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  1. magnets to sandwich

    This is the type of magnet you are looking for ..
  2. Leather Embossing Machine

    What type of leather is being used, weight etc, and how many pieces a day? The luggage tags and other items that you use are they pre cut ? You can get a clicker press for 2 grand or less get dies made and do everything yourself if you have the room ..
  3. Cobbler flat brass tacks

    How did your sandals turn out ?
  4. Edge Bevelers: Barry King vs. Ron's

    We have a #2 and #3 from Ron and like them both very well . Each came with a metal rod to help keep them sharp .. Lay the rod down on a flat surface then lay a piece of 1500 - 2000 grit wet paper and then sharpen.. Follow up with some aluminum oxide powder and rouge and you are all set ..
  5. Red Marijuana Leaf

    Below is a picture of a belt that we make ,had a custom embossing roller made a few years back .. We sell quite a few to the 420 friendly folks ..
  6. Red Marijuana Leaf

    Hope that Santa was Good to you up in Canada ..
  7. Red Marijuana Leaf

    Is that crossed with some Canadian maple leaf ? Ain't never seen a Red one .... Nice work ...
  8. Has anyone ever tried cutting a Poundo board?

    The boards that I was referring to are not rubber they are a very hard plastic ..
  9. Has anyone ever tried cutting a Poundo board?

    I have cut them with a circular saw ,and cleaned up the surfaces with a belt sander ..
  10. I have a vest that I purchased from here many years ago .. They make some very nice products ..
  11. Classic 1911 .45 Holster Hardware

    Is this what you are looking for ?
  12. WTB Phase Converter

    We have been running a Powerflex 40 for about 7 years and am very pleased with it .
  13. A lot of leather hides.

    We that live out in the country have a saying .. If you don't have to feed it buy it ..
  14. Leather conditioner

    Skidmores and Aussie are pretty much all that we use in our shop ..
  15. Whenever I go about something like this I will stack leather to make a mould .. A lot of the time I will take scrap leather pieces and stack ,glue ,and a few brad nails to make any shape that I am looking for . Hope this helps ..