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  1. Thanks, I did that, just didn't know the correct sizes. Great for staged photos. Love the belt.
  2. An odd question, but, where can I find reproduction paper money from the period? I can find reproduction double eagles, but no paper money.
  3. Book recommendation for beginner

    I have seen Leather Secrets on Ebay priced from 125.00 to 325.00. I vacillated on it until I decided against it. I am still debating on if that was a good idea.
  4. It was many years ago when I saw it, so I could very easily be mistaken. It does look like the toe is holding it's shape very well for not having a plug, so there must be one.
  5. Dirty deeds done with sheep? I have a bunch of New Zealand sheep skin that I plan on making into vests. (A couple a la Clint)
  6. Nice! Like the stamping. Cool use of basketweave stamps!
  7. I have seen the original (or a direct copy of it) in the museum on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt and as I recall, this was better than twenty years ago, it was stitching for the lining and not a toe plug. They had one of his Winchesters and a Peacemaker on display also. I was ships company and went there every chance I got. It was only open when we were in port and special occasions.
  8. Sling/Cuff combo

    I had the '94 in .357 and I now have one in .45 LC but the '95 would have been awesome.
  9. All the photos I have seen of originals the carving wasn't very deep, not even the Meana's but still pretty intricate and apparently not many tools used either.
  10. I used Oxblood one time to stain a set of pistol grips. They came out...interesting. After about two months they darkened but still looked bright. It also seems that they changed the formula since the early 80's. I understood at the time that there were carcinogens in the original formula. The newer formula seems to be a bit brighter. I preferred the darker. Could just be my imagination.
  11. Does anyone know of a U.S. distributor of these dyes? The colors are extremely vibrant.
  12. I have a quart bottle of Resolene that I bought years ago...I have yet to use any, LOL. I am a creature of habit, I finish with EVOO and neutral shoe polish. I prefer a muted luster instead of a shine. I used Super Sheen for years as well as Neat Lac. I stopped after one bad experience, my own fault, I turned a gunbelt over before the Neat Lac had dried and ruined the finish. That was thirty plus years ago. Still have the belt and I still see the spot...
  13. Many years ago when I first started leatherworking, I made a holster and dyed it with a antique stain. The thing is, it came out a dark wine/purple shade. I have yet to find this shade again in 35 years. I have a feeling the gent in the shop where I first started, (the base hobby shop at NATTC Memphis, TN) may have mixed several partial containers of antique stain as a cost cutting measure. I have come fairly close by mixing Oxblood dye to Mahogany antique finish. Kind of odd, but it worked.
  14. I have made both walnut and vinegaroon . Fortunately black walnut trees line the roads here so that isn't a problem. I reduced my dye each time I make a batch, then combine and reduce again. I get a nice, even medium brown when brushed and a bit darker when immersed.
  15. Never even thought about this. Will have to try it.