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  1. thanks
  2. Hi the only thing that I have is the Oil box I have it on my 7-5 and it is not the correct one for that machine.
  3. And 91611 and 91603 For 91612 Guide Holder Bracket 45K56, 58, 66, 67, 70 and 89
  4. Thanks for getting back to me, the items I am interested in are the following 91576 2 each Feed Dog 91053 Shuttle Race Cap Spring 45K56, 58,and 89 thread guides and screws Thread guides and screws 45K21, 25, 56, 63, 78, 89 and others 82503 Tension assembly 45K21, 25, 56, 63, 78, 89 and others 82502 Tension assembly 45K21, 25, 56, 63, 78, 89 and others This assembly functions, but the SS317 stud needs brazing and re-threading. Thanks
  5. Last image not of my machine but the same as mine just to show the foot.
  6. Original part numbers as per parts book but has been smoothed for leather. I need a standard feed dog to do canvas work. Feed dog part number is
  7. Hi looking for feed dogs and presser feet for a Singer 45k89 cylinder bed with a skip foot and reverse. Thanks
  8. Hi Its a long time since you posted but is there any chance you still have the feed dogs and other 45k89 parts. Thanks