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  1. Custom Seats

    Here is another seat I made for Kawasaki Drifter 800 I had a while ago
  2. Custom Seats

    And some pics of the bike!
  3. Custom Seats

    Been a member for a long time now and learned a lot from you guys here, but never really introduced myself, so here are some pics of my work! Hope you enjoy it! Here are some pics of a set piece I did for Doug Wothke from Alabama, he is a extreme motorcycle traveler and does a lot of world round trips on old bikes, some of you may know him. These were for his 75 Shovelhead, here is a link: http://www.motosapie...wforum.php?f=35 Regards, Greg
  4. Cobra 4 Arrived Today

    How long didi you wait on the delivery? I ordered mine almost 4 months ago!
  5. Cobra 4 Has Landed In Texas

    Ordered mine on 10th of July and still waiting on it!!!
  6. welcome to the site