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  1. Black Mountains Leather Tools

    We are looking to update the shop with more info and our story to make things more clear Argo
  2. Black Mountains Leather Tools

    Another note. Our shop really runs along side our instagram site @blackmountainsleather we will aim to improve the web page to better support people finding from outside instagram. Argo
  3. Black Mountains Leather Tools

    Hello everybody, Its Argo here and i’m one half of black mountain leather. My wife is the other, we started bmlc as i was struggling to get many of the things i needed/wanted inside the u.k. As you can see i have my own leather work started working with leather around 2011 and still learning with every piece i make. Luckily i seem to have found a good following for my work and get to improve with every piece i make. My first love of leather work was the tooling aspect but find myself pushing to make more complicated interiors on wallets. We are fairly new company only started trading this year. I personally have worked in retail all my life and still do in the cycling industry. I work with tool makers from around the world bringing in affordable tools that i would be happy with. I also like to work closely on design aspects when i can and have a lot of input on materials used. We ship worldwide but really did not expect to get many orders from outside the u.k. as this was started to help support the leathercraft community in the u.k. obviously not complaining. I am currently very tired from moving home and my other half has just broken her wrist so struggling a little with our two little girls. Feel free to ask any questions i might have missed. Thank you all cor your support Argo
  4. ok first of all thanks for the replying everyone. I have been experimenting as locally I have nobody that could help with this. My main problem is the tension I think, I have changed from a 25/200 d needle to a 180/24 lr both running a 277 thread. I'm pretty sure my stitch length was to close. I have had some great results with no real difference between top and bottom stitch when stitching thicker leather with this combo but tried it on a thinner piece and it was pants and run out of time. will have another play! thanks for the help.
  5. Hi could anyone give me some tips on tidying up the bottom stitch. I can't seem to get the right tension. I have attached an image to point out my problem. Looking forward to a reply here is the image
  6. Thank you now that makes a lot of sense! think I will be knocking up a few edge irons in the future.
  7. Thank you now that makes a lot of sense! think I will be knocking up a few edge irons in the future.
  8. I have come to the conclusion that to get a finish like that in my opinion it's a stamp. yes you could do it with a a knife and beveler but you wouldn't end up with the same finish. I think large stamps and some sort of press are used to produce such a great finish. If that's not how it's done I think it would produce the closest resemblance I can think of. Argo
  9. Painting Fonts On Leather

    I use an alphabet craftaid to transfer my font, works realy well. It's a firm sheet of plastic with a raised font that you can just rub on cased leather to get a good line to cut.
  10. I feel as if it's a trade secret the answer I have had in the past is a homemade tool!! that's not much help. Thanks Cheryl I feel as if I should have another play with this now. Maybe an edge creaser and bevel away from that tonight and see what results I get. Thanks again.
  11. I just think it's to unifom for a cut and bevel and feel it must be a stamp. thanks for the reply
  12. That's what I assumed but just looks so neat and uniform, maybe the stamp is a lot bigger than Im picturing.
  13. Sorry I don't think I have worded it corectly. What I'm looking to achieve is that flat boarder he has. Thanks for the reply.
  14. I come across this border work every now and then and would like to recreate it but have had limited success. Looking for a point in the right direction. Chelsea leather does a great job of it.