color) is the way to go.
  3. I lost the password of my account TxLeather (this is a new one...) Here is the deal: Password reset DOES NOT WORK: no email from the server (and yes, I checked the spam folder) Sign in with FaceBook DOES NOT WORK: bad link, server ERROR nobody answered my emails asking for help Congratulations to those who maintain the forum... nice job! Andy
  4. Errors & non-existent user assistance

    never happened to me
  5. Errors & non-existent user assistance

    I tried all the options