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    playing and listening to music. Cooking. Building unusual guns.

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  1. Br'er Ray's Slick Leather Goods

    Photos of some of my leather creations
  2. Sporrans...

    i would like to know how they get all the pleats in the Rob Roy Sporran. Do they use a large round circle of leather. Any patterns out there or ideas.
  3. Hi Triggersmith - if you give me an e-mail address I can can send you one

  4. Change Purse

    I'm looking for the pattern to the old round folding change purse that looks like the shutter on an old camera. It takes thin leather to make as it has about eleven circular folds to it. I know I can buy one. I want to make one. Triggersmith
  5. This is a holster I made for my Walker pistol. It is part of a bandoleer rig. I wanted to try a true woven panel. It worked pretty good. triggersmith
  6. Leatherwork for fun and profit

    Just about all I've photographed of my leatherwork.