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  1. Decided to use a few parts that were given to me by my parents old friend. The leather is 2-3 oz which is why I lined it with the mission grain pigskin. I couldn't believe how easy it was to install the segma snaps. It was like I breathed on them and they were installed. Compared to the tandy pieces I've used, these ones are a dream to work with, shame they are no longer made like this. The leather is new, everything else was from the 60 year old stuff
  2. if you have any doubts, pick up or use a small air brush and spray on thin layers and then you shouldn't have to worry about it
  3. it doesn't "eat" the dye but if you don't let it dry really well and buff it till your arm falls off, it will move the pigment around that is sitting on top of the leather
  4. I'm there and awake now
  5. different tanneries, different weights, different areas of different hides will all react differently. Best you can hope for if you are dying yourself will be close.
  6. I have the log letter craftaid as well. This stuff is a treasure trove of patterns and things
  7. I've got an email into the local tandy dealer to see if he can find out when it may have been sold for sure. If they can verify it, I may put it on ebay and see what I can get out of it for the unused one
  8. how much for 5 of the black bellies with shipping to nova scotia canada?
  9. I have 2 more of the liners plus a bunch of craftaids designed for that size wallet. There was also a craftaid for what looks like log letters in 3/4" size. I'll probably sell them in a show if I can
  10. and the original label the interior came with
  11. From the bag of goodies I had dropped off yesterday, the first item I decided to do. A 64 year old wallet interior from Tandy leather that had an original price tag of $1.20. I married it to a plain black back and did the Mexican round braid on the edges. Just wanted something basic to go along with the age :D
  12. Ahh okay was hard to make out so wasn't sure if it was a brand or your initial or what it was. I've made changes midway through a build as well and sometimes you have to and be damned the tooling you already have done
  13. very nice work and the natural color really looks good. Only suggestion would be to move the oval with the initial? up an inch or so so it's not hidden by the buckle.
  14. if you do a first burnish with just water, most dyes will still penetrate. Once you do it with gum trag, it's almost like sealing it with wax and you'll have a hard time getting it to dye.
  15. The oldest book I can find a date on is 1958. That was 13 years before I was even born lol There are also 4 different craftaids for wallets and 2 different 3/4" letters, 1 is even in log cabin style so I'm gonna have to try that one out I took a quick look and there is a swivel knife in there with 3 different blades, including 1 that looks like it's brass, a sharpener for the blades, an edge creaser and more. I'll get a pic tomorrow when I can lay things out on the table.