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  1. I have been looking for one of these used, but it's actually $875 new from Weaver at their wholesale price. I think all you need to open a new wholesale account is a $500 order, so with the edger you can open an account and get the wholesale price. Sorry. but you might have a hard time selling it used for $1000.
  2. Are you selling the clicker/press or the die? And how much are you asking?
  3. First Class mail you're probably right. But shipping Priority Mail or UPS heavy-ish packages like leather sides is going to be more from Springfield MO than it is from PA for me. I been shipping all manner of odd shaped and different sizes including sewing machines, and I can tell you, especially with the USPS, the price differences are a lot different depending on where I ship to. But mainly I'm trying to find a reliable supplier and I went with W&C because you guys all recommended them. So we'll see what happens.
  4. I just placed a small order with W&C for the first time this morning. After being annoyed with SLC for axing their free shipping, I realized it's not their fault the shipping companies keep raising their rates. But I don't want to raise my prices, and the shipping costs keep going up (they're about mid country so probably toughest for the coasts). I would like to have a reliable supplier close to home that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for shipping. So I got my fingers crossed
  5. I made a few and I'll tie different knots and wear them for a while to see if they come apart, if they stretch and how they hold up through normal wear. I usually do this with whatever I make and abuse it to see of they hold up anyway. I was hoping someone could tell me a good knot to use though. I have searched the web but I'm still not sure what knot would be best. Thanks though. I guess trial and error, as usual.
  6. I want to secure two ends of a wrist band or cuff project together with waxed braided cord or thick thread. Is there a special knot I should use or will a square knot hold well enough? I want to cut the end off short and don't want it coming apart. I was thinking about burning/melting the knot together as well, but I'm not sure if that's the proper way to do it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Looks good. I built a very similar work bench like the one you have under the medicine cabinets. But I added a shelf and sides underneath to store hides out of direct sunlight and the overheads.
  8. I will take this lot. Send me the payment info again please. Thank you.
  9. Yea, I didn't want to have to make anything. If I could, I wouldn't want to, but I can't and still don't want to. There was one machine I could have had about an hour from here I could have gotten for I think it was $1100 no dies or blades and if anything was wrong with it I would have had to figure something out. So I bought new and I'm still having issues with oil everywhere unless I want to drain it and missing spacers I'm waiting months for. I understand problems with suppliers but I don't call a client and tell them my supplier doesn't have the stain they want and I ran out. I make sure I have enough of it on hand. With my business, me being the seller, I have to be nice and provide customer service. I dare say I kiss my clients butts, even when they're difficult. Why then, as a buyer don't I receive the same courtesy? I feel like I still have to kiss butt as the buyer. And I don't feel it's so unreasonable to expect what a seller promised me. It's getting so I want to switch to something where I provide a service with no need of machinery or supplies. My customer service is on point, that should be enough to carry me. I know I would pay more for exceptional customer service. I came from a time when you shook hands and delivered on a promise because your word was your bond. Nowadays if it doesn't make economic sense you won't even get what you paid for.
  10. Thanks Art but this isn't going to happen. They were supposed to come with the machine so why should I be making them? I understand if I want something done right and all that, but first off I'm not real good making stuff like that and second they should be providing them for me. It was part of the package and the reason I bought the thing new and not used from someone else. And why I didn't buy the cutters that only came with metric spacers. I spoke to them and they assured me I could get standard size spacers in any size I needed. I was texting with a guy that works there and he told me the oil was overfilled at their shop by them and I could siphon some out and let it run down and stop by itself. He said the red dot isn't a low oil warning and he reminded me I have a lifetime warranty and not to worry, but really how the heck am I supposed to get this thing out my door if I have to send it back to them? The delivery guy won't do anything inside the house due to insurance. I'm not a kid anymore and work in my shop alone. I don't know, I'm getting frustrated with this whole thing. This was supposed to save me time but it feels like it's costing me more time than it's saving. It all started when the machine came set up for 1 inch straps but all the extras were metric spacers. I told 2 different people over there that all my hardware is in inches and the sizes I needed. Why would they send metric spacers? I don't know, they seem really really nice but it's hurting my business at this point and I still have to cut all my 3/8 inch straps by hand.
  11. I'm still having issues with this machine. I'm starting to think it was a big mistake buying one, especially from across the country. And The Leather Machine Company isn't a whole lot of help. I've been trying to get 3/8 inch spacers for months, I spent $2000 on this machine and I'm still cutting 3/8 straps by hand. Does that sound right, or am I being unreasonable? From the day it arrived it has been leaking oil. They told me it was probably overfilled before it was shipped. Art, can you tell me where the oil level in the little window on the right side of the machine is? Mine is well below the red dot. The manual it came with is useless, but I figured the red dot was the low oil warning dot or something. They say it's not like a sewing machine and it doesn't use oil, but mine is puddling under the gears.
  12. Awesome thanks so much. I'll be calling my guy tomorrow and ordering a new one. Why would this part bend? Are we doing something that would put pressure on it? Thanks again.
  13. Thank you Mike. Is that what it's called, the thread guide ring?