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  1. My latest belt

    That is a very nice belt, I made a hundred belts , but that belt you made is special in my opinion.
  2. Holster and Gun Belt

    A very wonderful piece of work. That friend of yours will think of you each time he wears that rig.
  3. Ok,next project and will post
  4. Nice job, my daughter wants one for her dog, that’s my next project, again very well done
  5. New Tool from Recycled Sofa and file handle hardware

    Very nice,I’ll make me a pair,thanks for posting
  6. Thanks for the post keep them coming, I will copy some
  7. Very nice, one day I’ll try to make one
  8. Very nice, good design,nice color.
  9. Portfolio

    Here is another picture, the color is wrong, first pictures color was ok. I purposely dyed portfolio that way to get that effect, it looks really nice, the photo doesn’t do it justice
  10. This portfolio was done with 2 -3 oz veg tan with mahogany stain, I was going to throw it away but wife wanted it. Lightly pricked the holes but the problem was I prick top layer with holes leaning left bottom leather holes leaned opposite, so when inserting the awl the hole spacing changed. Inside ok outside the holes got closer together making the thread smaller. Thread .08 mm. Posting mistakes may help others. Next time I’ll punch all the way through, I just wanted to make sure spacing was same on both sides, oh well I glue the front and back with cry spray
  11. Thank you Rockoboy, I really appreciate the comment, I am not very good at following messenges, you have more interest then me, by the way how’s the fishing down there
  12. Crc spray on contact glue causes no mess, like any contact glue it sticks well, don't buy cheap contact glue, 3m works well. No brushing and trying to get glue to the edges. Just spray and put together.
  13. I bought 20 sq.ft. of 3 oz. Alligator print leather and made a belt with 6 oz. Veg. Tan leather. Used crc spray adhesive which works great. The edges of the print leather can't be slicked down so I edged dyed then used mod podge which I then sanded and edge dyed again to get smooth edges.sewed with .8 mm tiger thread.