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  1. Fortuna Skiver

    This company is great for parts ..
  2. Found it .. Here it is below if anyone else needs it .. F40-S 15 Ton.PDF
  3. Does anyone have a service manual in PDF for a F40 PLYMOUTH HYDRAULIC DIE CUTTING CLICKER PRESS.. Please email
  4. Sewpro,Stitchmaster,Artisan,Cowboy,just to name a few ..
  5. Try to find an old Fortuna band splitter. That is what you need ..
  6. I would use the XDM 40 as a mold and and after you finish your holster double up a thin plastic bag that you get from the grocery store,put it over the xdm 40 mold for a day or two and it will be fine.
  7. New Member In Dubai

    Welcome from which country does the leather that you use come from ?
  8. We do a lot of embossing on 10 - 12 latigo and bridal. We have plates made at Then we use a 25 ton clicker press which gives us a very nice embossing ..
  9. What Machine Do You Use?

    We have 3 machines 2 that we use for holsters and belt's . They are 441 clones,one is a Sewpro and the other is a Artisan. They both get plenty of use but they will punch through anything, and they don't give us much trouble ..
  10. Very nice work . If you are looking for a press to do the end of your collars look in to a self centering press and you can have the cutter made any way that you like. This is how we do our belt's .
  11. received one last week ..
  12. Hello From Lübeck Germany

    Moin moin, Derle, this is Isabel, Captain Itch's wife. Sorry the rest is German now. Ich bin auch aus Deutschland und habe 10 Jahre in Luebeck und Timmendorfer Strand gelebt, bevor ich 1997 in die USA ging. Herzlich willkommen im Forum. Mein Mann ist oft hier. Wir machen Leder fuer Harley-Davidson und Indian (nicht sehr kreativ...) und LIEBE daher die Sachen, die du machst. Wie alt bist du? Vielleicht haben wir gemeinsame Bekannte. Bist du auf Facebook? Wenn ja, hier ist mein link Liebe Gruesse, Isa
  13. We use chisel point needles in our machines and sew new leather 99 percent of the time. Thread is usually 277 and do not change out the needles until they develop a burr or hit a furniture nut while making holsters so sometimes we go for months without changing a needle.We have 3 machines and 2 of them get used a solid 4 hours a day.
  14. Mold On Leather

    We use this product in our shop with good results ..