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  1. interesting. and no 2 seem alike so at least you wouldn't get bored doing them
  2. Continuing Stitch Line with New Thread

    what I do is leave enough thread that I can double up a few stitches after I start my next thread. It's basically like a modified backstitch where instead of backstitching, you go forward a few over the new thread
  3. that's upholstery thread. It's closer to a 46? or whatever the normal thread is for a household sewing machine. I've used it before in my brother machine and its great there for sewing jeans. But it's not really designed for heavier leather
  4. Tandy sells Journal refills, not sure if thats exactly what you are looking for or not. If you are interested in making the signatures yours (the actual groupings of pages), check this out and especially at the 3:00 mark
  5. site chat

    sorry to hear about the foal, not good when you lose any animal. Be safe on your travels and work.
  6. New Here... Simple Leather Wallet I made

    Mark already pointed out about the saddle stitching so I won't say any more on that. With your card slots, instead of punching holes at each end and joining them with a single cut, cut from both sides of the hole so you end up with a bigger spot to slide the cards in and out, will make it easier to get them in and out. You can also burnish them that way if using veg tanned leather.
  7. Show me your wallet

    I worked these up this morning, tried to reverse engineer the kits from tandy and slc as best I could
  8. Some will say no chrome tanned leather, some will say veg tanned will absorb water. If you are planning on tooling, it will have to be veg tanned. Steps I follow: cut out tool stain or dye resist if using antique antique oil apply top finish assemble Some will line them, some won't, your personal preference on that
  9. Streaking dye

    A lot of times I'll do the initial application using a 2" foam brush in a circular motion. Once everything is covered, I then do a heavy application in a straight line. let it dry then buff like mad. Usually end up with very minimal streaking that way
  10. Just a little curious...

    just turned 47 2 weeks ago
  11. Finishing Edges

    just happened to see the email notification come in and I was talking to the owner the other night about them and still had the link open I'm still learning as well
  12. Finishing Edges

    Since you are in Canada, check out Epic Leather Arts https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/590090935/leather-edge-burnisher-leather-burnisher?ref=shop_home_feat_1
  13. I need some ideas for weekend projects

    easy front pocket wallets, cuffs, comb cases, key fobs, belts? all depends on their attention level
  14. Show me your wallet

    The long wallet looks good but one thing I noticed is the middle section of pockets needs to be trimmed a little to make the edges even. The second pocket from the top is really sticking out. I would then burnish the edges as well.
  15. site chat

    the chat room is free and fast too and unlike Discord, it does not require anyone to install anything.