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  1. Thank you ScoobyNewbie. The group leader came up with it.
  2. It's a barrel rest for 4H shotgun shooters. The barrel end rests on the empty space while they're waiting to shoot then the magnet holds to the barrel so they can pick it up easily and put it in their pocket when it's their turn to shoot. Just a first prototype. I plan to add another layer with a cutout for the magnet so it's not so obvious.
  3. My daughter bought a knife for her boyfriend at the renaissance fair and decided to make him a sheath for Christmas. Her total time in it was about 24 hrs. She really has a talent for carving. I can't wait to see how her work improves from here.
  4. A pretty bit of awesome!
  5. Thanx everyone for your comments. I think I'm going to try a dopp kit next, work on my stitching skills some more.
  6. Wow! Hopefully, one day I can do this good. Excellent work!
  7. This is my second project in a couple years. Should have checked the template against some actual cards cause it ended up too small. Well, live and learn! Also, messed up on setting the stitch holes along the bottom, but all in all pretty pleased with the project. Gonna try again but make my own template this time! Let me know what you think.
  8. New from Michigan

    Thanx DJole, Yes, my stitching needs work (practice). I'm working on a card holder now. Post some pics when I get it done.
  9. Jill of All Trades - Greetings from 78666

    I went to your instagram page. Lots of very nice work. You're very talented.
  10. I really like that tri and tri again weave! 8-)
  11. Dragon figure carving

    'Jaw drops'
  12. Viking raiders WIP