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  1. Couple new machines

    I concur with Floyd :) That is indeed a cute sander burnisher..what is the wattage?
  2. Zig Zag Machine Advice

    No..Doesn't matter what you heard / read ..just ..No.
  3. Battery bag

    Wet molding around something that needs bag to protect it from the elements might not be such a good idea..shorting what might be a lithium pack can be spectacular, and very hard to extinguish. "samsung galaxy note 7 syndrome"
  4. Depends on your version of windows and of IE if movies on that site ( and some others will play, they are encoded in an apple format that used to play without problem in windows IE version, but Microsoft removed the ability to play them if you are not using edge and win10..But..all is not lost :) Follow the instructions that I gave in this other thread..and you can watch that video, and all the others, and even save a copy to your computer . thread..with instructions for when you may have problems watching some videos. http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/77391-singer-45k1-restoration-decals/?page=3 to watch the video about sporrans.you need to copy this next line ( by highlighting it and doing "right click" choose "copy" ) ..and then follow the instructions. http://vod.nls.uk/hls-vod/ssa/7524/75247363.15.m3u8 HTH :)
  5. In case you have not seen it already..archive film of making a leather sporran. https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/0958
  6. Wow..you pay 4 times the price even I pay for threaded bar at those dimensions..unless you are talking "stainless" ?
  7. Full Grain Leather supply in Europe needed

    Search google ( or whoever ) for.. curtiduria españa There are more tanneries actually in Spain "than you can shake a stick at"..
  8. Zig Zag Machine Advice

    Singer 20U33 will run Tex 90 ( 92 ) thread..it's max needle size is often given as 19, but it will run 21/22 needles, thus can run Tex 135 ( 138 ) , but you wont get a lot of 138 on the bobbin, and you'll not want to be running it fast with 138 in, especially not if you have the zig zag set wide.
  9. Zig Zag Machine Advice

    No..it has some plastic gear parts inside ( unless it is one of the old ones ) ..Singer 20U33 is all metal, you need something that can take the impact of sewing through leather and hides..Bernina is a "crafts machine" , not an industrial, it does stuff that you don't need ( buttonholes etc ) because it is built to sew textiles for craft workers, The singer 20u33 was also built for sewing textiles, but it was built to be used more heavily, and to sew thicker materials and more layers, it only does straight stitch and zig zags , but it will do them day in day out, and nothing plastic in there to expensively break. Parts for Bernina 950s ( even the bobbins ) are expensive compared to Singer 20u33s, sewing horsehair scraps into rugs on a Bernina 950, you will be straining the machine, breaking parts or having them wear out quicker, the "down time" will be an additional cost over the parts. Review of Bernina 950 here..read the comments too. https://thoughtsfromaseamstress.blogspot.fr/2008/01/bernina-950-industrial-sewing-machine.html I have a friend who is a sail maker , huge sail loft, runs a very expensive very long arm state of the art Adler as his main machine, he also has a Bernina 217 and an 850 for smaller sail work, loves them, ( they have no plastic parts, his 850 is an old one ), isn't interested in any 950. Bought an Adler walking foot machine ( don't know which one ) for adding the leather ends to bags ( or whatever the huge sack that sails live in are called ) etc. More about zig zag machines here http://www.ashleyandthenoisemakers.com/blog/2015/5/7/bernina-217-review Almost forgot..re the Pfaff 138..it is a "full size" industrial..the needle end is further from the "post" end than on the Singer 20U33( and many others )..so you may find it easier to work with that extra space under the "harp"..if you can find one.
  10. Sewing canvas with a needle made for leather

    There are a lot more different types of leather needle point than just the triangular ones..most will cut the threads of any woven textile, because they are designed to slice a clean hole in the leather, the triangular point ones are nearer to a standard needle so may ( if you are lucky on some holes ) slide the threads apart on some holes and thus not weaken the textile at each and every stitch..If you are sewing leather and textile together in one assembly it can be necessary. But..if you are only sewing textile such as canvas ( and old canvas and tarps are liable to be too stiff for the threads too slide away from a cutting end leather needle )..why take a chance on it unravelling later at some time. Needles are cheap.
  11. Sewing canvas with a needle made for leather

    Leather needle will cut the threads due to it's end shape..you need a needle for woven textiles.
  12. Number one is , IMO, the more practical of the two..re scissor jacks, you can get more pressure ( and they may be more stable, and faster to use ) with a "bottle jack" and so the movable element goes upwards.Some home made shoe presses work that way.A ready made system that could do multiple units at a time ( with the movement downwards as per your ideas ) could be made from a hydraulic bearing press, the kind that small garages use, here they are around $300.00, or less, ( various widths ) of usable area, and I'm sure that you have compressed air ( only needs around 6 kilos pressure ) around to drive them.
  13. How to achieve this two-tone finish?

    I nearly forgot, if you use oil paints ( as per above ), use artist's grade, they have a greater pigment to "vehicle or "liant" ration than student grades and also are ground more finely, so give more even control of colouring and thinning, also some student grades of the natural earth colours ( like the umbers and siennas etc ) can have a grittiness which can scratch the surfaces that you are applying it to, and subsequent coats will accentuate any such scratches. Cheap watercolour paints frequently have the same problems, in all "paints" and dyes , the pigments are more expensive than the binders, vehicles or liants, so when corners get cut to make a price point, the pigment is what has it's quality compromised, and "light fastness" is not usually as good with student grade pigments. Automotive paints are probably the hardest wearing, but the best ones require experience and skill to apply and frequently use toxic or carcinogenic solvents and binders..but they do allow effects that you cannot get any other way than to use them, and they ( when properly thinned ) go through the expensive double action detail airbrushes like a dream...and they stay on and take a wax very nicely. They also adhere very well to the insides of your nasal passages and your trachea and lungs, ( and can kill you ) so should only be used with solvent proof "cartridge type" masks or breathing systems..
  14. $600 a good deal on Pfaff 1245 with servo?

    Ditto with Uwe..Table and bed has seen a lot of use, and there are a lot of rolls of what might be plastic tarps and banner and maybe sail or vinyl material under those tables..worked hard, many "cliks" of cloth sewn, and it maybe a clone.
  15. Leather Frisbee

    J'adore !! :))))