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  1. Nice work again as usual, looks good on the bike. David
  2. I live in Amarillo and it's pretty nice to be able to go there because they would let me go through the stack and pick what I wanted. They are good people and I've always been treated well by them. David
  3. Great work as always benlilly, love the colors. David
  4. That looks really good, some of the best stuff happens when you have an idea and work it through the process. I like the colors also. When I first saw it on the bike I thought it didn't really go well but it grows on you. Nice work and thanks for posting the Picts of it on the bike. David
  5. Looks good, I liked the video also. David
  6. Looks sharp David
  7. That looks really sharp with good detail to it. I would have to try it before I rode with it on, (fogging up glasses),but you did a great job on it. Thanks for posting it. David
  8. That is nice work. The pictures were also well done. Good job. David
  9. I think they came out pretty good for a first pair. I don't know about a keeper, it wouldn't be hard to rig up but I would wear them for a while and see if the strap curls too much or catches on stuff first. Thanks for posting them. David
  10. Go to a hobby shop and get some of the foam sheets that kids cut up to make stuff out of it comes in about paper size sheets and about a 1/16 thick and sandwich it between the strap and lining. David
  11. I have a bag I made that sits on the back fender of my dyna a couple of years ago. It has eaten into the paint a little in a few places don't know if it is all the vinagroon or if some of it is dirt rubbing because it is always on the bike in any weather. I thought I had neutralized it all but maybe not. If I did it again I would have lined the back with felt. Hope this helps some. David
  12. Nice work, those should look great on the bike David
  13. That's some real nice work, thanks for posting it. David
  14. Nice looking, like the coloring and tooling design. Good job David