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  1. I found the seller his ebay name is bsktcas and I paid 35 dollars for a 43 inch skin. His skins a tanned perfect.best price I know of.

  2. Im on vacation but when I get a chance I'll tell you which ebay seller to get your skin, I pay about 30 for a 35 inch skin which is 4 inches wide. 

  3. I bought the cowboy 227 because the leather I work with is less then half inch and I do canvass, the main reasons is the dealer is 5 miles away and being that I am new to sewing that was the big plus. The machine works great and the dealer spent 2 hours showing me how to use the machine. Good warranty and I don't have to ship a 80 pound machine in if the machine needs repaired
  4. Very nice
  5. That seat is really nice, i want to do mine sometime and if it is half as nice as yours I'll be pleased
  6. I put in a welt as thick as thickest part of blade, the knife fits snug, thanks for information on barry king tool, I will get one.
  7. Made this knife sheath for my old kabar that I use to dig up the ground when metal detecting, I tried a new stamp and as you can see I need a lot of practice.
  8. Made this knife sheath for my old kabar that I use to dig up the ground when metal detecting, I tried a new stamp and as you can see I need a lot of practice.
  9. That's a great machine, I bought the 227 a few weeks ago, I been practicing on old belt strips, I hope you are having as much fun as I am. Instead of using the bobin winder I took the shaft and put it on cordless drill and wound 6 bobins,the drill works fast and I don't have to mess with the bobin winder, it's a personal choice.
  10. Thank you for the comments much appreciated
  11. Here is a old belt strip that I practiced on 5 mm thick,I made a groove and followed it.i never sewed in my life so for a 72 year old man im pretty happy with the results. The machine is so quiet and smooth, of course im going pretty slow. Thanks to this forum im able to get the information I need to do this. For belts,holsters, and bags this is all the machine I need. The set up was nothing, only thing to adjust was tension. I will say that the manual could be a lot better, im told that most manuals leave something to be desired.
  12. That's the wallet he had and wanted the same thing, in the pictures I hadn't finish the edge
  13. The person wanted a thin wallet with money clip on the out side with just two pockets on the inside
  14. Baseball batting gloves, easy to handle thread and good for picking up small tools.
  15. Finally after much research I bought cowboy 227 from neils saddlery, never sewed before Ryan spent 3 hrs walking me through the process of threading and sewing. I went home had some young strong kids carry everything in basement and set it up and sewed some leather, changed bobbin thread and sewed some more. No more hand sewing messenger bags for me. Everything went well thanks to Ryan at neils saddlery spending so much time with me, it paid off because I was able to get the machine up and running. I have to admit I for got to install the belt at first okay I made some mistakes.