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  1. A little of my work

    Beautiful work , do you happen to have a pattern you could share with us ?
  2. Thanks for the link. Cheers Bri
  3. Singer 99K

    I don,t know much about them that's why I asked if they were suitable. Cheers Bri
  4. Singer 99K

    Acton in Wrexham mate - small world init Cheers Bri
  5. Singer 99K

    Thanks for the replies everyone - the 31 - 15 seems to be quite rare over here in the UK but the rest of the models you have mentioned are readily available, I will be asking a service agent about purchasing a machine one day next week. Thanks again Bri
  6. Singer 99K

    Is the singer 99 k a good buy for a beginner wanting to make lightweight wallets , purses and such - I actually enjoy sewing heavy weight leather by hand " I find it relaxing " What kind of thickness or weight of leather would it cope with - 3 layers of 2 oz ? and are they easy to maintain. Cheers Bri
  7. Free Patterns - Bags Purses And Hats

    mine arrived today, many thanks Bri
  8. Free Patterns - Bags Purses And Hats

    As I am just starting making bags, every little helps, so yes please If you could send a copy to I would be very grateful. Cheers Bri
  9. The Newbie From Newquay

    Hi and welcome from err Wrexham in north wales small world eh really like the artwork on the cuffs truly impressive . Cheers Bri
  10. Barbour Linen Thread

    As a guide I would use 18 / 3 waxed thread for a standard sheath made from 1/16" leather 1/4 total thickness, 18 /4 for anything heavier, 25 / 3 or smaller for light weight leather. Cheers Bri
  11. Barbour Linen Thread

    A guide to british thread sizes, I hope this helps. Cheers Bri How Thread Sizes are calculated: No.1 yarn is 1 pound of flax spun to a length of 300 yards. No.2 yarn is 1 pound of flax spun to a length of 600 yards. And thus; No.18 yarn is 1 pound of flax spun to a length of 5,400 yards. Taking for example a 18/3 thread: The "3" refers to the number of yarns that have been plied together. The "18" indicates that it takes 5,400 yards of such yarn to weigh a pound. It can be seen why bigger numbers mean smaller thread -- the thinner the yarns, the more of them it takes to make a pound. In conclusion. A 25/3 thread is made of three yarns, each made from 1 pound of flax spun out to 7,500 yards and then twisted together.
  12. New Member

    Thanks for the kind words. Bri
  13. New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Crystal, I have just visited your web site and you have some artwork to DIE for, If I may ask how long did it take you to get to that standard ? this was the first piece I carved I would very much like to have your opinion Many thanks Brian
  14. New Member

    Hi everyone, Just a quick hello from across the pond - Wrexham North WALES to be precise not far from LIVERPOOL. I sort of grew into leather work after making a bushcraft knife which then needed a sheath to be made, now there are only so many knives that you need so I then started to make shoulder bags and belt bags, as you can see my hobby just GREW. I am sure that I will discover much more to make by reading the forum, Cheers Bri
  15. Veg Tan Hide Suppliers In Uk?

    Hi everyone, I find that le prevo are very slow to dispatch goods, the Identity store is much quicker and I have had a lot of good quality leather from this ebay seller they will also cut leather to size if they are able to Hope this helps, cheers Bri