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Looking For Purse Bag Pattern/instructions



I have an old purse project that I purchased in ther early to mid 90s when I was in 4-H.

I like to assemble the project parts together for the bag and tooling leather parts, but I have misplaced the instructions.

I am hoping that someone out there may recongize that tooling leather parts and be happy to photocopy the instructions and send them to me.

Whatever arrangements that can be made will be done.

I am hoping to get this project done for my neice's birthday.

I have enclosed a picture of the leather parts.

thank you.



Recommended Comments

This looks like the yoke of the 'Old Jeans Bag' available for download at the link below from Tandy Leather's digital library. I am actually in the process of making one for my wife. I added inside pockets with snap closures on the inside. The outside yokes have been modified with more scallops, tooled and accent conchos. The pattern is only a basic idea and good as is, but you can always make it fancier.

You will find those parts and shapes you provided in the pattern book here:


Take care & be safe.

No dead ends - only detours.

Golden Knight

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