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  1. Thanks for the reply and info! I appreciate it!
  2. Hello everyone, Could use some advice before listing a Pro Embosser that has never been taken out of the box. I bought this several years ago and due to health issues, never used it. I think it's time for a new home but having trouble finding a new one and I don't remember what I paid for it so I could sure use a fair value for this. No wheels, just the machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Could anyone direct me to a pattern for a Bond arms texas defender? I would be very greatful. Thank you!
  4. I've been thinking of selling the two I have. The Leather secrets and design artistry. Do you guys feel 400.00 for both would be a fair price for both buyer and seller? Thank you
  5. Incredable holster and finish! Thanks so much for sharing how you achieved it. I have a question on th dip dye. will it last longer and give a better shine and look? and is there a down side? will it crack eaiser, flake off or not last as long as standard hand dye? Last question, I would love to make a holster and belt that looks just like the holster Colt Hammerless made same color and all. Will the constant wear for a concealed carry belt/holster dyed this way last as good as other type of finishes or not too long. Thank you for all of the advice and ideas in advance!
  6. Thank you so much for the help and links. I truly appreciate it! Take care and thanks again!
  7. Hello I am tring to find this latch which I was told is pat of either harness or tack equipment. I did find it in brass but would prefer it in nickel, chrome or black. can anyone direct me to a source for these? Ohiobag had the brass. Thank you
  8. Could sure use some help from all of the tool experts. I picked several of these up and there are no makers mark and they were pretty dirty and gunked up so they havent been used in years would be my guess. The first one and the smallest of the three has a ruber handle material. The second is all metal and a knurled handle. The third one is the only one that has a removeable blade like what is used today but the blade is threaded rather than being held in by a setscrew. the tips of these are not all ground the same so i;m guessing the owner/maker used them for differant cuts. Most of the smaller rubber handled knived have a grind that looks similair to a small v shape. The larger ones have an even grind but is thicker than a normal blade would be so I would think it would be a thicker cut. The only ones that have a sharp blade are the last ones with the threaded removeable blade. with all of that being said, I am thinking of putting a sharp grind/tip and use them as any other knife I have. Is this what any of you recomend? I have eight each of the first two and two with the removeable blades. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hello Ed, I hope you dont mind the message. I ran across your glass slicker handle/case and was wondering if you are still offering to send the pattern out? if so I would be very greatful for it. Thanks for your time. my email if you are still doing it is ron.whitney68@yahoo.com Thanks!

  10. Hello Karl Love the swivel knife holder! I read in one of your replies that you had made several of the swivel knives you had in the holder. I have for a long time been wanting to make my own but I can't find any plans to use or anyone willing to help with the two parts I need help the most on The yoke and the bearings would you be willing to answer a few questions on making one? Thank ...

  11. Hello, Can any of you tell me if the two Leather Secrets books by Baird are still desired and what would be a fair price to list them for. I was thinking of putting his third smaller book it with the set as well. The Leather Secrets are in verry good condition. Thanks for the advice!
  12. If anyone can help direct me to a pattern or would be willing to share one for a speedloader case I would be very greatful. I found a drawing somewhere on this dite but couldn't figure it out. Thanks a million for your time
  13. Hello, First of all I want to thank everyone for the continued help you offer. I only ask that if you reply to this thread please dont treat it like a stupid question. This is what I have. My Mother in Law found at a garage sale a bunch of leather tools many being USA Craftools. These are nolonger shinny chrome and beside the dull look some oxidation. What should I use and how to revive these tools to put them in the workforce without messing them up or stripping or softening the chrome on them. I saw on the commercial for a cleaner CLR that said its safe for chrome. would you recomend this as a soak or find chrome cleaner for cars and clean them one by one? Thank you for your help, I really appreciate the advice, I sure don't want to mess these up.
  14. A tremendous help guys!! Thank you so very much!
  15. Wow, I have the picture in my mind now! thanks so much for the instructions. Now I think I'm good on everything but had a question about "Ounce the gouge is cut, use a french edger to remove the shoulder on either side of the gouge" when you say either side of the gouge, are you saying remove the edge on both notebook sides but only one side of the gouge or both sides of the gouge it's self? Thanks a million!