Hello from the Netherlands:-)

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Hi Leatherworkers, 

After posting my third forum I found it only decent to do a small introduction :-) Having had a major crash/ depression in life from working in IT I came back to do what I really, really love. (Have been a saddler). Now I'm a bag maker ( and are now also making custom belts, wallets, shoes, etc....) It's what really makes me happy and brought me to life again :-) I design and make my own collections, and am slowly gaining momentum...  Love this forum! There are not many leatherworkers in the Netherlands out there, and now and then I get stuck with issues only other craftsmen know how to deal with! I just found out there is a notifications button, so I will be very sure I'm gonna be much more here :-)

Have a great day!


Franc & Hanz | Bespoke and handmade bags & cases




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Welcome aboard, Frank! Very nice looking work.


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