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  1. Awesome thanks so much. I'll be calling my guy tomorrow and ordering a new one. Why would this part bend? Are we doing something that would put pressure on it? Thanks again.
  2. Thank you Mike. Is that what it's called, the thread guide ring?
  3. I have a Juki 1541S and the part where the needle screws in and the thread goes through just before the needle looks like it's very loose and seems to be bent and possibly breaking the thread. I have added a couple of pictures to try and illustrate the part and where it looks to be breaking the thread. I apologize for the poor picture quality and the 1st grade picture alterations. Should this part be that loose? In the picture with the arrows, are those cracks and would that be causing my thread breakage? My wife needs to keep using it and she's thinking of bypassing that thing for now since it's sunday and there's nowhere open to get a replacement. Is it ok if she goes slowly? I would have looked to see if this has been asked and answered but I can't figure out what that part is called. Thanks.
  4. Yes, I too would be curious to know what you think as I'm looking for a new supplier.
  5. I was on the phone with them last week and I was going to buy one bottle of stain I needed. The girl reminded me if I spent over $75 I would get free shipping. I said I would wait until this week and order more stuff when I got my list together and I could probably hold off on the stain until then. She said that was a good idea and said nothing about the shipping change.
  6. Wow that's too bad. Their stuff is ok and their customer service is spot on, but to be honest the free shipping is what kept me coming back. Seems like I'll be forced to look at other options.
  7. Right, but now I always bend the leather at the buckle or chain or whatever when it's still wet from the original casing no matter what. Nothing worse than finishing a belt and cracking it putting on the hardware. But the better leather is much more supple and a pleasure to work with for sure.
  8. I had a problem with cracking. I was using cheap leather. I upgraded my leather and wallah! problem solved.
  9. Thanks JMW. I just looked at their site and don't see any of the colors I use. And their prices seem kind of high, no?
  10. Is there a reliable vendor where I can get 32 oz. bottle's of feibing's Hi Liter, All In One and Gel Antique stains. Why do people prefer dyes over stains so much. It looks as if everyone carries large bottles of dyes but not of stains. So what do people who use stains do, buy 8 bottles at a time of the 4 oz?
  11. Excellent use of space. I don't have nearly the production of this, but I do find collars laying everywhere to dry, and I'm constantly moving them still tacky from one spot to another when I need room. It's quite the comedy act. This gives me some great ideas on getting more organized and better situated in my small shop, thank you so much.
  12. Rocky, I like the drying rack. Is that a bakers cookie rack or something you made? I was thinking about making or buying something similar. Do you find it takes them longer to dry stacked like that?
  13. Thanks for the advice RA. It was crap leather and I have since switched to Herman Oak. I still wet form, but the leather is so much nicer, I'll never go back.
  14. Yes, this is good info. Must remember this.
  15. Ok, Thanks for letting me know Ray!