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  1. Alternates to Leather

    how do you drive a kiwi crazy? put him in a round room and tell him to sit in the corner!
  2. site chat

    the site used to run one but due to some kind of issues they had to shut down. We were supposed to get another one and it never happened so I set one up on my site http://darylsleather.com/chat/ Once you enter, just click on where it will say Guestxxx and you can change your name
  3. site chat

    I'll be in later as well.
  4. or, if you have a food sealer, do as above (tacking isn't as needed) then seal in a bag for a day. The leather will still be wet when you take it out, but it will be stretched out and formed nicely. Only thing to watch out for is it will end up with a "pebble" pattern but, I kinda like it.
  5. as long as it's kept sealed, it should last a long time. I used to dye pieces after to get a little darker but I started using black shoe polish, only takes a moment and it's something the customer can do as well later.
  6. Guitar Strap For a Big Guy- Advice Needed

    for the length, best option would be to get a measurement of the one he's using now For the backing, depends on what types of music he plays. If he is constantly moving it around, you probably want it smooth. If he's the stand still type, either way will be fine. Padding probably wouldn't be a bad idea but if you go with a 2.5" strap, may not be needed. If you want to put customized info on the inside, then you will need to line it with thin veg tan so might as well pad it.
  7. site chat

    few of us are in chat tonight, come join us http://darylsleather.com/chat/
  8. Hello and Goodbye

    If you would like to get to know some of the other members on a more personal and more informal setting, we do have a chat room set up as well where some of us get together and chat/rant/ask for help and not just about leather http://darylsleather.com/chat/
  9. Hello and Goodbye

    sadly you are right. You need thick skin around here and to figure out who to ignore and let their comments slide off your back
  10. What is your suggestion?

    if the posts are long enough, I'd say a glove snap would work but they usually work best on thinner leather. Sam Brown button stud could be uncomfortable on the leg. Maybe velcro?
  11. Bible cover

    They usually start out feeling very tight but over time, they do work loose. That's why I only use them on the top of things when they hang down so the natural tendency is top fall closed. If you had put it on the front, it would have also made it awkward to lay when open and made reading harder. Hopefully it will stay tight and not give the owner any issues.
  12. Sanitize

    being leather is/was a living creature, leather is porous so it's not easy to sanitize. Best you could hope for would be to completely dip the item in something like tan kote multiple times to seal it and then they could try to wipe it with a sanitizer. I'd do a test before selling any products though.
  13. Bible cover

    only thing that "looks" wrong to me is the way you have the closure clasp. When it's standing up on a bookshelf, the clasp will be a position with a tendency to fall open.
  14. Long Wallet

    beautiful. Any chance of seeing the inside?
  15. Bag closure - help

    I've used these on some belt bags I've made using a similar set up https://www.tandyleather.ca/en/product/strap-loops-w-plate-nickel-plate