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  1. Skull solo seat

    Nice work as always looks great. David
  2. Solo "Custom Choppers"

    Great work thanks for posting it David
  3. motorbike leather to backpack remake

    Good job reusing something and looks nice. David
  4. Collar and straps

    Nice looking work, dobie collars look great but I really like that yellow thread on the black . David
  5. Looking for door hanging sleigh bell pattern

    I like those they look really good and it's neat your using something you already had. David
  6. Looking for door hanging sleigh bell pattern

    Couple years ago I took some about 2-3 in wide by about 8-9 inches long scraps and put some of the bells that you can get from Michaels or other craft shop punched some holes and used some leather lace to attach the bells and then left it hanging. I forgot how to shrink pictures so I can't put them on but I just had 2 holes for each bell took the lace and knotted it started at the top from behind and laced the bell on and then back thru the second hole to the back came out for the next bell then back thru the second hole until the bells were on then I left the lace hanging below the leather. To make the hole for the door knob just punch a hole the size of the narrow part of the door handle where it will set. Then make a slit on the top and bottom of the whole so it will fit over the handle. Make sure you end the slits with a punch so the leather doesn't split. I just dyed mine but you could stamp or paint whatever you wanted on them. Hope this helps. David
  7. I looked at it and agree with Halitech on the eyelet and carrying it on a key chain like that it will fall out or either bend the end up or worse get something in it. If it's not an important flash drive you could put a little rubber cement on it when you put it together and that should help keep the drive in the holster but then you would have to leave it in there all the time. That means you have to either take it off the keychain or have your keys plugged into the computer. At least you would always know where your keys are. Another idea would be to make it set deeper in the pocket and have it hang from the other end so it doesn't try to fall out. Just some ideas. I do congratulate you on designing something yourself that is really great so keep it up. David
  8. 3 parts seat for Harley

    Nice work again as usual, looks good on the bike. David
  9. Panhandle Leather Co. Amarillo, Texas

    I live in Amarillo and it's pretty nice to be able to go there because they would let me go through the stack and pick what I wanted. They are good people and I've always been treated well by them. David
  10. BJ's Solo Seat

    Great work as always benlilly, love the colors. David
  11. New Softail Deluxe Swingarm Bag

    That looks really good, some of the best stuff happens when you have an idea and work it through the process. I like the colors also. When I first saw it on the bike I thought it didn't really go well but it grows on you. Nice work and thanks for posting the Picts of it on the bike. David
  12. First order: biker's makeup bag

    Looks good, I liked the video also. David
  13. Wristlet handbag

    Looks sharp David
  14. Riding Mask - Your thoughts

    That looks really sharp with good detail to it. I would have to try it before I rode with it on, (fogging up glasses),but you did a great job on it. Thanks for posting it. David