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  1. Singer 111w155 or the Consew 225 clone

    Put it in a room where there is enough space to put more sewing machines..why ? Because you'll be getting more..just look at dikman's "sig" for proof :-)
  2. Worked very well, and the blue "accents" are a nice touch, a jay feather might be overkill, ..or not...
  3. I'd imagine the cost of hire of one of those would hurt ( IME they do run expensive, even at half a day hire rates ), and you have to be insured to use one if the base or the elevator part is anywhere public.. re the 220 or 380 3 phase..you can "trick" 220 mono into running as 3 phase with a capacitor ( to "rotate" a phase by 90 degrees ) ..and by wiring as "star" ..normal 380 3 phase would be wired as "triangle"..any pro electrician should be able to re-rig your machine to do it, the part which is already set to be 220 mono can be left as is ( but run off a 220 mono "spur" before the "star", or via separate 220 mono feed. Sure it has been discussed here before how to do this 380 to 3 phase to 220 fake 3 phase..think that I was involved in one such discussion with also Northmount ( Tom ) and some others a few years back. I've rigged a lot of my 380 3 phase stuff ( compressors, sewing machines etc ) to run on 220 mono this way .. or..you could use a frequency variator..or variable frequency drive ( VFD ) search for 3 phase to mono frequency variator strictly speaking it ought to be a 220 mono phase to 380 3 phase converter but you'll get relevant results with either search string.
  4. Search "Tuareg leather masks" ( be warned, most of the images that google has for it on page one are badly done and ugly as crap ) or ( for more about "Tuareg" ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuareg_people Scroll down the page to see the image of a "Tuareg"..remind you of your Grandfathers wall ? :-)
  5. Yes..you can "back fill" to help hold the shape..the "cheap and cheerful" way is to back fill" with sawdust mixed with the same wood glue( make a thick paste and fill all relief areas from the back until level )..if you are making lots of the same thing you make a mold ,"neg", of the shape you want to back fill, then you cast the shape and include it behind the leather prior to "smooshing"..some people use plaster to make the shapes, but you could use polyester resin ( it is lighter than plaster ) or even "papier maché, which is lighter again..You can make your "neg" molds from plaster, or silicone rubber, ( can be used very many times ) or just plasticine or sculptors clay ( can be used a few times if repaired between each time by placing it over a "pos" shape..When making molds in anything other than silicone ( or even latex if you are not allergic ) watch out for "undercuts" which make de-molding a PITA. Oh..and if you do use a mold..spray it lightly with cooking oil to make it easier to take the leather off, else it will stick, you are using glue after all and the flesh side of even chrome tan plus glue will stick to plaster..you can also wax the plaster a little first..as in rub with a white candle and heat with a hair drier to make the wax even..only a little wax will do ya, just want to make the "form" non absorbent.
  6. The glue is PVA ( polyvinyl acetate )..or "wood glue"..or the sort of glue that you use in school..proportions are 10% to 15% in water..and then "play"..air dry , or you can accelerate the drying by using a hair dryer, but not too hot, and move it around, don't make "hot spots".( they'll crack )..Works best on thin veg tan, will also work on thin chrome tan, just not quite so well as on the thin veg tan..France has been full of this stuff for the last 50 years or so, ( mainly making "Tuareg heads", put a cheap face mask onto a"board, , put leather soaked in PVA solution over it, "smoosh", "squish", "pinch", "stretch" the leather around to make a "Tuareg" headdress effect..dry.. Voila!!... The countries on the other side of the "Med" from here made loads of "tourist souvenirs" based on this method..and it became a "craft technique "here..you can use the "technique" to make "deaths head" book covers or bags, or "whatever"..and you can mold over any object...The solution is "milky" but dries clear, but a little "shiny".. Knock yourselves out..:-)..only limit is your imagination..works on scrap pieces too, so you can build sculptures, pictures, flowers, masks, even armour*, whatever. * if armour is made this way as opposed to "Cuir bouilli".., don't get it wet, unless you also varnished it or waterproofed it in some other way..PVA when "set" is waterproof, but the leather treated this way is only "waterproof" ( actually it will be at best "water resistant" ) if it is totally saturated in the solution..
  7. It is extremely simple to make and to do... Do you buy "striped paint"..?
  8. Type of stamp/tooled used

    They are all "seeders"..look for that word, without the final "s". the ones in the first image are different sizes of "seeder" the flower centre is a big "seeder" surrounded by small "seeders"
  9. Printable Templates

    Will pm you later in the day ( Thursday ) Mutt , after some sleep , thanks :) it is nearly 04.00 am here. :-)
  10. Ferdinand 900b check it out

    Jealous..that is all :)
  11. Making Vinegaroon is a way to make a solution of ferric acetate, which then reacts with the tannins in veg tan leather. pdf about it here http://europa.org.au/files/vinegaroon.pdf and source ( mentioned in the pdf ) with much more about the chemistry of it , and a few other things that may be of interest. http://www.knifenetwork.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4336 HTH :) Btw..If you do anything with the "walnut recipe", and have access to a walnut tree, you can use the leaves of the tree ( not the nuts ) to make a very nice "wine"..or you can put a couple of good sized handfulls of the leaves into a spirit such as vodka, close the container with a cork, leave for at least 3 years to macerate and let the flavours develop..and then enjoy..leave 5 years is even better. It will take on a tawny brown colour eventually, it will be delicious. :) less than 3 years is "OK" , but 3 or more is better.Oops , nearly forgot , you'll need to pour it through a strainer / filter to get the leaf residue out before drinking.
  12. Printable Templates

    As someone who has taught art and design and associated subjects at university level..and also at secondary and even 'lil' kids level..( and who has made their professional living as an artist , sculptor, designer for the last four and half decades, the teaching was parallel with that a few times , with some short breaks to do other things*, a couple of times )...I'm disappointed reading this thread.. Don't teach what you don't know yourself expertly..you'll risk ( certainly ) doing it badly ( you won't have the experience to know what you are talking about ) and thus maybe putting someone off the subject, maybe for life. You wouldn't teach piano if you could only play guitar..I hope :) Teaching what one is not expert in is hardly ethical and IMO , not honest, an other example would be teaching sword fighting, when you have only experience as a boxer..so many people have been put off art by teachers who were not themselves really any good at "art" and had no experience in many of the "artistic disciplines" that they were supposed to be teaching..Even young kids need their teacher to be an expert at what they are supposedly teaching, other wise the ones who need help are faced with someone who does not know the answers, and the ones who are good and have talent will feel / know that the teacher is a fake, and the risk then is that they think that the subject ( art or leatherwork ) is not important ( in the eyes of those who are "teaching" it , if someone who cannot do it is allowed to teach it. Funny ( as in "funny tragic" ) how this happens so much in art teaching..and IT teaching, the "unqualified / inexperienced in the subject " "teachers", teaching specialised aspects of the subject, and thinking it is OK to be a page or an instruction sheet ahead of the ones that they are teaching. Teaching is supposed to be about teaching ( anyone, kids or adults ) what you know about very well and have lots of experience in doing..not what you downloaded some instructions from the web about something that you do not know how to do and do not have a lot of experience in. *including, but not limited to, military service, twice...some of us are older than the others, and have done many things besides / along side our main professions, often just for "why not" ..read Heinlein to understand why.."A human being should be able to..."
  13. Hello from Belgrade

    Very nice..I'm thinking all hand sewn ?..I like the "pick bracelet".
  14. Hello All

    Ah..where to purchase from in the USA I couldn't say ..I'm in France, but, I do know that the advertisers here and thus supporters here are based mostly ( maybe all of them are ? ) in the USA ( their banners are "up top" ) many of them sell thread, and if they were too expensive, or sold junk we'd have heard about it ( and we haven't :)), so I'd go with them, whichever has the colours that you want and is nearest (for the shipping )..you may get more recommendations if you re-post your 1st post ( with "where can I get polyester thread" tagged on at the end of it in the "suppliers" section . http://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/21-suppliers/
  15. Hello All

    Polyester thread ( better protection against UV than nylon ) #69 or #92..and welcome :) Floyd does a lot of canvas for exterior I think, he could advise you on specifics.