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  1. Halitech

    Am I the only one?

    Definitely not alone lol for the short one, could you convert it to a dangler style instead of tossing it?
  2. nice work on the holster and cool idea on the box. However, you overpaid for the box, I can get them here at the dollarstore for 2.50 lol
  3. Halitech

    Photo Demo: Making a Biker Wallet

    She didn't. it's pretty easy, just glue and stitch/lace it to the outside what do you mean it won't open all the way? Got a pic you can show us?
  4. Halitech

    Oil and dyes

    I usually oil after I've dyed and before I top coat with whatever finish I'm using. I normally use a cheap sponge brush that I buy at the dollar store, 6 brushes for $1.50. Put it on fairly heavy in a circular pattern then while it's still wet, do another application really heavy in a straight line. An airbrush will get it on more even but you are using less dye so it doesn't penetrate as deeply into the leather.
  5. Halitech

    Edge Paint on Glued Leather/Fabric

    There are products out there that are supposed to stop fraying but why pay extra for a special bottle when it's basically white glue. I've never lined a belt with fabric but I do what Matt suggests when I'm lining a wallet or bag, especially on the open sides.
  6. Halitech

    water based leather dye vs other dye

    Antique is for just that, to make it look like an antique or old. It should be used to highlight tooling and carving, not to dye an entire piece or work.
  7. Halitech

    Vacume Forming Leather Goods

    I have, works great. Only issue, if you want to call it that, is you are limited to the size of the bag as to how big a project you can do. The other thing you will notice, the inside of the bag has a pattern so that will be transferred to the leather. Front of the phone case was done with it, so was the magnesium firestarter holder on the knife sheath.
  8. interesting. and no 2 seem alike so at least you wouldn't get bored doing them
  9. Halitech

    Continuing Stitch Line with New Thread

    what I do is leave enough thread that I can double up a few stitches after I start my next thread. It's basically like a modified backstitch where instead of backstitching, you go forward a few over the new thread
  10. that's upholstery thread. It's closer to a 46? or whatever the normal thread is for a household sewing machine. I've used it before in my brother machine and its great there for sewing jeans. But it's not really designed for heavier leather
  11. Tandy sells Journal refills, not sure if thats exactly what you are looking for or not. If you are interested in making the signatures yours (the actual groupings of pages), check this out and especially at the 3:00 mark
  12. Halitech

    site chat

    sorry to hear about the foal, not good when you lose any animal. Be safe on your travels and work.
  13. Mark already pointed out about the saddle stitching so I won't say any more on that. With your card slots, instead of punching holes at each end and joining them with a single cut, cut from both sides of the hole so you end up with a bigger spot to slide the cards in and out, will make it easier to get them in and out. You can also burnish them that way if using veg tanned leather.
  14. I worked these up this morning, tried to reverse engineer the kits from tandy and slc as best I could
  15. Some will say no chrome tanned leather, some will say veg tanned will absorb water. If you are planning on tooling, it will have to be veg tanned. Steps I follow: cut out tool stain or dye resist if using antique antique oil apply top finish assemble Some will line them, some won't, your personal preference on that