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  1. Biker Wallet

    This is how I made it..Feel free to use it..
  2. Biker Wallet

    Thanx. I like making them. This is the latest I've made..
  3. Biker Wallet

    Glued and stitch if I understand you.
  4. Biker Wallet

    I sand them even, bevel, dye, put a little water on and run it with my burnish wheel. Then I put some wax on and run it again. After that I use some canvas and rub it fast.
  5. Biker Wallet

    Thanx all.. It's thanx to groups like this and facebook that I've learned this..
  6. I have just made a biker wallet for my self..Hope you like it, I do. Inside
  7. Howdy.. Have just made an Avenger holster with rattlesnake inlay. Hope you like it.
  8. I recomend T-nut and put them between the leather.. I use that way in my pattern pack.
  9. Howdy. I have made a pattern pack for an IWB holster that fits the 1911. I hade it publiced in the latest issue of "The leather crafters and saddlers jurnal". The pack includes pattern and a detailed tutorial of how to make the holster. Its $23.95+$11 in shipping (to the US), I only take PayPal. If you are interesed pls E-mail me at
  10. Houston, we have a problem...... I'm just about making a pancake holster and notis that something was wrong when I had cut the leather. It's an old pattern that I forgot to throw away and it doesn't line properly. . So if any of you got ot from me, , just throw it and wait for me to scan the new one.
  11. Iwb Holster

    If you wanr the pattern an tutorial pls send a PM with your mail adress
  12. Howdy pards/pardettes It was avile then I posted something, most of my work ends up on Facebook. But now I will share my latest IWB holster. I have pattern and tutorial to but can't post it though its to big. I can mail it if someone is interested. Hope you like it. //Henrik
  13. New Border

    You are welcome pards, hope you get use of it..