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  1. Made this for a friend, I believe at the cigar store they wanted 20 to 25 dollars for case. Took a piece of 3 ounce veg tan ,dyed, stitch and said happy birthday.
  2. Messenger bag

    Thank you the pattern gave you alot of different options, I made 4 so far and they all are different.
  3. Thanks, a piece of leather left over from messenger bag,
  4. Personal project wallet!

    I can tell that great work is coming, very nice , I really like it,
  5. Hawkman

    Very nice, I have to learn that technique, and do something on portfolio
  6. Outer shell 4oz oil tan, inner 3 oz veg tan, .8mm thread. Sprayed contact glue on pieces and lined
  7. Leather Satchel

    That is a lovely bag, when I make messenger bags it seems that a few stitches get astray but that doesn't take anything away from the over all look,and as I said it's lovely
  8. Briefcase using Wickett and Craig

    Very nice,simple,eloquent, beautifully made, that's what I strive for but I'd difficult to accomplish
  9. I have the cowboy 227r ,you bought the right model, the 3200 would of been the correct one. I play around and practice sewing with the cowboy, but i just don't feel in control. I would have to hold bag up in the air to sew because of the table.
  10. I have a cowboy but never use it, a waste of money in my case. I sew everything by hand
  11. My friend wanted a wallet with just 2 pockets, and fold money in between and use a band to hold wallet closed
  12. Messenger bag

    The pattern,and instructions are great well worth the money, and as I did it's way to change pattern,from zipper pocket to flap, and instead of big front pocket I added 2 small pockets. There is 40 pages of instructions and pattern.
  13. Messenger bag

    Okay I just didn't want to break any rules I it's attache case by K.E. Hockenberry, and it's 40 pages long and if I can do anyone can, the instructions are awesome, you print out the pattern then tape them together, I then used oak pattern paper to make a real good pattern.the best attache case pattern I found. http://www.bighousedaddy.com/
  14. I got the pattern for messenger bag from K.E. Hockenberry it's 43 pages long, I just changed the pattern to suit me. The information is well done and you can use the basic pattern and change it up to make it different. The best one I found.

  15. Messenger bag

    I apologize for just one picture, I erased the other pics, I found this pattern on line ,the pattern came with over 20 some pages and made this bag easy to make, on the back of back is a 3 inch flap with snaps for back pocket. I don't know if am allow to tell where I got pattern, if you seen my other bag then you can seen how I altered the pattern.