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  1. You could scale down a full size pattern I would think.

    The Dashed line is the first sewing line. What I did was sew the belt loop on at the top then got the loop material wet with a spnge and formed it across a piece of 9-10 oz leather...clamped till dry. Then I glue lightly along the bottom edge of the loop and wait for it to set. Then I sew in place. The loop is 2-1/2 square. I showed it in place with very light dots because I was merely pointing out where I located it. You are more than welcome to position it as you please. Hope that helps. Eric

    This a pattern I made a couple of years ago for a Ruger LCP. One of our members asked me to share it so I thought I would share it with everyone. In use, I carry on my right side with the holster horizontal and the butt of the weapon facing up. This is a very comfortable mode of carry and is very concealable. It isnt probably the best design but it works for me. LCP HOLSTER.pdf LCP HOLSTER.pdf
  4. Holster Pattern For Ruger Lcp .380

    I have one. Let me dig around and get back to you.
  5. Edge Bevelers

    Can someone show me some close up pictures of the difference between a rounding beveler and an angle beveler? I want to get a true rounded edge but I dont know how to tell the difference when shoping for them. I currently have a couple of bevelers I got from Tandy and when I keep them sharpened they work fairly well. The problem is I wantt to be able to round the edges on my belts and straps and I dont know what to look for,