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  1. Remember, anything that can take off a finish is likely to be very bad for your health if you breathe it*..and is probably inflammable with a low flash point.. So..only do the "removing" outside, or in a well ventilated room, with a fan or similar set up to "suck" the vapour away from you.. Get a volatile solvents mask..3M do some good ones with cartridges, the cartridges are good for around 8 hours before you need to change them, you wont notice by any vapour smell that they need changing, so make a note of how much time you are using them , when not using them and the mask keep them in a sealed zip lock bog.. acetone is not an "alcohol spirit"..acetone and alcohol are not the same thing at all..
  2. Question about pricing

    My "assumption" was because you mentioned "wholesale", which only businesses are involved in..Hobbyists are not normally concerned about price, only businesses ( those of us who pay business taxes , and who declare our income to the IRS or the equivalent tax authorities etc ) "sell"..Anyone else "selling" what they make, is, in reality, simply undercutting the legit tax paying businesses that exist..There is a difference between "leatherworkers" ( those of us who work with leather ) and hobbyists..kinda like if when you worked "declared" ( officially ) in construction, someone next door is working "undeclared" ( unofficially ) and asks to know how much to charge , or how to calculate prices.. Inches are inches, square feet are square feet..the mathematics to calculate square footage or square inches , whether leather or lumber or concrete or drywall or cinder-block etc..what difference could there be, (it's like a pint of oil or a pint of milk, they are both the same volume , both pints ) ?
  3. Question about pricing

    Only if you are doing it wrong ;) The cost of "the labour" in many luxury leather items ( Vuitton or Hermès for example, and there are many many more in the "luxury", or "specialist leather" items "niche" ) is waaaaaaaaaay less than the final price, which many are willing to pay, and do pay.. Many of us here are running profitable businesses, being paid very well for "our labour" and our knowledge, imagination, expertise and talents..
  4. Question about pricing

    You measure the leather that you use to make the wallet..if you are measuring in inches, then you measure precisely the length and the width of each piece of leather that you used..( "minimalist" can mean many things ) ..You multiply the width by the length, do it for each piece..That gives you the number of square inches per piece..add them all up..Gives you the total number of square inches used.. A square foot is 12" x 12" = 144 sq inches.. So..you divide 144 by the total number of square inches that you used.. Tells you how many wallets you can make per square foot.. If you are paying $10 per square foot..you divide $10 by the number of wallets per square foot. Remember that not every square inch of every square foot is usable..nor is ever square inch of very hide..or piece of leather, but you are still paying for that "scrap"..so cost it in.. ( Surprised that anyone who is selling ( or doing this for a living / business ) is asking, this is really basic stuff..) Then you have to add all other overheads, light, heat , thread, wear and tear on equipment, wages, insurance etc etc .. edited..FredK types faster than I do.. ;) I forgot taxes ( both the taxes that you have to charge your customers , and the taxes that you'll pay on your earnings or business profits ) ..and any business taxes etc depending on where you are ..
  5. Question about pricing

    Your question makes no sense..( and not because of the typo ( we all make them :)) on "much" )
  6. A 31-39 is this model http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/model-list/images0-99/31-39.jpg The machine in your photo has a similar body, but not the same foot..it is a 31- something.. This page will help you to identify what it is http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/model-list/classes-1-99.html Note what it says about a 31-39.. HTH
  7. FS:- Babylock Destiny

    Ummm....not a leather machine, not at all.. You may have missed what the website here is called ? Leatherworker.net.. You said "Leather Inspirational Guide", But this kind of machine would have trouble with sewing / embroidering anything over a small amount of 1 mm lambskin..
  8. Wooden leather top stool

    Is n't "zero" the one where the house wins ?..I should know, having lived in Cannes and other parts of the Côte d'Azur where they have casinos, and even here in Brittany I'm only 4 kms from another, but have never set foot in one anywhere..Idea just does not appeal at all..
  9. The font style is probably one of the "Circus" types.. The "bump" at the waist would be what a signwriters brush would make as a decorative flourish by rotating the brush, and the same way would be used to make the "split serifs"..Lettering styles used in circuses and carnivals, and occasionally ( if the signwriter was talented ) on shop front work and lettering on glass..Back when I was signwriting I've done loads of variations on this sort of lettering, did a lot of circus trucks and trailers and fairground attractions, airbrushed the animals and the figures and then added these type of letters.. If you do have to hand letter them you'll need to use signwriters brushes ( long bristles ending in a chisel tip ), not pinstriping brushes..If they are going on belts, I presume the letters are between an inch and an inch and a half high ? and all caps ? If so, to outline the letters you'd want a "lark" brush ( signwriters brushes are named after the bird feathers that are / were used to make the ferule , that naming tradition still holds even for the modern ones with metal ferules )..Small birds, small brush size, big birds , big brush size.. If you are able to find an acceptable font, and can print it out ( adjusted for kerning ) onto tracing ( or thin paper ) you could transfer the outlines onto the belts by casing them a little and going over the tracing paper with a biro with no ink ( helps to restrain the colours inside the lines if there is a groove in the leather for the paint to "butt" up against, although you probably know this anyway :)..If ( big if ) you are anywhere near a "sign shop" that does vinyl lettering , they might know what the font is, and / or could make you a trace of exactly what you need ( and to size ) on their plotter..With a trace and a biro outline, you should be able to do all the lettering on a belt in an hour or so each one, could be worse, they could have asked for a painted design or picture illustration inside each letter..like painting miniatures ;)..or they could have asked for a "drop shadow" to the bottom/right side of each letter..That is real fun :) Examples of some "circus style" fonts ( you'll see why I think it is a "circus style" ) on some of these pages .. https://creativemarket.com/blog/circus-fonts and https://www.1001fonts.com/circus-fonts.html If you search "circus fonts" and go through a few websites you may find something close enough.. HTH.. Civilisation snuck up on you eh..
  10. Hello from France

    Bonjour Mary Hann..Bienvenue :) ..Mike ( Irlandais ) ..Côtes d'Amor..Bretagne.. ( Brittany en Anglais )
  11. To ID the font, try https://www.whatfontis.com/ HTH
  12. It is also available here , has been since May 2016 https://archive.org/details/LeCuirCompositionsDecoratives In various formats..including pdf.. Two versions ..Hi-Res and Low-res are in the same zip file pdf..size of the zip file is 408 MB the Hi-Res is readable..but a bit blurry on some pages..appears to be the same scan as DebHop's.. ps..If you like that Art Nouveau style..you should look up "Alfons ( Alphonse) Mucha"..major exhibition of his work ATM in Paris.. and also Aubrey Beardsley..( much of Beardsley's work is NSFW )..
  13. Wooden leather top stool

    Antiques Roadshow was originally British..Arthur Negus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Negus The ships are too old to be from the time of Nelson..and have the red cross on the sails..the image is the same as the most common images of the Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria..of the 1st voyage of Christopher Columbus.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Columbus Images of the Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria.. https://lite.qwant.com/?q=Nina%20pinta%20santa%20maria&t=images
  14. Singer 111w155 or the Consew 225 clone

    Put it in a room where there is enough space to put more sewing machines..why ? Because you'll be getting more..just look at dikman's "sig" for proof :-)