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  1. Belt Pattern Question from a Newb

    I'm no expert on WWE/WWF belts but looks to me like they used a beveller and a background/matting tool to do the interior
  2. outdoor stuff

    outdoor gear
  3. If you haven't started yet, when you make your pattern, make the back piece higher where the knife will be sitting. It won't interfere with taking the knife out, but your side will thank you every time you move
  4. site chat

    I gave up on the irc chat so I talked to my hosting provider and I've got a php chat site running https://darylsleather.com/chat/ Not linked to user names here obviously but you can change your name after entering the room.
  5. Rifle butt stock cover

    The one I just started (as well as one I finished the other day) are both made from 6-7 veg and lined with 4oz "designer" leather. I put about 1/4" of foam shelf liner in between for padding. Will give me about a 10oz overall thickness. 14oz does seem pretty heavy, I have some here that I use for belts after splitting them down to the max my splitter will handle.
  6. Rifle butt stock cover

    I'm doing a cobra style so wouldn't be able to do a slider really but might just do another 8 loops on it. Thinking a belt pouch as well with a flap covering the bullets.
  7. Rifle sling

    step by step of a custom ordered rifle sling
  8. Rifle butt stock cover

    @Stetson912 I'm hoping. I'm debating on putting a set of cartridge loops on it but might be over kill with the loops on the butt cover
  9. Rifle butt stock cover

    Looks like I may have started something in a few minds I'm about to start on a sling with the same pattern to make a set
  10. Rifle butt stock cover

    would be a sight to see for sure lol
  11. Rifle butt stock cover

    Finished off another rifle stock butt cover. Made from 6oz veg tanned leather, dyed Chestnut in color. Feathers are hand drawn and tooled. End is hand stitched to cover the back of the stock. Has 9 loops to hold rifle shells in the 30-30, .303 range size. 7.62 will also fit but very tight. I also used the tandy lace cutter to make the lace from some 4oz drum dyed black leather I had kicking around.
  12. Basket weave

    you could be right, I know I have seen someone do this pattern without any other tools and I haven't seen the mini5 you are talking about so not sure how it would look if he got off alignment.
  13. Basket weave

    look at the areas I've circled, to me those look like knife marks
  14. Basket weave

    sure is but it looks great when you can do it right (which is why I'm not touching it lol)
  15. Basket weave

    swivel knife, a ruler and a beveler if you look closely, you can see the knife marks on some of the ends where it meets the cross piece