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  1. Good suggestions above, but if you already have the M&P it's as easy as gluing the pieces together, forming it, letting it dry and then stitching it. Easier to do if you're hand stitching as you won't have the foot of your sewing machine walking around the molded portion of your holster. You'll want to edge the top and bottom where you can't get to them after assembly and do any tooling, dyeing, etc first. If a close stitch line is your top priority, you can't beat forming it first and putting the stitch line exactly where it needs to be. Good luck, Josh
  2. Couple Old School

    Nice work, as always Bobby! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Thanks Eddie & Bruce! Have a great Friday and weekend folks!
  4. A few knives sheaths

    Very nice Eddie! Good job on the sheaths and on the knife. All the best, Josh
  5. Hey Mike, great looking work! Thanks for sharing it! All the best! Josh
  6. Thanks Ray & Battlemunkey! Pretty interesting Dikman! I bought a pair of elk stag grips for a 1911 from Ray a few years ago and used wood stain to darken them up. My process was just as you noted above. If I had another pair of light colored stag grips and wanted them to be darker I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Bullmoose, I should have had a comma in there. Fiebings antique black (comma) top coat of M&G cut 50%. Meaning, I dyed it with Fiebings antique black (I use the liquid acrylic type that comes in a bottle, not the paste that comes in a jar. Although I have used both over the years, I just like the liquid type better) then I top coated it with Mop and Glo cut 50/50 with water. This is something I picked up from a member named Katsass and I have been happy with the results. I do give it a final wipe down with liquid glycerin saddle soap so it smells like a leather product not a kitchen floor. Have a great day folks!
  7. Thanks everybody! I was just playing around with the oxblood dye, I hadn't done that before but I thought it turned out nice. The grips came from Buffalo Brothers, their website is and they were easy to order from. These are their "old ivory" color with an "antique" finish. The pistol came with a nice enough set of wood grips but they had "NRA" laser carved on the side. I'm an NRA life member and fine to support them, but not the right thing at all for the grips on a SAA Have a great day everybody!
  8. My lovely wife is a lefty so when I accidentally cut a Threepersons holster out backwards a few weeks ago I wasn't too worried. It came out pretty good for what would have otherwise been a mistake. 10/11 HO, Fiebings Oxblood dye on the ends of the petals and cross, Fiebings antique black top coat of M&G cut 50%. Thanks for looking and have a great day!
  9. Weaver at or Springfield Leather at . Both of their website say they ship internationally. I'm not sure how their shipping rates would add up although their prices are reasonable otherwise. Good luck!
  10. Saddle #4 - 3B Slick Fork

    Looks like a good time Ron! I must be getting old and soft, I pulled our horses shoes a few weeks back and don't plan on re-shoeing them until September. It's been HOT down here! Again, that's a great looking saddle! Even better looking sitting horseback! All the best! Josh
  11. Saddle #4 - 3B Slick Fork

    Great looking saddle Ron! It looks to have a nice seat. Also a really nice job on the taps. I'm impressed (jealous might be a better word ) of your horn and cantle binding, the stitching came out really nice. Thanks for sharing! All the best, Josh
  12. Threepersons Done!

    Thanks Ron! The antique and Hi-Liter were both applied with a scrap of shearling then wiped off with a damp paper towel. I do apply a light coat of NF oil prior to that and then after the antique/Hi-Liter is dry I'll give it a wipedown with liquid saddle soap, again with a shearling scrap. Then a coat of Mop & Glo cut 50% with water for a top coat and finally I'll rub a little neutral Kiwi boot polish on them and buff them off. In fairness it takes longer to type out than do do ! You're absolutely welcome Humbug! All the best! Josh
  13. Threepersons Done!

    Thanks again Humbug! As for my maker's mark, I got it from Infinity Stamps Inc. ( They aren't cheap by any means, but it is a quality stamp that will outlast me. Mine is roughly 1" tall x 1-1/2" wide. If I ordered one again I'd likely have it made slightly smaller so I could use it on 3/4" wide strap goods. I use a maul to stamp it. It's large enough that I had to get the hang of it to avoid getting a little bounce which lead to a double impression. All the best, Josh
  14. Threepersons Done!

    Thanks Ray! Thanks BullMoose! You are correct, the holster on the left was finished with Fiebings liquid black antique and the other two were finished with Fiebings Hi-Liter. Thanks Forester! Have a great day folks! Josh
  15. Threepersons Done!

    Thanks everybody, you are all very kind! Really, too kind, it's easy to pick my work apart and find the flaws if you look enough and that's what you wanted to do. I do strive to make good, solid, working gear that looks nice as well. Sometimes I hit the mark fairly well and sometimes I strike out. I'm sure you all know just what I mean ! I do appreciate the kind words and I was happy to show some of my process for building a Threepersons holster and give some insight to my "fancy" border and how I tool them. Hope you all have a great day! Josh