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  1. Need Glove Snap Samples

    Very sorry I never responded. We moved and things have been out of control. If you're still willing, I'll private message my shipping details. Thank you.
  2. Need Glove Snap Samples

    I think some places call them button snaps, spot snaps or segma snaps. They're used for gloves and the like and have a lower profile than the 'line" snaps. They have 10mm or smaller head, a smaller base and a post that can attach to 6/7 ounce leather. Thanks.
  3. Need Glove Snap Samples

    I know it was a mistake but I ordered some glove snaps from Tandy. They say they're for up to 6/7 ounce leather but the posts are too short. Big surprise. I like The Buckle Guy for other stuff but just found out for whatever reason they no longer send samples. They look right but after the Tandy debacle I would like to check and make sure they'll work. I don't need another 100 snaps I won't be able to use. I need the small glove snap type snaps with 10mm (3/8 inch) heads (or smaller) for 6/7 ounce leather. Anyone know a place that will send me a couple of samples just so I can check the posts.
  4. Free Clicker

    Yes, thank you. I will let you know.
  5. Free Clicker

    Thank you Eric. I hate to pass on this thing, but I don't think I'm going to be able to make it happen. At least right now it doesn't look good. I'm going to keep working on it, but I won't ask you to hold it for me. Thanks again, much appreciate it. Mike
  6. Free Clicker

    Thanks for getting back to me E. Sorry was out of my shop for the rest of the day yesterday. I've been doing some research on this machine. Would this be the model that weighs around 3,200 pounds, and would I be able to get a pallet jack under it? Trying to see if I can put together a truck and some friends to come move it. Sorry for the questions. Last thing you want is to answer a bunch of questions when you're giving something away. But I would rather waste as little of your time as possible. Thanks again.
  7. Free Clicker

    I'm nterested. Where in NYC are you?
  8. I use Feibings. I like the stain but don't care for the dyes. I hear what you're saying, but Fiebings at least they're very different. I wish they sold it in bigger bottles though.
  9. Yes, you're right of course. I too like antique's and all in one's as long as it's stain. I've used dyes in the past but I find that stains give the patterns depth as you said. Thank you for your input.
  10. Thanks for the input. I like the way stain looks better than dye. I'll put you down for dyes
  11. I have used dyes in the past, but I like the way stain looks on leather, so that's what I've been using exclusively for some years now. It seems like everyone here uses dyes, so I'm mainly asking the question because I'm a little curious if suppliers would ever consider discontinuing selling stains. I sometimes see people say stain, but they're really talking about dye. But stain is stain and dye is dye. They take different and they look different. So what do you all prefer and/or use, stain or dye?
  12. I'm a little confused. You said you're using dyes but then you say you used a stain. Which did you use dyes on and which did you use stain on?
  13. I have been looking for one of these used, but it's actually $875 new from Weaver at their wholesale price. I think all you need to open a new wholesale account is a $500 order, so with the edger you can open an account and get the wholesale price. Sorry. but you might have a hard time selling it used for $1000.
  14. Small Clicker

    Are you selling the clicker/press or the die? And how much are you asking?