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  1. Has anyone ever tried cutting a Poundo board?

    The boards that I was referring to are not rubber they are a very hard plastic ..
  2. Has anyone ever tried cutting a Poundo board?

    I have cut them with a circular saw ,and cleaned up the surfaces with a belt sander ..
  3. I have a vest that I purchased from here many years ago .. They make some very nice products ..
  4. Classic 1911 .45 Holster Hardware

    Is this what you are looking for ?
  5. WTB Phase Converter

    We have been running a Powerflex 40 for about 7 years and am very pleased with it .
  6. A lot of leather hides.

    We that live out in the country have a saying .. If you don't have to feed it buy it ..
  7. Leather conditioner

    Skidmores and Aussie are pretty much all that we use in our shop ..
  8. Whenever I go about something like this I will stack leather to make a mould .. A lot of the time I will take scrap leather pieces and stack ,glue ,and a few brad nails to make any shape that I am looking for . Hope this helps ..
  9. Here is a bearing press we use for holsters
  10. Chrome Tanned Wet Form?

    A lot of products we make get installed on motorcycles. If the salts start to leach from the leather and tear up the chrome or finish "rust and corrosion" on a bike that would be a problem. Bridal and Latigo are about all that we use .
  11. Chrome Tanned Wet Form?

    A lot of chromed tan leathers will leach out salts that could lead to issues on where it is used ..
  12. Are you guy's buying "Holstered " leather ?
  13. We lost a good soul ..
  14. Fortuna Skiver

    This company is great for parts ..
  15. Found it .. Here it is below if anyone else needs it .. F40-S 15 Ton.PDF