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  1. Small Motor Pulley with 5/8" Bore?

    A 5/8" to 3/4" split sleeve will be the easiest and cheapest, something like this should work:{lpurl}&vt-pti=B984124&gclid=CjwKCAjwgvfOBRB7EiwAeP7ehnb0-cdZ96n2w5V9kOuP0vGrbdcj-r3SScS39p_CG9oVjP_CYp52kBoCYlMQAvD_BwE
  2. Smaller particles like shavings will have more surface area with rust, so if I had steel wool lying around it would have been faster. The springs I have are rather small and there are quite a few of them in there so I think it should be enough.. if not I still have plenty more I can use.
  3. Thanks Matthew! I can picture everyone in colder states than I leaving it in their cold garage or shed and getting minimal results even after a week. Hopefully mine will be ready before that, maybe even after I fail my chem final tonight
  4. This is a completely new idea to me so I decided to mix up a small batch to test on a few items I am working on. I just took about a half a liter of distilled white vinegar and added a handful of rusty springs. After about a half an hour I checked back in on it and no reaction or change at all seemed to be happening. I decided to up the temperature a bit to see if that helped and after about 2 minutes in a hot water bath the springs were covered in bubbles and gas was steadily being released. So as far as I can tell warmer conditions promote a more rapid result for making Vinegaroon. I might be wrong though considering this is my first time, I guess I could talk to my chemistry instructors but I loathe chemistry.
  5. Handlebar grips. How to ?

    One thing also to remember is that you will need to fit the right grip over a throttle sleeve of some sort, not just over the bar. It might be a good idea to purchase a set of grips for the bike, or get the existing grips and cover them. This will allow them to be uniform in size, as well as it can provide you with a nice chrome end cap to make everything look nice, just like wolvenstein's example.
  6. Hello from California

    I guess its time I stop lurking and introduce myself! I've been tooling off and on... well mostly off for 8 years. Most of my work has been for myself, a few thing here and there for friends co-workers. I work around Harley's and would love to get into making custom seats instead of just the tank panels I have been making lately. I need to work on my tooling a bit more first though. Hopefully I will get the motivation/ideas/assistance I need to grow as a leatherworker by being active on here. Here is a link to my deviantART site: andymanak's dA page -Andy