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  1. then your only option is veg tanned leather strips http://springfieldleather.com/Belt-Strip-Long-1-1-2-in-5pk http://springfieldleather.com/1-2-Wide-2-Import-Veg-Straps_5
  2. are you planning on tooling or dying them or are you looking for something pre-finished so you just have to add buckles and cut holes? you will pay more for pre-cut strips and it doesn't take that much room to cut your own
  3. if you want to use a client, it's irc.freenode.com #leatherworker
  4. The photo albums would have plastic pages to hold the photos which would prevent the photos from contacting the leather. Plus, it's probably lined as well 95%+ leather that is colored, is chrome tanned. Only veg tanned leather will take the water needed to stamp names, etc. You can do a gold foil stamp or heat stamp but you would be needing a new stamp for each customer and they aren't cheap
  5. looks good and I'm sure she will love it. Few items to watch for though 1. a large amount of the letters show the square around them so you either pressed too hard or leather was too wet when stamping 2. on the border at the top right and bottom left, you have 4 on the bottom and 5 at the top. Minor thing but noticable. 3. top left edge, you can see where you got very close to the edge and it has become distorted Overall, really nice job and you should be proud of it. It took me almost 3 years before I would even try sheridan style so you are ahead of me in that way
  6. mom will love it image didn't come through but pretty sure she'll still love it because you made it for her
  7. Using Freds directions (before he posted them) is the way I did this case. Needle nose pliers came in really handy for the bottom and about half of the sides until I could get my fingers on the needle properly. I have the plans done up for another that I'm going to do a strap and latch type of closure.
  8. just to throw another idea in the mix, what about a closure with a button stud or snap?
  9. @monkeyy try picking up a few of the refillable dye pens from tandy. I grabbed 2 and filled 1 with black for doing that type of work and it is a heck of a lot easier then using a paint brush, no matter how small.
  10. look up Studio-N here on the board. He makes them out of delrin so price is good and I've got a few that work fine with my press
  11. not sure what to do with you kiwi lol
  12. It's exactly like our skin. Only difference is only PETA complains when a cow is killed and has their skin used to make something we need
  13. looks good except the rivets not matching the clasps but I have the same issue finding matching rivets. Kiwi you still haven't made that card case?
  14. they do and the manager actually encourages them to work with and use the equipment and finishes during work hours. Most days I go in and someone is working on tooling something or dying or building. Far as I'm concerned, you can't know the product if you don't use it and the manager here feels the same way. And I know it's fashionable to bash on Tandy but honestly, I've not had the issues up here that most have and maybe it's a Canadian thing Not everyone has the advantage of being able to get business or wholesale accounts with the big guys though.