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  1. Thanks Ron! Actually, neither. I use batting from the sewing section of Walmart. I bought a bag a few years ago to try and works really well for me. all the best, Josh
  2. Mulehide bucking rolls that just got finished up. The leather is brown Chahin skirting, same as the saddle these were built for and the D's are JWP. Thanks for looking and have a good weekend folks!
  3. I never said you "tricked" anyone, I said your question was answered very clearly numerous times and that you have silly posts that maybe the rest of us should stop participating in. In regards to the numerous answers given for why people have lists, re-read BHP's post if you like. It's direct answers with reasons given to quotes of your posts. Really couldn't be more clear. In regards to your posts being silly, that's obviously just my opinion and it only applies to the posts you make where it seems you're trying to pick a fight with anyone that doesn't agree with you. As for not getting drawn into these types of posts from you, that's something I should try to do. All the best, Josh
  4. Seems to me that very clear answers have been given numerous times. Maybe the rest of need to learn not to get drawn in to your silly posts.
  5. Looks really nice! The gullet and cantle back tooling are great!
  6. Looks really nice to me Ron! FYI, I broke an awl blade sewing the binder on my 3rd saddle as well. I have no idea if it happens to others or not. All the best, Josh
  7. hahaha, I always think the same when someone orders black! Take care!
  8. I think your price was fair. I recently built the hatchet case below, and like you I really wondered what I should charge for it. My situation was a little different, in that the guy ordering it was getting it for his 8 year old sons birthday. I don't know them all that well, it's a friend of a friend deal, however I did spend a little time around the dad and his kid and both are very likable. The guy has a great job and no shortage of money but all the same, when he asked what he owed I told him to pick me up a 12 pack of beer next time he came by and we'd be even. He brought me a case of beer and a $20 bill and we were both happy with the transaction. I struggle to find a decent price for small "one off" items so if possible I try to think of a trade, if it's an order I want to take. If I don't want to take the order I've learned to explain it away similar to Big Sioux's example above. Nice job on the case!
  9. Thanks Billy!
  10. Mike, Holster maker trivia and history aren't worth much. but for what it is worth... To the best of my knowledge the "Avenger" type holster was first made by Bruce Nelson. He called it the "professional" and it was defined by the tunnel belt loop on the back with a trailing slot. They had zero cant and they didn't have the reinforcement around the front. Milt Sparks started making these for Bruce as their model 55 BN. Bianchi later came out with the "Askins Avenger" which had some cant and the reinforcement around the front. If you go to the 1911 forum and do a search of Bruce Nelson, 55BN, Professional, etc. you'll see tons of info about this style of holster. You'll also see guys that swear they are the best thing ever and that they work for full size 1911's all day long. A lot of how a design will work has to do with the leather you're using. Solid, firm back leather from a well tanned hide will form and hold it's shape well for quite some time. Build a holster with the exact same pattern and the exact same process from soft stretchy belly leather and it won't last at all. I'd suggest you get some good leather, either W&C or HO from the back or butt and give it a try. You can use somebody else's pattern or make your own. Build one and see how it works then you adjust what you don't like on the next one you build. A million internet opinions from other people won't teach you as much as you'll learn by doing it yourself a few times. That's all just my humble opinion, of course. Good luck with your holster! Josh
  11. Thanks again Ron! I've been wondering about trying the scalloped and nailed back. Maybe when I get around to the next one I'll give it a try. All the best, Josh
  12. Thanks Randy! I like seeing what others are up to as well. Gives a person ideas and inspiration. Well, some peoples stuff gives ideas and inspiration, my cantle binding could give a person nightmares! I've deliberately not shown more than a profile pic to protect those with sensitive stomachs
  13. Thanks Biker! Thank you too Ron! I used Chahin for saddle #'s 1, 2 and now #4 and HO for #3. The Chahin I bought for saddles 1 and 2 was really good as far as I remember, it's been several years. The stuff I just got for this saddle was OK but the sides were a little small and pretty hacked up with butcher cuts. It did cut, form, edge and oil up just fine and seems basically OK. My personal saddle (#2) is the Chahin and has held up fine. My wife's saddle (#3) is the HO and has stayed much firmer than mine but it's also 14/16 where mine was 13/15, although I'm not sure that would make any difference. This one is sold already, it went to a neighbor that for some reason got it in his head he should have a saddle I built. I was very up front with him about my limitations, but he wanted one all the same. Thanks again guys!
  14. Just finished up saddle #4. With a few years between each one I think it's safe to say I'm not getting any better or quicker at building them. My cantle binding stitching is embarrassing and I shorted the front jockeys when I fit the seat but after much deliberation I let both fly. First time with all smooth out, which made it a little more of a chore not to mark things up. Built with Chahin leather from Weaver and mostly JWP hardware. Tree is a Bowden. All on all I'm happy with it but well aware of the flaws. I did get the skirts blocked better and the rear jockeys fit down OK. Which is an improvement from #3. So there's some good news. Thanks for looking and have a good day folks!
  15. I've stopped taking any orders for a while so I can get caught up. When I start up again I don't plan on making holsters for anything that I don't already own or have a mold for. I actually like the idea of limiting it to only 1911's and SAA's, but since I have a bunch of molds it makes sense to build for them too.I might think differently if I did this for a living, then again I might not. Different business models make sense to different people. If you want to make a holster for anyone who wants one, great! If you want to build a select few holsters for people who want them, great!