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  1. Ingle, I've made several SS knock offs and haven't received any flak over them, although I don't post on many gun forums so I don't know that they have been seen very much. The summer Special is a highly copied holster style, it's not just you and I. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery you'd think the M-S crowd would be happy about that! BTW, I commented in the post you'd made, but I'm compelled to say again, great job on your version of the SS! It looked fantastic! Josh
  2. 2 gun rig for 5-1/2" SAA's

    Hey folks, thanks for your comments! This is by no means a CAS rig, just something my customer wanted to have. I'm not a CAS shooter myself so I'm not up on their rules, but I would think that thumb breaks aren't allowed. Maybe Red Cent will chime and and give a definitive answer on that. There's no disagreement from me that hammer thongs would have fit better, however I suppose that's the point of having something custom ordered. You can order what you want, assuming the maker is willing to build it, and I was Hope you all have a great day!
  3. Nice job Plinker! I really like formed cases like that and your did a great job.
  4. Some new holsters

    Really nice, clean work. Great job! Semper Fi!
  5. 2 gun rig for 5-1/2" SAA's

    Thanks guys! Chief, I make no claim to ever getting them right myself. I'd have probably put them lower but the holster was too tight to fit the strap down in there. I do like them a little higher tho. My nemesis with thumb breaks is extended thumb safeties on 1911's. I ALWAYS manage to get the snap dead center on top of it. I couldn't be any more 100% on this than if I was trying. Oh well... Double, I first tried M&G for 2 reasons, 1) it's cheaper than Resolene and 2) it's available at any store. I've been using it now for a number of years and in my experience, it works well so I've stayed with it. All the best, Josh
  6. I asked the guy numerous times "are you sure you want thumb breaks on these", he was sure he did. I like them better then I thought I would, but hammer thongs would have seemed more like the right thing to me. Anyway, 8/9 HO with 5/6 HO for the liners and bullet loops on the cartridge belt and 8/9 HO all around for the holsters. Light brown Fiebings (still working may way through the stuff I have, although the light brown isn't as bad as the tan for going splotchy for me), couple coats of NF oil, top coat of 50/50 M&G and water and a little shine with saddle soap. Have a great Friday folks!
  7. Thanks Plinker! I have thought a little about an IWB mag pouch and considered it for this project. However, I decided against it. I figured that for me the appeal of IWB is that the bottom of the holster is not visible if your cover garment rides up. Since a mag pouch doesn't really extend below the belt line, or even if it did wouldn't look like anything more than a pocketknife case I didn't see this as being an issue that needed fixing. I also decided that having the mag pouch IWB would be just one more thing stuffed inside a persons pants which are generally tight enough anyway (speaking of me more than my son, who hasn't been affected by growing out more than up yet). I also don't have any concerns with needing added retention on an IWB. Have a great Friday folks! Josh
  8. Thanks! I got it from Infinity Stamps, here's a link to their website I
  9. Thanks Malabar! And the answer is a resounding "no", they aren't needed. The back story is something like this, I built this set for my son who just turned 21. Among other things he's a parachute rigger for the 19th SFG of the UT National Guard and although not fully "5.11 tacticool" he likes his gear with more of a "military" flair than a western flair. Most of what I makes leans more western than military and I'd decided that whatever I built him would have some hardware, even if more for looks than purpose. Anyway, he's happy with it and if it does loosen up a little over it's useful lifespan he could tighten it down. All the best, Josh
  10. I used a Osborne #3 common edger for years. I've since moved on to the cheaper no-name bissonnet edgers that Weaver sells. I also have Osborne western edgers in #3 and #4, but they always seem to scar the edge. It's probably me, not the tool but I never had the problem with the common style, just the western ones. I've used the Osborne 3/4" and 1/2" heavy bag punches for years and been very happy with them. Also use Osborn round punched from 1/8" up to 5/16" and am happy with them. For holster belt slots I punch a round hole at the top and bottom and cut between them with a head knife. I like it because I cam make the slots any width I like that way. Anyway, my 2c is that Osborne tools are good quality and hold up to years of use. Josh
  11. Thanks gents! Chief, I put them in before I stitched the body up because I had serious doubts that I could get to them once it was put together. I've put them down by the muzzle after sewing and even that's a nuisance if you have everything put in fairly snug. All the best, Josh
  12. That's a heck of a rig Chief! Nice job!
  13. The title pretty much says it all. 8/9 HO for everything except the reinforcement piece which is 5/6. Fiebings cordovan dye diluted with iso alcohol, I forget the amounts buy likely 50/50 since I buy them both by the quart. Finished with 50/50 mix of Mop & Glo and water. The retention screws were something I'd been thinking about doing and could on this since it was a project for me. Not a personal holster for me, but one I made for a gift. Anyway, we'll see how it works out over time. Have a good day folks!
  14. Great job Bobby! Your tooling on the feathers is amazing! Semper Fi! Josh