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    Leather working, my family, my horses,life and friends.

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    figure carving and i'm still learning.
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    leather carving and crafting
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    web search for stamping pattern tutorial
  1. Camo Guitar Strap

    awesome, i wish they still carried that leather print.
  2. One Ear Headstall

    Thank you sir! that's exactly what i was looking for
  3. Pattern for a cue case

    same problem here, the pdf is only partial, and the rest nothing will open them.
  4. for resist RTC is the best one that i have found. it doesnt take long to dry. i put a moderate coat on this, waited one hour and covered it with purple hiliter. this was the result.
  5. Basket Weave Arrow

    love this tutorial, finally i understand how to do the arrow. thank you
  6. yep, money order is a bit scary. good luck to the purchaser.

    cant wait for the web site to be up and running!

    YAY, i can see it now great idea michael
  9. Mexican Round Braid Tutorial

    THANK YOU CHIEF!!! you have no idea how valuable these are to new comers. and thank you so much for taking the time and caring enough to create them and to put them back up on you tube. you should not be apologizing to us.. the idiots that made the negative comments should be apologizing to you! it takes all kinds Ken, even the ones that make a hobby out of trying to put others down to cover up there own inadequacies. Thank you so much for being the kind of person you are and sharing your great talent and knowledge with those of us who appreciate you. Jan
  10. Mexican Round Braid Tutorial

    GAH!!! Ken, you removed your videos?? HELP!!! I didn't get to do the lacing yet. just starting it today and the videos are gone!! Please put them back?
  11. Mexican Round Braid Tutorial

    i tried for the first time the double loop lacing...............only to find out that there is a right side and wrong side to start on. naturally i started on the wrong side oh well, it still looks really good. today i'm going to try another trucker wallet and use your tutorial to do it,. when i get it right i'll start on the custom roper wallet. it's my first from scratch wallet.
  12. Mexican Round Braid Tutorial

    this is awesome, it just so happens that i have to do this on a roper wallet and i've never done it before and had no clue how. Thank you soooooooooo much Ken!
  13. Doodling Practice

    here's the second try at it:
  14. Doodling Practice

    thank you for the tips, i'll try that next time.