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  1. Looks like a great start Steve! Congrats on the pistols and the birthday! Sewn toe plugs are cool but I haven't been tempted to try them yet. I know from sewing cantle bindings that my awl blade doesn't always come through where I think it should . Good luck with your holsters! Josh
  2. Thanks BHP! Blowing them out is a great idea. I'll have to give that a try. All the best, Josh
  3. Thanks! Tie downs were cut from some oil tan chap leather I had left over.
  4. Thanks Adam! I like your thoughts on having enough room to clean the end out with an old toothbrush.
  5. Plinkercases, It's open on the bottom but the length is long enough that when I mold it the ends pretty well touch. I'm not sure if it's desirable or not. I do like for my carry holsters t be open bottomed and I do like for the leather to mold over the end of the barrel to some degree. This may be a little too much though. I'll have to ponder on what I think about it. I'd be interested to know what everybody else thinks. Thanks, Josh
  6. That's a good answer JLS! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I dug up this old picture of a double buscadero rig I made a while back. I cut this off a new hide, I used a straight edge and just cut far enough down that the belt fit upside-down on the cut off piece. Anyway, it was cut perfectly straight. I formed the curve into it when I tooled it. I based the radius on what I thought looked "right". I'm not sure what John Bianchi or Billy Bob from Wal-Mart do to make their belts, nor will I loose any sleep worrying about it. Have a good day folks!
  7. Thanks JLS! I lost a little weight and went from OWB to IWB for my every day carry. It sold me on the "Summer Special" design and put some wear and tear on the old holster for sure. All the best, Josh
  8. Plinkercases, It's just turned "inside/out" from what a normal holster would be. I have not roughened up the grain side, nor would I recommend doing so. The grain is on the inside, against the pistol and the flesh side is on the outside. Hopefully I cleared that up. All the best, Josh
  9. The main holster body is just "rough out". Basically my copy of the classic Summer Special.
  10. I picked up a new Commander so "had" to squeeze in a personal project. My 5" IWB was getting a little ratty looking for a guy who builds holsters. 7/8 HO for everything. With Fiebings British tan on the reinforcement and belt loops and regular tan on the main holster body. Both cut down with alcohol then a little NF oil, just on the loops and reinforcement. Then, topped off with M&G cut 50/50 with water. Thanks for looking, Josh
  11. Thanks Plinkercases!
  12. I wondered if you could keep cutting the same curve after the initial cut and have it work out. But, I've never wondered so much that I tried it. How do you cut yours JLS?
  13. I cut my gun belts straight then form a curve in them while the leather is cased, generally just after I tool them. If they aren't tolled I'll case them just to form in the curve. The end result isn't quite as nice of a curve as Dwight has pictured above, but it's close and I feel like straight cuts with a draw knife or strap cutter get a better yield from my hides. Although it may just be my lazy coming through. As to fixing a belt that is a little too loose, I'd go with pancakes for breakfast and spaghetti for supper until it fits just right. Or, cut the belt tongue piece loose and move it back as Dwight suggested. All the best, Josh
  14. Thanks Malabar!
  15. Thanks BHPshooter! Thanks Red Bear! I just use rubbing alcohol, I have seen where others say to use denatured alcohol. The first time I wanted to try cutting my dye I had plain old rubbing alcohol and hand, so i used it and it worked well. So I've just kept using it. Correct on the Mop & Glo, I cut it 50/50 with water and use it for a top coat. I got the idea from Katsass and it works well for me. I know some people don't like it and that's OK too. Anytime I've tried the British Tan without cutting it I get a really dark burgundy. I wonder if the difference is that I'm dip dying. If you're just wiping it on you might try saturating it a little more. I'm not very scientific about how I stain or dye stuff and because of that I don't always get just what I planned on. I do almost always like what I get though. I say give the British tan a go, it's one of my favorite colors, at least most of the time. All the best, Josh