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  1. Beautiful work! How do you keep the bible inside? Are there book flaps? How much bigger than the bible is the cover? Any templates or basic measurements and layout steps you would share to a beginner?
  2. Those are quite beautiful. I made my first pair and I love them but being made out of veg tan leather they are quite stiff. What leather do you use and what sort of process or treatment of the leather? (obviously not veg tan ...) Do you have any recommendations on how to make my veg tan more supple and less stiff?
  3. I have ben trying to post a photo but short of that (since I cannot seem to be able to do that from my iPad) here is what I have. It is an ALVIN Cutting Mat # GM1218. No idea what it's made of though.
  4. I have a green self-healing cutting board and an Al Stohlman head knife (which I love). But cutting leather seems so hard for sme reason. I know my knife is sharp and cuts quite easily when I cut freehand without the cutting board by holding the leather off the table. But when I use the cutting board it seems like maybe the knife digs in too deal and does not slide. Am I using a wrong cutting board? If so, what should I be using? If it is ok then what am I doing wrong that makes e cutting so hard?
  5. According to the Al Stohlman "Art of Hand Sewing Leather" you would backstitch two holes and then cut the threads off close. Then you are done.
  6. I don't know what a gunn style glove is but this web page is he mot extensive collection of glove data I have yet seen: http://www.florilegium.org/files/ACCESS/glovs-mittns-lnks.html
  7. Measurements and photos would be great.
  8. Greetings from The Colony. Glad to see other leathercrafters nearby.
  9. I tried to download the pattern and the link says the file is no longer available. Can you repost it?
  10. Awesome write up! Thanks for sharing.
  11. These look quite nice. What kind of leather did you use for the uppers? I made a pair with veg tan which was pretty easy to work with but is not as soft and comfortable as I would like. DId you use chrome tan? oil tan? What is the proper choice for these sort of mocs? Also, did you use pre-stained leather or did you dye your own?
  12. Do you have a list to the post with the Fred Moreau pattern? I tried to search and came up with nothing. Thanks.
  13. Definitely a nice piece! What do the edges of the triangle measure in inches?
  14. I actually made a pair of boots using the seamlyne design. I posted my pics in another forum posting: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=47597. Check them out and let me know what you think.