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  1. What thread would I use to line a gun belt ?

    what thread do you normally use to sew things together?
  2. bonded will have a white fabric on the back from what I have seen while genuine doesn't. Granted I don't have a lot of experience with either so if that's not a way to tell, I wait for someone to explain it
  3. Roper Wallet

    nice job on your lacing and the serpentine border. You did pretty good on keeping the tri-weave straight but you can see areas where it's off a bit once you hit the edges. The tri-weave is a bugger to keep on track.
  4. Guitar Strap for my Brother's Birthday

    Let me see if I can explain it better. Instead of having the buckle attached to the body, attach it to the end of the tail and then put the adjustment tail on the main body of the strap. Like this one. That way, everything hangs down naturally, not flopping over and down like yours will once the leather starts softening up
  5. Okay, I'm not getting it

    Now you've gone and done it Jeff, you forgot about the pansexual and asexual in your alphabet soup When I was a kid (and no, we won't go into how long ago that was), you were either a boy, a girl or you were gay. Now, there are more letters in that alphabet soup then you can shake a stick at. It's no wonder the kids growing up today need safe spaces to retreat to when someone says something they don't like, words hurt them more then sticks and stones do and they grow up confused from the time they are born. Oh, and transgendered means they were born with a stick shift but feel like they should have a slot machine which is supposedly different then being a guy and being gay :shrug:
  6. Gun holster

    I'm not an expert on holsters but I think you'll find the holster will loosen up because the stitch line should be closer to the gun. Any chance of seeing the backside? with the mag holder, I would have added a back piece to protect the ribs from being dug from the end of the clip
  7. Fire department radio pouch

    Nice work and design. 2 things I noticed though. 1, the mic strap should be up higher to the shoulder so they don't need to unclip it to talk and 2. When doing the name, you pressed too hard on the arbour press handle because you can see the square from around the letter.
  8. Guitar Strap for my Brother's Birthday

    looks better then some of my first ones. A suggestion though, turn the adjustment buckle around so the tail hangs down instead of pointing up. It's a small thing but from what I've seen on most others, that's the way they have it. I don't use buckles but works the same on the same brown studs I use for adjustment.
  9. top coat for natural veg tanned color and strength

    the reason your belts aren't being protected is because NF oil is NOT a protectant. It's to put oil back into leather that has been dyed or wet molded and has lost moisture. Nigel (I think it was him) did a test on multiple finishes, both for water resistance and color change (if I remember right) and resolene was the best option of the products he tested. Resolene also has the benefit of blocking most UVA/UVB rays so it prevents the most effects of being in natural light. Most finishes won't protect the shape, stitching the edges will help some though.
  10. L Fold Wallet

    I do the same, hides 1 set of card slots and allows me to make 1 or 2 ID windows, depending on what the customer wants
  11. My new zodiac set

    what would a full set of these cost if a person was so inclined to order them?
  12. Bracelet finish/treatment

    if you put the resolene on then antique, there won't be anything to keep the antique from rubbing off so you will end up with a hack of a mess (I hope they don't wear them with the wedding dresses) so you need to put something over the antique. Normally, supershene is the finish of choice before applying antique. far as the back side, if I'm not dying them, all I do is apply sno-off or a wax mixture I have and melt it in with a heat gun. Prevents the sweat from your skin penetrating very much (you will be hard pressed to make the leather completely waterproof)
  13. Dip dying is a good idea. I will sometimes use an airbrush but I find if I go in a circular motion instead of straight lines, I don't get as streaky of a job. You could have "beefed" up the protection factor by putting a liner of foam between the liner and the outside. I use kitchen drawer liner on some of my items. It's about 1/8" thick and soft so you can double it up if you want/need to.
  14. If you are using oil tanned leather, it's pre-dyed so you aren't going to need to dye it so therefore no buffing extra dye off
  15. Decided to use a few parts that were given to me by my parents old friend. The leather is 2-3 oz which is why I lined it with the mission grain pigskin. I couldn't believe how easy it was to install the segma snaps. It was like I breathed on them and they were installed. Compared to the tandy pieces I've used, these ones are a dream to work with, shame they are no longer made like this. The leather is new, everything else was from the 60 year old stuff