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  1. Mjolnir

  2. Tooling Detail Guidance Needed

    Leatherhead99 can make an logo to emboss for you. Look for some of his posts in the "for sale" section.
  3. It could be multiple hits of the E294 stamps. There are several sizes/shapes to pick from. Could be multiple hits of the M882, M881 as well.
  4. Stamping causing leather to misshape

    To prevent this, I glue the leather with rubber cement to thin rigid vinyl before I case and stamp. It is not uncommon for leather to misshape.
  5. Hello from VA

    Yay...another Virginian!
  6. Our most popular stamps

    I got your stamps about a week ago and finally started to experiment with them. They are great! Lots of potential.
  7. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    +1 on the steel type, quality and temper.
  8. Awesome! Lifting the edges of the feather is a great idea.
  9. Our most popular stamps

    What is the stamping width of the complete Stamp #67 - Kit? Thanks, John
  10. What did you seal it with? I have reactions to Clear Lac.
  11. Fiebings makes a spray saddle lac and leather sheen. I have used the spray leather sheen and like it.
  12. Figure carving of Popeye

    Awesome work.