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  1. Glock 30 flapjack

    Different folks like different things and place their priorities accordingly. Dwight and Jeff's commentary seems pretty fair to me if you're looking for critical feedback. The angles of the pictures can make something look tighter than it is, but it does appear to me that it'll be difficult to get the grip with the wing of the back belt slot so close. The angle of the holster does seem pretty steep as Jeff had mentioned as well, although maybe the guy requested it like that. Wrinkles on the back don't bug me that much, but Jeff's not wrong to say it'd look better without them. The area I see that could be improved, which was also noted by Dwight, is to smooth out the outside shape of your pattern, round out the sharp corners some more and even it up a bit. My $0.02 that hasn't already been mentioned is to maybe consider getting either a new, or better edge beveler. I'm not sure what you're using now, but it doesn't appear to be giving you great results. For 2 layers of 7/8 I like a #3 Bissonette, I get the safety ones from Weaver here "" there are better (and more expensive) options, but these work OK for me and the cost isn't too bad. For a single layer of 7/8 I like a #2, but if I only had 1(and for a good while I only did have 1) it'd be a #3. Anyway, all that to say that it is a good looking holster! Especially considering that it's for a Glock, which in my opinion don't lend themselves to good looking holsters. All the best, Josh
  2. longer stitching punch?

    When hand sewing I always use an awl.
  3. replace rigging

    It's a good way to learn for sure! Good luck!!
  4. replace rigging

    Hello Geary, I've replaced worn rigging on a few saddles over the years and it's a job but doable. A lot of how difficult it will be depends on how the rigging is currently installed vs. how you want to install the new. From your post it's located at 5/8 I'm guessing it's a large ring with attachments going both forward toward the forks and back toward the cantle. Say you want to change it to 7/8, keep the large rings and add a back ring or D. you'll need to make the various leather pieces and skive them to a feather on the edges, take the back jockies off and get the seat leather up and out of your way then remove the old and install the new. The hardest part will be to get the installed square and balanced. anyway, if you wanted to install flat plate rigging it gets more complicated, but still probably doable. If it were me and I wanted to do the job and wasn't sure about how to go about it I'd get the Stohlman saddle making books, at least the first one. the 2nd would be helpful but probably not needed. It would give you a lot of good info to get going. Fair warning, a lot of the info is dated and I don't think anyone would accuse his methods as being done the "easy way", but it is thorough and will give you a starting place. Anyway, good luck with your project! Josh
  5. Lil guy with a flower

    Thanks Jeff! Yes sir, M&P380 or BG380 and I'm not surprised to hear it's about interchangeable with an LCP holster. Jeff, yup, just the one little flower, nothing else would fit! Thanks you! and it's an outy for a lefty. Thanks Bobby! Nice of you to say! Semper Fi! Have a great day folks!
  6. Been a little quite so I figured I'd share this little guy I recently finished up. I don't knwo qabout anyone else but holsters for tiny pistols are more difficult to get right for me. This one turned out quite nice IMHO. 7/8 oz HO for the main body. 5/6 for the overlay/clip cover. Fiebings liquid black antique over Fiebings oxblood dye highlights, some NF oil and topped with M&G and a little neutral Kiwi. All the best, Josh
  7. colt officer dummies

    You could use your Colt Commander sticking out the bottom of the holster and get everything molded but the end of the barrel then pull it up 3/4" and finish it out. It's not ideal but I've done it with my 4" GP-100 to make holsters for 3" GP-100's. However you tackle it, good luck!
  8. colt officer dummies

    No idea on the mold Jeff, but I have an RIA Officer's size pistol and have used it to make holsters for both 3-1/2" Colts and 3" Kimbers without any issues. Maybe the mold runs wide? I'd expect it to be bigger than the EMP since it's a scaled down 1911, not just a shortened one but it should match up to the full size and commander, aside from being shorter. I've also used a 5" RIA pistol as a mold for Kimber, Colt and Springfield full size pistols and never had any fit issues. I don't think the actual RIA pistols are noticeably different than any other "typical" 1911, just my $0.02. Good luck getting an Officers size mold that'll work for you. Maybe it's a reason to treat yourself and add a pistol to your stockpile for Christmas
  9. Good morning SouthernCross, I like to oil the belts I make, usually a coat or two. If I antique them then I oil them first. I use the liquid antique from Fiebings and it doesn't allow the oil to work in very well if I try to oil after. It's been long enough since I've used the paste antique that I don't know if it does the same thing. If I'm dying the leather then I'll oil after the dye has dried. I finish coat with Mop & Glo instead of Tan-Kote, but either one would be applied after the oil has had a chance to work in. Just my $0.02, I'm sure others do it differently but this has worked out well for me. Good luck on your belts! Josh
  10. Mexican Loop Holster

    Looks great, nice job all around!
  11. Custom Made Headstall

    Nice job!!
  12. I wish my stuff looked as good as your "mistakes" Bobby! Good stuff as always and nice job at dressing up a Glock! All the best & Semper Fi! Josh
  13. He is that guy !!! I don't always laugh at Jeff's comments but I dang sure did on this one! Happy Thanksgiving folks!