Skiver restoration project and questions

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So, I got this skiver and it needs TLC. From what I can tell after watching cechaflo videos on YouTube - it's missing some pieces.

A. Right belts cover, B. Spring on arm which moves roller. Not sure what the purpose of it yet.

I also figured this is kind that feeds and rotates blade at the same time, no separate drive. I can adjust speed by moving belt between 3 different positions.

Questions to public:

  1. Does anybody know this model of skiver? It's labeled privately or was it a big company? I assume it's clone of Fortuna, but which model?
  2. Does anybody know where to buy parts? I need small belt on right and I need that tiny belt which drives sharpener wheel. I may reuse old one, but if they are available I'd rather get a replacement.
  3. Is there manuals/service manuals available?
  4. Does this paint look original? It's flaking opening up gray/red under paint. It seems like it was painted over but long time ago, did they come with painted knobs?
  5. Any general advice on cleaning surface rust and making all knobs/handles look great?




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Well. It's either going to be assembled back or not :)

Good stuff: I found missing spring part on aliexpress. I also found this thin belt and additional pressure feet. And new cutter.

Bad stuff: I miss 3 screws on machine and belt cover. None of this is critical but I will make those bolts so it's all complete. 

After reading all archives I found info that if main shaft with bell knife bent - it's not going to be good. Checked and it's within 1thou. Not bad.

Can't figure out how to take main pulley off. I took left-threaded bolt out but it seems that other piece pressed in. Still need to figure out how to take it off.

Machine was green and some point, then it was spray painted over with gray-ish paint which preserved some of the knurled bolts.  

So, it's pretty much clean/sand/paint on case parts. Not so on all the misc hardware. Bolts, knurled handles, etc. I'm wondering if that a time to experiment with nickel plating :)


I LOVE how simple those machines built and yet how many parts/labor/design went into them. No wonder they still make them. Can't come up with anything better?






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Got couple more pieces to take apart, had to order special tools (spanner wrenches) which I didn't have. Decided to go ahead and give it new bearings/seals as well. Project becomes complete ovehaul, but I got time since I'm waiting on few parts from China anyway.

Final decision made to repaint big parts and nickel plate all the visible parts(knobs, pulleys, bolts). Everything inside (bolts, springs, etc) was covered in dirt/grease and survived rust, can be left alone.

Few parts like knife, belts, bearings, seal will be new. Gearbox bushings and gears look good.




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