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  1. Whenever I go about something like this I will stack leather to make a mould .. A lot of the time I will take scrap leather pieces and stack ,glue ,and a few brad nails to make any shape that I am looking for . Hope this helps ..
  2. Here is a bearing press we use for holsters
  3. Chrome Tanned Wet Form?

    A lot of products we make get installed on motorcycles. If the salts start to leach from the leather and tear up the chrome or finish "rust and corrosion" on a bike that would be a problem. Bridal and Latigo are about all that we use .
  4. Chrome Tanned Wet Form?

    A lot of chromed tan leathers will leach out salts that could lead to issues on where it is used ..
  5. Are you guy's buying "Holstered " leather ?
  6. We lost a good soul ..
  7. Fortuna Skiver

    This company is great for parts ..
  8. Found it .. Here it is below if anyone else needs it .. F40-S 15 Ton.PDF
  9. Does anyone have a service manual in PDF for a F40 PLYMOUTH HYDRAULIC DIE CUTTING CLICKER PRESS.. Please email
  10. Sewpro,Stitchmaster,Artisan,Cowboy,just to name a few ..
  11. Try to find an old Fortuna band splitter. That is what you need ..
  12. I would use the XDM 40 as a mold and and after you finish your holster double up a thin plastic bag that you get from the grocery store,put it over the xdm 40 mold for a day or two and it will be fine.
  13. New Member In Dubai

    Welcome from which country does the leather that you use come from ?
  14. We do a lot of embossing on 10 - 12 latigo and bridal. We have plates made at Then we use a 25 ton clicker press which gives us a very nice embossing ..
  15. What Machine Do You Use?

    We have 3 machines 2 that we use for holsters and belt's . They are 441 clones,one is a Sewpro and the other is a Artisan. They both get plenty of use but they will punch through anything, and they don't give us much trouble ..