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Econosew 138 Drip Pan Question

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I recently came into possession of an Econosew 138 E6B with motor and all the "parts", just no table. I have purchased, assembled, and installed the machine on a table, and have everything ship shape to speak. Ready to stitch! I have just one hang-up involving the drip pan.

I am trying to determine if the drip pan lined with a sponge to lubricate the shaft under the "table" is all I need. In most commercial and household machines the drip pan fills the entire table cut out.[1] I have test lubricated the machine and hand turned the parts and all of the oil appears to end up in the pan sooner or later. So do I need another drip pan to cover the entire cut out for lubrication? Or is it just a good ideas so as to keep dust, dirt, and body parts out of the moving parts of the machine?

Hoping someone is able to help as I don't want to watch my efforts go up in smoke in the clash of grinding gears!

If you need pictures I can upload some later this evening PST.

Thanks in advance,

John [fledgling shoe and handbag maker]

Seattle Area

[1] - the drip pan in some of these models appears to be a reservoir used by the pump to lubricate the machine, or as a feeder to a collection point where the machine oil can be re-used a few times, or to keep the shaft fully or partially submerged in oil to keep it properly lubricated.

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Answered my own question. There is a drip catch under the primary driving gear underneath the post and this is used to lubricate the drive/timing mechanism into the post where the bobbin is housed.

The drip pan is to catch oil flying off the moving parts under the table as the oil works its way through the parts by gravity. I believe I found one on-line that was originally for the Juki PHL-981 which appears to be the model which the Econosew is either based, copied, or perhaps just rebranded. To finish out the last of my orders ahead of schedule I have shaped a temporary pan out of plastic card board and duct taped it to the table. Back to finishing slippers!

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